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Make the most of your home office space with a magnetic whiteboard

You can find a whiteboard in practically every office. They’ve been a fixture in meeting rooms for years; even the portable ones have their permanent home. Whiteboards come in a range of shapes and sizes and allow you and your co-workers to collaborate on important projects or talk about the latest news relevant to your department in the company.

Magnetic whiteboards add a little more versatility to your home office. They function just like the standard whiteboard but offer more than just a large surface to write on with dry erase pens. With a magnetic whiteboard, you can take your office meetings and notice displays to a new level.

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When the whiteboard becomes a corkboard

Save space by getting rid of your office’s old whiteboard and corkboards and replace both with a single item: the magnetic whiteboard. Your magnetic whiteboard gives you the space and items needed to pin anything to it; important notices, spreadsheets, pie charts, artwork, leaflets etc.

Eliminate the need for tacks, pins, and unsightly pinholes left in your paper notices. A magnetic whiteboard can act as both a corkboard/pinboard and a whiteboard; offering you more display options and solutions to suit your needs.

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Standard whiteboards just won’t cut it

There’s nothing wrong with a standard whiteboard, but why settle when you can have all the same features and more? Depending on the type of magnetic whiteboard you purchase, you may see some obvious differences over time.

Look at your old whiteboard. Notice how there are ink stains that you’ve never been able to erase, despite using the correct pens for your whiteboard? Typical cheap (or low quality) whiteboards have porous surfaces, meaning the ink will seep into them over time. A magnetic whiteboard is slightly more resistant, but if you want to go a step further, you should look into a magnetic glass whiteboard.

The design of a magnetic glass whiteboard has a much smoother surface. They’re made from tempered glass, extremely hard to break, and are resistant to scratches. The high quality of the materials used in their production means that you can be sure you have a great product that will last for years.

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But if glass isn’t right for you, then there’s nothing stopping you investing in an ultra smooth magnetic whiteboard or even a revolving whiteboard (for all of your showcasing needs!). Magnetic whiteboards have a lot to offer your home office space.

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