How to Write on a Glass Whiteboard

How to Write on a Glass Whiteboard

Uh oh. Someone used a permanent marker on the whiteboard in your office, and now the ghost of notes and figures past are haunting your every move. It will be a pain to clean, and might not ever come completely clean. Eventually, even after using the correct dry erase markers, your whiteboard will be left with a series of shady smudges and stains. There’s nothing you can do, right? Wrong!

Make the switch to a glass whiteboard. Not only are they bright, clean, and stylish, they provide a smoother writing surface than the alternatives on the market. Best of all, they never stain or ghost, even if someone accidentally uses a permanent marker on their surface. Glass whiteboards aren’t just ‘a piece of glass’ – they are tempered, and designed for the task of writing and erasing. Easy to write, easy to clean – that’s why so many of our clients are making the switch to glass whiteboards.

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Glass whiteboards complement any décor

When you are designing an office, you want to equip it with an ideal combination of supplies, furnishings, and décor. For a space that really ‘works,’ you need a mixture of functionality as well as design. One of the most modern ways to combine these two needs is to use glass as a material for your office whiteboards. Glass gives you a high-quality look and feel, and will fit into your décor, no matter what your colour scheme or design ethos.

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In addition to looking chic and fitting into your existing design, you might not be aware of the best ways to use a glass whiteboard for work. In this article, we look at how you can use glass whiteboards to their highest potential, and get the most out of these useful tools. Here’s how to write on a glass whiteboard.

Chalk it up!

One of the biggest advantages to using a glass whiteboard is that you can use chalk markers. A chalk marker gives you the features of both chalk and markers, allowing you to combine the best of both worlds. They work well in an office setting, but kids love them too, so they are ideal for the classroom.

Dry and Wet-Wipe Glass and Blackboard Pens colour

These pens go on as a liquid that dries quickly, allowing you to write easily, but with the dry chalky finish that you would expect from plain chalk. The colour goes on smoothly, gliding across the glass whiteboard, leaving a crisp and clear image. That’s why they are often used for sign-writing on glass.

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Cleaning up chalk markers is a breeze; you can just use a wet-erase marker and the chalk marks will be completely gone.

Chalk markers come in a wide variety of great colours. Sure, your typical range of standard colours are easy to find, but so are some amazing neon colours that really stand out and make people take notice. This allows you to give each of your team members their own colour to work with so you can easily see who is contributing specific notes to the brainstorming session. You can even get silver and gold markers if you want a touch of sparkle!

Dry Wipe Markers

Of courses, with your glass whiteboard, you can also use traditional dry-erase markers that are used on normal whiteboards. This means that even if you upgrade your board you don’t need to immediately upgrade your markers to match.

Dry-wipe come with a bullet tip that allows for precision with your writing. The ink is made to flow through the pen using a pumping action on the point, which means they last longer. Removing dry erase marks are very straight forward as you can use a standard cloth or dry erase marker. This keeps the board clean and allows for reuse. Dry erase markers are typically only available in 4 standard colours: these are green, red, blue and black. They don’t really give you the variety that you get from chalk markers.

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Styles and Features

The great thing about glass whiteboards? You can incorporate a variety of features. First of all, they don’t have to be white. Your glass ‘white’board could be black, frosted, or any number of colours.

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As a result, you can use a wider range of coloured pens, such as chalk markers, to write on them. This means you don’t even have to stick to traditional colours. If the colour scheme of your office would work better with a purple ‘white’ board then go for it!

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You can also have a variety of templates etched onto the glass. For example, it might be useful to have a calendar etched onto your glass whiteboard, or a grid pattern, or even just your corporate logo.

Finally, you can incorporate features such as a magnetic backing to the board. This means that you are able to use magnetic labels and other features on your board. This is extremely useful if you want to set up an agile project board - you can use labels for each employee to keep track of the work they are doing.

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Smart Glass Whiteboards

Modern offices are increasingly incorporating smart technology whiteboards into their boardrooms and meetings spaces. This means that the whiteboard comes with a built-in ‘short-throw’ projector that can turn your whiteboard into a display screen. This has the added benefit that if you are giving a presentation, you can annotate the presentation by drawing directly on the screen.

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A smart glass whiteboard also means that you don’t need a separate screen and whiteboard taking up real estate in your meeting rooms. This is perfect for smaller spaces that you want to use for both presenting or brainstorming.

Smart pens are another great technology, allowing you to digitally capture anything you write onto the whiteboard. This is accomplished either by printing out a copy of the board, or taking a digital snapshot of the board. Some technologies are even able to capture a video of the board developing, so if you want to follow the whole process of the meeting then you can do so with ease, and then share it amongst your team. This can even be incorporated with the presentation as well, so when you annotate your materials then you can capture everything that has been said. More technological advances are sure to emerge, making your glass whiteboard a valuable and dynamic tech tool.

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Annotation with Glass Whiteboards

Glass Whiteboards are brilliant for editing and annotating tasks, particularly in front of a group or classroom. If you choose a a transparent whiteboard, then you are able to annotate written documents without impacting the original. You simply put the original behind the glass, and you can write over the top. This is a great way of taking advantage of the glass, and is ideal for a wide variety of learning exercises and training sessions.

Final Thoughts

Glass whiteboards are a stylish and modern addition to any office. Not only are they stylish, seamlessly blending in with any décor, they are also easy and fun to write on with markers. Whilst they may be more expensive than a traditional whiteboard, the advantages more than make up for it.

No matter which type of marker you choose, you and your employees can create great designs and drawings to illustrate your ideas, as well as annotating work with ease. By incorporating smart technology features, glass whiteboards are going to be appearing in more and more meeting rooms in the future. Of course, you do need to be mindful that glass whiteboards are more fragile than regular ones. However, with a little care and caution, your glass whiteboard will last you years to come – and look great doing so.

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Red17 has a wide variety of glass whiteboards to choose from, in an array of different sizes, shapes, and colours. We are also happy to advise you on which model would be best for your office or classroom. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch – our friendly team is on hand to help.

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