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Information Stands Prove Popular at Red17

When it comes to providing important information about your products or service and a customer needs to know that all important detail then it just got easy... If you have a show room or are exhibiting a collection of your products then you will be best placed to add an Information Stands to your display.

We supply a wide range of freestanding signs that feature snap frames, poster grip frames, angled information display, iPad and tablet holders and many more beneficial aspects.

Honda recently said that using our information display stands in their car showrooms meant that the customer was able to see the vehicle specifications and pricing before speaking with a sale person, which meant that by further seeking advice their were already prequalified as a potential buyer.

Likewise we have supplied orders to some of Londons most visited museums who have used these information stands to better provide customer information and help with guiding visitors in the right direction.

As well as poster insert snap frame style information stands we have also recently added a range of tablet holders for more bespoke customised and interactive informational displays.

The Range

Standard Information Stands

Stylish single height freestanding poster frames. Fully adjustable for optimum viewing angles.

Standard Information Stands

If you are looking for a stable way to display information, then this Standard Information Stand is a great choice. Ideal for displaying menus, these can be used indoors, allowing your customers to see all the information they need.

Our stands come in both A4 and A3 sizes and feature the ability to quickly change the graphic, thanks to the snap frame technology.

Made to last, these stands come with a sturdy steel base and an aluminium post, which means that it is able to stand tall and secure.

It is also fully adjustable, which means that you can rotate the display frame to both portrait and landscape, viewing it at any angle.

Telescopic iPad & Tablet Holders

Anti-Theft telescopic floor standing iPad holder.

Telescopic iPad & Tablet Holders

Need to be able to display an iPad for your customers to use for ordering, or to provide feedback? Want to make sure that it is safe and secure? If so, our Telescopic iPad holder is ideal.

It features a large fan shaped solid base which means that it is able to stand tall and securely, ideal for regular use. It also comes complete with lockable casing, which keeps it safe and protected from theft, only unlocking with use of a key.

This holder is suitable for a variety of iPad’s 2,3,4 and iPad Air and comes with an access hole that is space for the home button. It also features a cable management system, which keeps everything neat and tidy, and out of the way.

Not only is this stand easy to put together, and fully collapsible for storage, it is adjustable too. The height can be changed as you need it, as well as positioned both landscape and portrait. Depending on what you need.

Freestanding Tablet Holder Information Stand

Quick and easy to assemble.

Freestanding Tablet Holder Information Stand

If you are looking for a quick and easy solution to hold your tablet, then our Free Standing Tablet Holder may be ideal.

Suitable for indoor use, this tablet holder can be used to display a tablet securely and safely, perfect to use at points when you require customer feedback, or for them to order on.

It is compatible with a range of tablets include iPad’s, Samsung Galaxies and Tabs, Sony and Asus. It comes complete with a fully lockable plastic housing and can be bolted to the floor should you need it.

This particular holder is easy to store, and is fully collapsible, ideal if you need to store it away when it is not in use.

It is also fully adjustable and can be used both landscape or portrait. Depending on what it is that you need.

Freestanding iPad Holders

A smart and sleek iPad holder. Available in two colours.

Freestanding iPad Holders

There are a variety of reasons why you may decide to display an iPad in your business. No matter why, our Freestanding iPad Holder is the solution you need.

This versatile and stylish holder comes in black, silver or white and can be positioned both landscape or portrait to suit your needs.

It is durable and theft resistant, featuring a fully lockable plastic housing for your iPad as well as being able to bolted to the floor too.

It is suitable for iPad 2, 3, 4 Air and Air 2 and comes with all the security screws, bolts and Allen keys that you need to be able to install.

Suitable for indoor use only, this is a durable and fully storeable addition to your business.

Design Post iPad & Tablet Holders

A strong and versatile iPad hold post. Complete with 360 mount.

Design Post iPad & Tablet Holders

This indoor only post is stylish, yet sturdy. Ideal for displaying your iPad for customer use. It comes in three colours including black, white and silver, and thanks to the design, will fit right in with the rest of your business.

It is light weight, and designed to securely hold your iPad of choice, all within a secure housing unit which can be locked as needed. The mount bracket is 360, which means that it can be moved around as required, allowing for portrait and landscape displays.

Suitable for all iPads expect for minis, this tamper proof and revolving product is a great purchase if you want to compile customer feedback.

Acrylic Top Information Stand

Choose an optional ring binder mechanism if required.

Acrylic Top Information Stand

Not only is this stand effortlessly elegant, but it is also an incredibly useful way to display multi page information sheets too.

Hole-punched paper can be clipped into the integrated ring binder, or you can simply remove the binder and display it on the sloping acrylic platform. Whichever you prefer.

This stand is easy to assemble, yet offers a sturdy solution to your needs. It is made from an aluminium post which is placed within a heavy base to ensure stability.

