Is Your School Fully Equipped

Is Your School Fully Equipped

It’s hard to keep track of what’s new when so many exciting and unique products enter the education market every single year. Today, we’re going to take a look at a few of the products we feel can really make a difference in a school. Feel we’ve missed something? Get in touch!

1. Lecterns

Giving an assembly from behind a high quality lectern can really encourage kids to take what you’re saying seriously. And we have all sorts of different lecterns for sale at Red17. Red17's high quality lecterns are competitively priced and available with free delivery, so buy now or give us a call on 01234 240 007. Our site is the right place for you whether you want a pulpit or a lectern, as we have a variety of high quality designs to suit all of your needs.

Our portable lecterns are great for events, debate competitions, conferences, workshops & training sessions, churches and exhibitions. So just how does one use a lectern to talk in front of a crowd?

Red17 Lecterns - 3 examples

Use Your Lectern and Ace Your Assembly Talk

If your palms start to sweat when you just think about public speaking, you are not alone – it’s routinely described as one of our greatest (and most common) fears. A lot of people begin to feel a little lost when asked to talk to a group of people, even if they are just kids. But it’s easier than you might think to learn how to give a memorable speech.

Feeling Nervous? Don’t Worry about It!

Practice a lot, and make sure you’re fully comfortable with the material. Give your best performance by embracing this adrenaline rush – it may make you sweat, but it’ll also make you more alert and aware of your surroundings. Trembling hands and wobbly knees are physiological reactions that everyone will feel to some extent. Thorough preparation is the best way to overcome anxiety. Going over your notes a few extra times may take up an hour of your day, but it’s well worth it.

Steve Jobs speaking - black and white pic

2. Coloured Poster Snap Frames

Show your students how much you value their work by displaying it in one of these fun, colourful frames. This product can be used in many different ways, but was designed to showcase advertisements and posters. Other uses might include…

Frame examples of colour variations available

  • Highlight information about upcoming events in a bright and exciting way.
  • Frame your students’ artworks to show them off to the whole school.
  • Frame any certificates earned by your school or students to highlight these achievements.
  • Schools and colleges can use coloured poster snap frames to display important information to students and parents. For example, a frame is able to showcase upcoming school trips, inset days and term dates.
  • Outside of schools…
    Community centres, churches and local youth groups can use coloured poster snap frames as a way to let visitors know when they are open and when group activities are taking place.

Coloured Poster Snap Frames

3. Individual Whiteboards

Since their introduction in 2000, Show-Me boards have been a student favourite and used in primary schools across the country. These individual handheld whiteboards are A4 in size and come with a brightly coloured frame. Interactive teaching is assisted further by the boards’ magnetic properties. Their chunky, ergonomically-designed frame makes the board comfortable to hold and use for children of all ages.

Child drawing on paper in school

Individual whiteboards are a great tool to get kids involved in their classes. They make everyone’s voice equally important, while encouraging students to get creative.

4. School Notice Boards

The school notice board is your school’s communication hub. They do a vital job, and they do it right whether you’re running a small nursery or a large secondary school. The following are just a few of the more common school notice board uses:

School Notice Board in Corridor

  • Displaying photographs of recent school events, posters made by students and certificates.
  • Sharing important information for parents such as upcoming school trips, parent teacher meetings and term dates.
  • Advertising upcoming school fundraisers and parties, like school discos or non-uniform days.
  • Telling students about upcoming games and recent wins by the school teams.
  • To advertise extra curricular activities and after school clubs.
  • To provide students with information on health or social related topics; this is often done by pinning informative posters to the notice boards.
  • To display general information to students such as upcoming exam dates, school events and maps.

Corridor Notice Boards example in school

5. School Whiteboards

School whiteboards are an important part of any learning environment and they’re helpful to both the teacher and children. Gone are the days where school whiteboards were bulky and old looking, now it’s all about whiteboards that are modern and contemporary. That is why we provide a vast range here at Red17; we stock handheld whiteboards, wall mounted whiteboards and freestanding whiteboards. Plus, those that are handheld are lightweight and have been designed with children in mind.

Overhead picture of student at desk in classroom with notepad and ruler

The school whiteboard is a vital part of any classroom. Every school has specific needs, but there will always be a whiteboard out there that’s perfect for you. Whiteboards are ideal for use in the classroom, as they are strong and can be used by anyone. They take up as little room as possible thanks to their thin, durable design, but their surfaces can cover as large or as small a space as you desire.

Edged Whiteboard for schools and offices

Flashy computer screens and electronic whiteboards are great, but there’s something to be said for a board that can be used in all circumstances, quickly and easily.

6. Coloured Frame Whiteboards

An everyday product can be livened up by the tough ABS colour edging on these whiteboards. With simple through-the-board fixing, this product mounts flush to the wall thanks to its frameless design. Screws can then be covered with screw caps to match whichever of our six bright colours you choose from. If you opt for white edging, the low profile 2mm edge means these boards can be mounted side-by-side almost seamlessly.

This product also works fantastically alongside printed boards.

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