How to make your posters stand out with poster frames

How to make your posters stand out with poster frames

Eye-grabbing and bold, posters are one of the most effective ways to advertise your business and bring more people through your door. While posters of the past could be boring and basic, today’s advertising posters are graphic, exciting, and bold. Once you have created a new poster, you need to choose the right poster frame.

If you’re going to go the lengths of planning, designing, and printing a series of posters for your business, why let it languish in a sad old frame? You could have the most impressive poster in the world, but if its frame is damaged, old-fashioned, or unprofessional, people’s eyes will glaze over and they will look right past your designs. Or maybe you don’t even have a frame on your poster – nothing will make it look more tatty and amateurish. Simply put, you need to present your poster in a frame.

There are many framing options available to choose from, and so understanding the frames and mounts on options will help you to pick the best option for your poster.

Coloured Poster Frames

Full-Bleed Framing

Full-bleed printing refers to the printing of ink from edge to edge, meaning that the design does not have borders or margins. When you are framing a full-bleed poster, you don’t typically use any matting. Instead, the poster frame acts as the border around your art or design. This is an attractive option for corporate posters, as they are often printed in the full-bleed style.

Mounted Framing

If you want to enhance your poster and make it into a work of art, you should add a mount to your frame. A mount adds extra negative space around your poster, and makes it look professional, artistic, and more dynamic. This is a great option for a poster that is going to be hung in a high-end setting, or if you want to keep examples of your posters and hang them in our office. Be wary of cheap mounts, as they can yellow and harm your poster over time.

Float-Mount Framing

Float mounting is another framing option, perfect for when you don’t want to include a mount with your poster but still want it to look professional and tidy. With float mounting, your poster is suspended inside the frame with the edges visible. This adds drama and depth, and looks great when hanging on your wall.

Example poster in poster frame

Which finish should you choose for your poster frame?

When you are choosing your poster frame, you need to decide on which finish will look best. You can go for matte black, satin black, wood, white laminate, or one of many different available colours.

Matte or satin black frames are simple and elegant, and add a touch of style and sophistication to your poster. On the other hand, white frames can really make your artwork pop, helping it to stand out against a dark or a brightly coloured wall. Wooden frames come in a variety of finishes, stains, and patterns, and look good with all kinds of posters, particularly those with an eco-friendly slant.

Plastic and wood frames also come in a wide array of colours – red, green, pink, blue, and orange, just to name a few. You can choose a colour that accents a shade found in your poster, or go for a shade on the opposite end of the colour spectrum. A complimenting colour from those found in your poster will help to accent its design and make your artwork look its best.

Snap poster frames

Snap poster frames are ideal for businesses that regularly change their posters, allowing you to easily open its ‘snaps’ and switch in new printed materials. Snap frames have been designed with specialised spring loaded hinges that enables them to open on all of their 4 sides. They are fast, simple to use, and cost-efficient – and they look great.

Poster change with framed poster snap frame

Do you need a lockable poster frame?

If you are placing your poster in an area that is heavily trafficked by the general public, you might need to protect it from tampering or vandalism. Some grocery shops and local pubs will hang a poster or community noticeboard in their main entry way, and in order to stop pests from stealing or damaging it, they need to keep it under lock and key.

Lockable poster frames are also very useful if your poster is so unique and eye-catching that people want to steal it! While this likely means that you are on to something with your poster design, it can also be costly and annoying to have to replace your posters!

Lockable Snap Frame - How to

If you are worried about someone stealing or vandalising your printed materials, a lockable poster frame might be your best solution. In highly trafficked areas, or in places where there has been a problem in the past, you can choose a more heavy-duty option – a vandal resistance poster case might do the job.

Things to consider when choosing your poster frame

The following are things that you should consider when you are choosing the right poster frames for your ads or artwork.

  • What are your poster’s measurements?
  • Do you want your poster frame to accent or contrast your poster’s design?
  • Do you plan to add matting or a mount?
  • Do you want your frame to blend in with the poster design, or stand out in its own right?
  • Where do you plan to hang your poster?
  • Will your poster be indoors, or outside exposed to the elements?
  • Will it be under any threat from vandals?
  • Do you want a wood, metal, or plastic frame?
  • Is your poster modern or classic?
  • How thick do you want you poster frame to be?

After you assess all of the above details, you can start to look through the poster frame styles available and find one that suits your needs.

Branding with Poster Frame - Mock-up Pic

Design tips to make your poster stand out

  • 1. Consider a black background

    A crisp white background is the classic option, but a dramatic black background can also have great results. If you decide to go with a black background, print your designs and messages is bright white or metallic inks.

  • 2. Keep things sparse and simple

    While it can be tempting to fill every corner of your poster design, don’t be afraid of leaving some negative space on your poster. This can help your message really stand out.

  • 3. Consider your audience

    While some audiences might react better to a professional and classic design, others might be more attracted to graffiti fonts and off-beat graphics.

  • 4. Don’t overwhelm your viewer’s eye

    It can be tempting to include all of your logos, merchandise, branding, and sales copy onto your poster to really make it effective, but you might actually be watering down its efficacy. Keep things clean!

  • 5. Hire a professional designer

    While you might have an artistic bent, hiring a professional designer can make your poster really pop. They understand the art, angles, and even the psychology of what makes a great poster.

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Image and text tips for poster designing

Do you need help choosing the right poster frames for your business?

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