Keeping Your Whiteboard White

Keeping Your Whiteboard White

The perfect whiteboard can be a great way to go about giving your classroom, business or office a much-needed boost. Whiteboards have become a staple of our daily lives, whether we’re using them at home, in school or in the office. When we buy whiteboards, they’re bright and shiny and look great. But if not looked after properly, their regular use can cause them to lose that shine. If you want to protect your board’s surface from an off-white and unattractive appearance, dirt and ghosting, it’s essential to make sure you’re cleaning and maintaining it properly.

To help you efficiently and thoroughly care for your board, this post will discuss three solutions to the most common whiteboard cleaning problems.

Choosing the Right Whiteboard

Which should you pick? As a teacher it is integral that you find resources which will help the children in your class to learn and enable them to interact with you, and each other, in order to come up with solutions to the problems that you are discussing each day. To make sure you get the product that suits you, we’ve put together a quick guide to help you understand what to look for when buying your board.

Being confronted by a vast number of near-identical products can be a little overwhelming, and let’s face it: most whiteboards look incredibly similar when you browse online. So how can you tell which board will work best for you? Read all about it in our post, What you need to know about magnetic & glass whiteboards. You should be looking for ways to optimise your approach to your goals, lessons and services, and reluctance to invest in a quality display board can really hold you back here

Whiteboard Professional Magnetic Eraser

If your whiteboard develops a dull, off-white appearance, Red17’s magnetic whiteboard eraser could be the perfect solution. Wiping boards with inappropriate cleaning products like dirty cloths and erasers, along with the regular use of the whiteboard, are the main cause of this cleaning problem.

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When it comes to keeping your whiteboard clean, an effective and hygienic board eraser can make all the difference. Spreading ink all over the board’s surface, dirty cloths, blue roll or erasers look unprofessional and can create more work in the long run. The refill strips on our magnetic erasers can easily be replaced to keep it effective, saving you time and money in maintenance.

Why Do Teachers Use Magnetic Whiteboards?

As well as working perfectly with the Whiteboard Professional Magnetic Eraser, magnetic whiteboards allow teachers to communicate with their students in a clear and concise way, and gives them the opportunity to share important information, explanations and notes with the class. We believe there is a place for one in every classroom.

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Remember: If you share your whiteboard with another teacher or user, be sure to leave it in good condition for them by using a professional eraser to clean it after each use.

Whiteboard, Glass & Blackboard Cleaner

A good whiteboard cleaning spray will allow you to say goodbye to ghosting and ink stains. These stains are difficult to clean with a normal eraser as they happen when ink has been left on the board for too long, but Red17’s Whiteboard Cleaner can get them right off.

When a pen is used on a poorly maintained surface, ghosting can become an issue. White, ghostly remnants of your previous text are left behind when the writing is erased and dirt is lifted off the board. You can stop dirt and stains from building up on your board’s surface in the first place by using a light cleaner, and this is the best way to combat ghosting and ink stains.

Cleaning School Whiteboards and Blackboards

Whiteboards tend to use drywipe eraser while the chalkboard uses a duster. There is no major difference between whiteboards and blackboards when it comes to ease of cleaning, and Red17’s Whiteboard, Glass & Blackboard Cleaner can be used on both. Modern whiteboards, especially, are very easy to clean, though older whiteboards can be a little difficult to get completely white (without the right products).

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Old style freestanding whiteboard

Remember: Different levels of cleaning are required for different whiteboard surfaces. Less cleaning is needed when you invest in higher-quality surfaces.

Renovator Sprays

Ink residue is a big problem on older whiteboards, and regular cleaning sprays don’t always cut the mustard. This is an especially big issue if you don’t clean your whiteboard regularly. In these severe cases, a Renovator spray may be required to restore and recondition your whiteboard back to full functionality.

If your whiteboard has ghosting or ink stains that simply won’t come clean, a Renovator spray may be able to help where a gentler cleaner cannot.

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