Lockable Notice Boards

Lockable Notice Boards in the Workplace

You get so much information over the course of a day at work, it can be difficult to remember every last notice, announcement and invitation you hear. The workplace is full of opportunities to communicate, but some communication just works better if it’s highlighted non-verbally. Emails are a great way to do this, but too many emails can clog a person’s inbox and stop them from seeing the most important messages.

This is where lockable notice boards can come in handy.

Whatever price range, type or size you’re looking for, there will be a notice board to fit your needs. Before choosing a size for your display utility, it’s a good idea to think about how much information you’ll want to display on the board. Notice boards can be lockable or non-lockable, but secured lockable notice boards are great if you want to avoid people tampering with the information on display.

Lockable notice boards, at their most inexpensive, are typically wide but small notice boards which act like a lockable case with a window. This variety of lockable notice board will come with a set of keys for its lock. Useable both inside your establishment and out, lockable notice boards are a specialised type of notice board. Most affordable designs will have silver frames with black corners, though the board itself can come in a variety of different colours. This type of board generally costs between £80 and £100.

Moving away from the basic design, another type of lockable notice board can be seen in schools and educational institutions across the country. Larger lockable notice boards are better for classrooms, offices, and other places that have several notices or certificates to display at the same time. These lockable notice boards are still inexpensive – usually costing around £100 - £150, though some suppliers offer more expensive ones, or they might be put on offer from time to time.

These tend to have a lock on the side or at the bottom, and are larger notice boards with a sliding window. While this type of display can’t really be used to display awards (aside from certificates), they can often fit in a number of posters which can be a handy way for offices to display safety information and general guidelines.

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Important Information is Emphasised

A lockable office notice board is the perfect way to create an interest in important information.

Work performances can be drastically influenced by how we choose to communicate within the workplace. Poor client experiences, projects that have been thrown together, and missed deadlines can all become an issue if deadlines are allowed to be forgotten within the office. Your employees will be able to see important deadlines all day, every day, if they’re displayed in a lockable notice board where they can’t be crowded out by other notices. This means activity will be improved, and tasks will be prompted more successfully.

One helpful tip is to highlight the importance of each notice by using coloured pens or different-coloured backgrounds to colour code your messages. For instance, if you use red pen or a red background to signify your most urgent notices, your employees will know straight away to take note of the new message and prioritise their tasks accordingly. Last minute project changes, conferences and deadlines can all be highlighted using different colours. An email sent out to all of your staff may go unnoticed until a later time or date, but a colour-coded notice board system will allow your employees to know exactly what needs to be done and when at all times.

Examples of Colourful Lockable Notice Boards in the Office

Top Uses for Lockable Notice Boards

  • Lockable notice boards allow you to post messages to the public in your reception or outside your business without having to worry about tampering.
  • They can be used to update staff on company news.
  • A lockable notice board can improve communication between general staff and company administration.
  • They can aid team building by creating unity and a common goal for all staff members.
  • Build staff motivation and productivity by announcing company results on your lockable notice board.
  • Advertise upcoming events. .
  • Help build company brand.

Where Should You Display Your Lockable Notice Board?

  • As you’re using your lockable notice board to display your office’s most important news, it’s important that it’s located in a prominent, easily accessible place.
  • A well-structured internal communications project might involve a hierarchy of notice boards (as in the colour-coding example above). Try using one board for news, one for general information and guidelines, and one for social and departmental events. This way, all staff will know which board to check to find out the information they need.
  • Think of areas where people naturally gather – the coffee machine and printers are popular choices.
  • Having dual or multiple locations works well.

The Eco-Aware Option

You have so many options for your lockable notice board outside of the most common designs. Ditching their standard notice boards, lots of companies are now choosing to become more environmentally conscious by investing in eco notice boards. There’s no real price difference between a standard notice board and an eco version, but eco notice boards have wooden frames instead of metal ones. Despite this, they still benefit from a virtually shatterproof plastic locking door.

Eco notice boards’ wooden frames mean they can’t really be used outdoors, but they’re perfect for indoor use in an office or other business.

Eco-Lockable Notice Board

Choosing a Lockable Notice Board

When you’re deciding on which notice board is best for your office, try considering the following:

  • Where are you going to put it?
  • When will the information be viewed? If it needs to be really prominent, it can be worth considering lighting in and around the display.
  • What information are you going to display? Think about whether that information will work best attached with pins, velcro or magnets.

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