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The Top 5 Essential Classroom Products

It’s hard to keep track of what’s new when so many exciting and convenient products enter the education market every year. Every classroom is different and has different needs, but we believe that these 5 products are a real must-have!

1. Folding Panel Displays

Creating effective small displays is a must in an educational environment, and for those on a budget folding display boards remain a firm favourite. With each panel covered with a Velcro-compatible fabric known as loop nylon, panel display boards allow you to create a completely new display to suit each event or class project, or just alter your display slightly as information is updated.

What is a folding display board?

Whether you’re exhibiting at a school fair or inside the classroom, folding panel display boards are fantastic portable displays that your students will love. It’s easy to change what’s on display, and to create a display that is easy to maintain, budget-friendly and professional. They’re the ideal solution for showcasing photos, leaflets, posters and poems. Particularly if you are looking to save money as much as possible.

school display boards folding panel kit product example in situ

Why choose a display board?


A folding panel kit will see you right wherever you need to set up a quick and simple display – whether that’s a conference, college, science fair, sports day, guest speaker or fundraiser. Without it hurting your bank balance. And they’re so simple, the kids can even attach their projects themselves! A panel kit bag allows this display to be easily transported and stored. If you want to create a display that you can set on a table or counter top, Red17’s Tabletop Heavy Duty Folding Display Boards offer all of the perks of a full-size display board in a more compact design.

School Tabletop Display Board

If you need a larger display panel kit, these are usually designed to sit on the floor and are made up of two sets of panels. As with the smaller kits, these main panel displays usually come with a header panel to show the title of your display.

Large Folding Panel Display Boards for Schools

2. Handheld Magnetic A4 Whiteboards

If you want to encourage children to create handwriting they can be proud of, handheld whiteboards are a great way to go about it. So if you need small whiteboards that are great for students of all ages as well as teachers then our coloured frame laptop whiteboards are ideal. They’re great for the whole class, and available in packs of 10. These boards are perfect to use with subjects such as maths and English, where it’s useful for the teacher to be able to see how students are doing even from a distance.

Teacher Handing out Classroom Handheld Whiteboards

The boards are also a great way to save paper, as they have a dry-wipe surface which makes them ideal for children working out sums, practicing letters or even just doodling. They even accept magnets, making them perfect for magnet-based counting games or allowing you to award magnets to celebrate a child’s progress or behaviour. Children will find the board comfortable to hold and use, thanks to its chunky and ergonomically-designed frame.

Importantly, the boards also come with rounded, brightly-coloured corner caps to avoid eye-related mishaps!

Laptop Hand Held Whiteboards - Product Pic

3. Combi Mobile Noticeboard

A Combi Mobile Noticeboard could be the solution if you’re having problems moving boards from classroom to classroom. Their fabric side allows you to pin up work which can be a great visual aid for students and parents alike, making them the perfect tool for assemblies, school projects and parents’ evenings. Meanwhile, students will be able to have greater interaction with each other and their lessons as the useful whiteboard side allows teachers to move their board around the classroom, bringing it closer to whichever group of children is using it at the time.

This is the board to end all other boards! At Red17, we can provide these combination boards in two different sizes – 1000mm x 1000mm or 1200mm x 700mm.

Combination Mobile Whiteboard - Product Pic Example

4. Mobile Tilt and Teach Whiteboard

Your classroom just got more fun, and more accessible! The Mobile Tilt and Teach Whiteboard is a rotating, double-sided whiteboard that can be locked in any position. With a frame built form powder coated steel it is strong and durable. It’s freestanding, and it’s the perfect size for primary-school-age children. The board is very easy to erase as both sides have a glossy surface. Whether your students are practicing letter formation and words, learning phonics, playing literacy games or doing spelling tests, this is the perfect tool.

Mobile Tilt and Teach Whiteboard - Product Pic

Whiteboards like the Mobile Tilt and Teach are extremely versatile, and can fulfil many display requirements in almost any environment.

Desk with books and pencils

5. Share and Write Junior Easel

Any classroom can be improved through the use of a Share and Write Junior Easel. They’re much easier for students to use than a standard whiteboard, as this desktop easel has the great advantage of being on the children’s level. This particular design has a magnetic dry-wipe board on one side and a chalkboard on the other. It can be used to promote independence by allowing kids to use it as a sign-in board, it’s perfect for creative lessons, and can be used for activities like roleplaying and sharing individual work with the rest of the class.

Much more dynamic than the traditional wall-mounted whiteboard or blackboard, a Share and Write Junior Easel can also be used to display notices in your school corridor, announce class events and news like “Show and Tell!” or “Happy Birthday Sarah!” or entertain students while they wait for classmates to finish their work. You can even make the most of your mini whiteboards by using magnetic letters or gridding tape to tailor the boards to the activity they’re being used for.

Fuzzy Felt Lettering spelling - alphabet

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