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Increase Visitor Interaction at Trade Shows with a Portable Counter

How to go about making sure your trade show booth generates enough traffic to make the investment worthwhile and how best to approach marketing and visibility at the events are two of the biggest considerations for any business that chooses to exhibit at a trade show. After all, a trade show exhibit can’t be truly successful without meaningful booth traffic, no matter how impeccable your exhibit presentation and design is.

So how are you meant to make sure your trade show booth is pulling in the numbers? Your display needs to draw attention and create a buzz. From running a promotional competition to leading a live demonstration, there are so many great ways to do this. The most basic way to improve your chances is to let your product and booth design speak for itself, and you can do this with portable counters.

Whether you’re attending a conference, event or trade show, a display counter is the perfect solution for your booth. Our wide range of products are ideal for that added touch of professionalism and branding and are easy to set up, built with minimal fuss and lightweight for easy transportation. A portable display counter could be just what you need, whether you’re displaying at a trade show or anywhere else.

Right angle portable counter stand

Using Your Display Counter

Offering you and your business the stability and reliability you need to give your booth its final touch, portable display counters are a must-have for any successful business gathering or trade show.

Multi Height Display Plinths

Whatever space you have available, Red17 will have the right counter for you. We stock portable counters to suit any business needs in all different shapes and sizes. Make a positive impression and stand out from the crowd with a stylish counter that’s high quality and good for the environment. Everything you need to use your display counter is included in our packages, so you won’t need to source any tools for assembly. Storage and transport are no problem either, thanks to your display counter’s handy carrying bag.

Interacting Over the Counter

Anyone who’s spent time at a trade show knows that professionals are very serious about knowing the latest industry trivia. People at these events are generally hoping to solve a very specific industry problem, network with other professionals on their level, check out the competition or track down a particular service. Your portable counter can help you make the most of these intentions: Use it as a place where booth visitors can show off their industry knowledge! Use it as a competition point where attendees can show off in the hopes of winning prizes, all the while drawing vital attention to your own business.

Exhibition Stand Display with Pop-Up and Portable Counters

Pair Your Counter with Other Exhibition Equipment

There are some fundamental basics to creating a good exhibition display that require a few specialist pieces of equipment, whether this is your first trade show or your hundredth. Enjoy a successful event and make sure you stand out from the crowd by tracking down all the most vital pieces of equipment:

  • A Counter: – See above.
  • An iPad Holder: – This is the perfect way to collect information for registrations or prize draws or anything else, as it allows your guests to enter their own information with ease.
  • A Banner Stand: – The best way to let visitors know who you are and what you do.
  • A Backdrop: – Create a clear message about your business – what you do, and how you can help. Don’t leave your banner stand to do all the work!
  • Portable Flags: – Make yourself easily identifiable in the crowd, and catch the eye of every single passer-by.
  • Brochure Stands: – Give your visitors the option to collect information about your business without having to stop and talk. .
  • A Table Cloth: – A branded table cloth is ideal for making you stand out if you’re working with a plain table. .
  • Seating: – If you expect to be talking to people for long periods of time, give them the option to pull up a chair. Sore feet from standing all day are not your friends when it comes to keeping someone’s attention! .

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Different Uses for Portable Counters

You could use a portable display counter anywhere – they’re so fun and useful! Consider the following portable counter uses:

  • At the shopping centre: The hallway of your local shopping centre is the perfect place to display your products and services. It’ll be impossible for customers not to notice your business, but the set-up is efficient, compact and really simple.
  • At the supermarket: Use your portable counter to show customers your product right when they’re primed to spend money – would you like to try our new brand of cheese? Do you like chocolate?
  • At business meetings or presentations: Use a portable lectern display counter and carry on with your presentation. It’s easy, stylish and can feature prints with your desired messages or logos.
  • At exhibitions: For example, if at the end of the exhibition there will be a special event, all visitors can find out what they need to know.

Exhibition Stand Design including a portable counter

Think about the Colour of Your Portable Counter

Because you can choose the graphic that goes on your portable counter, you can also choose the colour that covers most of its body. While you’ll obviously want a colour that compliments your branding rather than clashing with it, that still leaves a fair amount of wiggle room. Think carefully about which colour will work hardest for you. For example…

Linear Lite Portable Counter

A red stand will strike onlookers as energetic, striking and strong.

An orange stand will stand out in a sea of blander designs and indicate value to visitors.

A yellow stand will appear urgent, but can look tacky without careful design.

A green stand will make your visitors think of things that are harmonious, dependable and sustainable.

A blue stand will strike onlookers as pure, comfortable and soothing.

A purple stand will appear elegant, expensive and glamourous.

A pink stand will make visitors think of things that are comforting, calming and cute.

A black stand will have an essence of authority, exclusivity and longevity.

Portable Counters

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