Increase Your Footfall with Pavement Signs

Increase Your Footfall with Pavement Signs

Increasing your visibility is a vital part of attracting more customers to your business.

When it comes to business advertising, unique designs like the A-board sign and other pavement signs can make all the difference. For some time, establishments chose to advertise their services and products by hiring men to carry their A-board signs up and down the streets. The sandwich board wearers began to be referred to as “sandwich men”, a term that is believed to have been coined by Charles Dickens, the famous English writer and social critic.

Forming the shape of the capital letter ‘A’, these sign boards are absolutely everywhere. Their design makes them easy to recognise with designs on either side, and each side leaning against the other.

High Street

Identify Your Target Demographic

You absolutely have to discuss customer demographic if you’re thinking about the placement of pavement signs to increase footfall. You need to use the right signage and tricks that your customers will respond to if you want to draw the right people to your business.

When it comes to increasing the visibility of a business or store, pavement signs are a widely used, tried and tested way to go. This popular design is by no means a recent invention. The A-Board Sign has evolved over time, but still remains a firm favourite for all different types of business. You want potential customers to think about your premises as a place they’d like to visit; pavement signs attract attention to this exact effect.

The idea is that once they have read your sign, they’ll glance in the direction of your business for more visual clues. The customer will move to take a closer look if you get the impression right and manage to pique their interest. You should soon be able to reap the rewards if you’re able to get an understanding of your customer demographic.

A-Board Signs examples

Remember: You don’t have to leave your pavement sign in one place! Most signs are designed to be easily transported. Their A-Frame structure provides a sturdy, double-sided display and their foldable and lightweight design makes them simple to store.

Using Your Pavement Sign

Usable on a daily basis, the pavement sign should be a key part of your marketing arsenal. Do keep in mind, however, that placing the same sign on the pavement day after day has the potential to become less effective. Familiarity can breed contempt, though for places that always serve a certain brand of coffee or a signature flavour of ice-cream, pre-printed pavement signs are pretty normal.

Before they begin to recognise your brand and take note of what is on offer, your customer needs to see your sign and the information and branding it displays several times. So although you don’t want your sign to become stale and too familiar, it still needs to stay out long enough to create recognition and get noticed.

Courtyard in town with sign boards and pavement signs

Did You Know? Some historians believe that the sign was first used in the town of Sandwich, England, which is why they are sometimes called “Sandwich Boards”. Having first become popular in the 19th century, A-board signs have a long history which is even more interesting than their design. The owner of a small cafe at Number 10 Board Street is believed to have been their inventor as early as 1221.

As the story goes, this café owner let passersby know about his lunch specials by setting up a sandwich board outside his café every morning. The owner even kept the idea of the A-board sign in his mind after his café had closed down due to stiff competition, and started making the special signs for other businesses as a way to earn a living in his old age. The inventor of the A-board sign ended up getting orders in such high volumes that he was barely able to keep up.

In order to complete and deliver his orders, he had to hire a young assistant.

Which Way Is Forward?

High street shop fronts are not a luxury granted to every business. Many customers struggle to find businesses in towns and cities that are full of nooks, crannies and tiny alleys, but these are often the spaces that hold the most unique businesses.

If you want to point customers to your shop, a pavement sign is a relatively inexpensive way to do so. Your logo, images and promotions can all be displayed, even on a pre-printed sign. You can really grab attention with a well-designed and well-made A-frame or pavement sign.

In this way, you should be able to attract a lot of customers who might otherwise not realise you exist.

Promote Your Promotions

If they just need a small amount of space to write on, some businesses will opt for a partial pre-printed sign. Some will use plastic signs and add information to the board using a water-based, wipeable marker, while others will use chalkboards.

Offering services and products at competitive prices is often the best way to entice more customers into your business. Monthly, weekly or daily offers will work for some businesses, while others will have a sale every now and then, or a ‘flash sale’ with heavily discounted items.

Sharing information about when your sale ends, how your customers can go about getting it and where they can find the offer is really important, and pavement signs can be a great way to highlight the offers you have in store.

Town Restaurant with pavement sign

Pavement signs are easily one of the most aesthetically pleasing advertising options available, and are very effective at drawing in passers-by. This is why, even as early as the 19th century, sandwich boards could be found on almost every street and alleyway. Craftsmen and business owners of all different types use pavement signs to advertise their services and products.


All over the world, you’ll find poignant, entertaining and “social-media-worthy” pavement signs outside various businesses and stores.

Pavement signs can be used for so many things, but some people see this as a waste of resources. What these people don’t realise is that the best marketing is done in ways that don’t feel like marketing at all.

Social media is full of photographs of these boards posted by customers, tourists and so on. In this way, your pavement sign begins to work to increase footfall via the Internet as well as in person. After all, if you are on social media, you can be found.

Although it may be subtle, most of these signs will have the logo of the business on them somewhere, so that the sign can be linked to its owner no matter where the photograph ends up.

Street shops with a-board pavement sign

The use of catchy slogans or shareable “memes” is a sure-fire way to capture a customer’s attention.

Make Your Business Visible

Attracting attention is the number one goal of all shop signage. Attention also needs to be grabbed by your window display, if it’s possible for you to have one. It should be completely clear to customers how they can enter your premises, what you sell and what impression your business aims to give. Whether or not to enter your shop can then become an informed decision, rather than a simple matter of chance.

pavement signs for retail stores

Your prices, merchandising, sales patter and product quality can only start to work their charm once the customer has crossed the threshold.

When it comes to printing pavement signs, Red17 is your best bet. Our unrivalled inventory of pavement signs has been developed and selected to supply the demands of any business or organisation seeking to increase footfall and spread their message effectively.

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