Perfect for menus. This is the ideal addition for your business.

Telescopic Information Stands

A telescopic information stand which features a poster frame. Also is fully adjustable.

Telescopic Information Stands

An easy to use information stand. This particular choice is fully adjustable and can be changed to suit what you need.

Not only can you choose from portrait or landscape, you can also use the clip and slide mechanism to easily change the height of the stand.

It also features a front opening snap-frame, which means that you can easily change the graphic within, and there are no tools required to make any of the changes needed.

Complete with anti-glare poster cover, and soft round corners. Not only is this stand easy to read, but it is safe too. It is also incredibly sturdy thanks to the hidden steel plate.

Available in A3 and A4 this is a great addition to your business.

Black Information Stands

Freestanding information poster stand, in black.

Black Information Stands

Looking for a simple yet stylish way to display both A4 or A3 information? This stand is the one for you.

Attractive, thanks to its curved design, this easy to use stand is ideal for a variety of different business types.

It features a black frame which is not only mounted at the ideal position to be read, but can also be placed both portrait or landscape to suit. It comes with a front opening poster snap frame, which allows for a quick change of graphic when required. Best of all, it is study and strong, thanks to the stable steel base. Something that doesn’t take away from the aesthetic of the stand.

Decorative Brochure Stand

A decorative brochure display plinth

Decorative Brochure Stand

Who said that displaying brochures couldn’t be stylish? Our decorative brochure display plinth is the ideal way to keep your brochures safe, easy to reach and still keep some of the style of your business.

Suitable for indoor use only, this plinth is easy to assemble. Meaning in no time at all, you have a way to present brochures, leaflets and other literature.

It comes in both portrait or landscape orientations, which means that you can mix and match to suit your needs, whilst still having a complete co-ordinated look.

Built from moulded silver plastic and anodised aluminium, this is sleek, stylish and strong. It features a 3mm display shelf and can be assembled ready to use in a matter of minutes.

Pole & Frame Stands

Free standing displays which are perfect for temporary or permanent displays.

Pole & Frame Stands

If you need a pole and frame stand that can be assembled in minutes, then this is the one for you.

Not only is it easy to put together, but thanks to the snap open poster change system, you can also change the graphic with ease too.

It is ideal for events, and business who want to give customers the chance to take away literature.

It comes complete with a telescopic pole for ease of use, and despite being made from lightweight aluminium, it features a heavy duty steel base to ensure that it stands strong.

The frames are A2 in size, and you can choose between having 2 or 4 within the display.

Frame & Literature Stands

Frame and Literature Stands, ideal for point of sales displays

Frame & Literature Stands

Looking to make the most of your point of sale display? Why not see if this Frame and Literature Stand works for you?

Featuring both a frame to display your graphic, as well as a A4 literature holder for handouts, this is the ultimate display stand for any business.

It comes complete with a quick change 3 way adjustable frame, and a telescopic pole for ease of use. It can be used by portrait or landscape and can be altered in height to match your needs.

Not only is it easy to put together and stylish, but it is also sturdy too. All thanks to the heavy duty steel base, which means that it will always stand tall.

Poster Info Board

A freestanding poster and literature stand

Poster Info Board

If you need the perfect advertising and information display board, then this may be the one for you.

It features an eye catching A1 poster display board, which can be used either single or double sided. It also comes with front opening aluminium snap frames which means that you can change the poster with ease.

It features an silver anodised finish, which not only looks great, but is also durable and strong too, and best of all, it is easy to assemble.

Suitable for indoor use, it comes with anti glare PET poster covers and you can even add in an optional acrylic brochure shelf if you need to.

The all round great solution to your advertising needs.

Freestanding Foyer Whiteboard

A practical, free standing drywipe noticeboard.

Freestanding Foyer Whiteboard

If you want to take the simple approach to advertising within your business, this notice board is ideal for you.

A drywipe whiteboard, it is mounted in a portrait orientation and is angled for easy use and easy reading.

It is ideal for displaying information in foyer or reception, in particular information that changes on a regular basis. Not only is it easy to assemble, but it is fully collapsible and can be stored away with ease.

It comes with a white powder coated stand and is a long lasting and durable choice.

Literature Pole Stand

An adjustable stand that is great for holding a variety of literature

Literature Pole Stand

Available with both 4 or 8 literature holders, this stand is the ideal way to present any leaflets or brochures for your business.

Easy to assemble, it holds A4 literature in an easy to grab and stylish way.

It is fully freestanding, and can be adjusted and altered to suit your needs. Not only changing the height of the stand, but also repositioning the holders themselves too.

They holders are made from strong and durable aluminium which means that they are reliable, no matter if they are used regularly.

It also comes with a telescopic pole, for easy adjusting and a heavy duty steel base to make sure that it stands tall.

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