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Must-Have Office Products for 2020

The future is here: A whole new decade! Isn’t it time to update your office?

Here are the products we think you should look at for your office in 2020.

1. Glass Whiteboards

When it comes to visual displays, glass whiteboards are the future. You should be looking at glass boards if you’re interested in something a little bit more special than the standard whiteboard. They’ll last a lifetime, and glass makes the perfect writing surface as it never fades or ghosts. A stunning glass writing board on your conference room wall is a fantastic way to make a great first impression on visiting clients and businesses.

It’s easy to uphold your corporate image with a premium glass board: they can be made in any colour or size, perfect for matching your branding.

Workplace office with girl and glass whiteboard on wall

2. Poster Cases

When you’re looking for a new poster case for your business, it’s easy to get confused between all the different types. A good poster case, outdoors or indoors, can be really beneficial to your office – as it will be to any office, preschool, college, university, local authority, public area, corporate building, shop or restaurant. Lockable poster cases

Poster Case

Outdoor Menu Display Cases

Every day of the week, you can grab the attention of potential clients and entice them into your business by displaying your details outside. With a waterproof seal and lockable door, our menu cases are perfect for displaying information for offices, restaurants, cafes, food outlets or bars, and can be used indoors or outdoors.

Using the Menu Display Case

Because they can be used inside or outside, any number of different businesses can benefit from the use of a menu display case. If you’re stuck for ideas, consider the following uses!

  • Place a menu case outside your business to display your most popular services. Include a clear and appealing graphics to help draw potential clients to your display.
  • Your office staff room our canteen can be livened up with a menu case to display the food on offer or any upcoming events.
  • Menu display cases can be used in parks or in other populated areas to display information about interesting events such as concerts, fairs or plays.
  • Make sure your name and logo will be remembered by everyone by using a menu display case that has built-in LED illumination outside your business.

3 types of menu case

Menu Display Case Benefits

Secure, heavy duty frame.
Selection of different colours available.
Selection of different sizes available.
Promotional message or branding can be displayed on vinyl header panel.
Weatherproofed with waterproof seal.
High-power top strip LED illumination.
Suitable as an indoor notice board as well as outdoor notice boards.
Available in landscape or portrait.
Magnetic back panel for easier display.

Cropped picture of posters on a wall

Lockable Poster Cases

Made from durable extruded aluminium, Red17’s lockable poster frames are available in 17 different stock finishes. Their varied design makes them extremely versatile.

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Office with people discussing project around a notice board

3. Plain Modular Whiteboard

Are you looking for a whiteboard that allows you to do more than just write? This product is the perfect solution. The Printed Modular Whiteboard is a frameless whiteboard that can be mounted flush alongside additional frameless boards, and works as well in an office as it does in a school classroom or staffroom. They save precious office space, as their construction allows them to be neatly stacked beside each other without leaving any space between the wall and the board.

Whether your group is visualising results, plans or processes, modular whiteboards are the perfect tool. They come ready to mount, are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and come with all the wall fixings you need.

Plain Frameless Whiteboard on Office Wall - office meeting

4. Handheld A3 and A4 Whiteboards

A little collective creativity is a great way to liven up a tired meeting room. Everyone involved in a meeting can be more engaged and active with handheld whiteboards, which allow each users to write down their own ideas so that all of the ideas can be displayed together – perfect for training sessions, brainstorming and meetings. Also known as “Laptop Whiteboards”, this tool can create an atmosphere for hands-on application of concepts and practices learned in seminars and workshops.

Handheld whiteboards are a great way to encourage everyone to join in on the creative process and pull the focus away from the meeting’s presenter. They’re available in two sizes, come in convenient six-packs and fit handily in a backpack or satchel. Our double-sided boards come with a standard whiteboard on one side and gridlines (20 x 20 mm) on the other.

5. Combination Boards with Aluminium Frame

Red17’s aluminium framed combination notice boards are built with half non-magnetic whiteboard surface and half pin notice board. They’re the perfect all-in-one message board for any office, but are also perfect for reception areas, colleges and community centres. Our boards are designed and built in the UK, and come with a strong and robust anodised aluminium frame. Their corner fittings are concealed for a more attractive finish, and all necessary wall fixings are supplied.

combination notice board on office wall in front of desk

6. Quantum Double-Sided Brochure Stand

Supplied with a free carry bag, the Quantum Double-Sided Brochure Stand is a collapsible, stylish stand with five A4 tray holders. It’s portable, lightweight and elegant in design, and practical for everyday use with a smoked dark grey finish. To use the carry bag, all you have to do is leave your literature in its tray holders and collapse the stand down flat for easy transportation. It’s easy to assemble and even easier to use.

Reception area with two brochure stands in - example of Quantum Brochure stands in situ

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