Cafe Banner Stands and Cafe Barriers

How to let your banner stand do the talking

When the public are walking around near your café, one of the first things that will draw their attention is your café barrier stand. Café barriers can range from simple metal stands with some kind of cross rail to café barriers that include wide banners. In some cases, the place you purchase your café barriers from may even have a “build your own” section, where you can combine various café barriers and banners to create a unique barrier for your café. Café Barriers

Café barriers can add a clean, professional look to the outside of your café. They also help section off the front area of your café where you may have outdoor seating available for patrons. Most customers prefer having a sectioned-off space to enjoy their purchases, rather than the front of the café being devoid of any seating or barriers. Cafe Barrier Example

With café barriers, you can advertise a number of different things on the banner that spans across the two poles. You could start with something simple, like advertising your own café brand or the special offers that you have on during the week. Of course, you could even advertise any sponsors or partners that your café is in partnership with.

Banner Stand for Cafe Barrier

Printed café banners are great for advertising outdoors, because even if a member of the public doesn’t go into your café, you can still catch their attention for later on. The café barriers that you use are a blank canvas for you to entice the public into your premises.

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