Number one way to optimise your restaurant menu

The outside of your restaurant is just as important as the inside; after all, it is the first thing potential customers will see. Think about it personally, how many times have you been out on the town and gone to a restaurant based on the exterior? You have liked how it looks, and then you look around for the menu light box. Your customers will be doing this too. They don’t want to come into the restaurant, be seated and then find out that they like nothing on the menu.

Regardless of the size of your business, your establishment needs to have a distinctive menu display case, so customers can easily locate your menu.

The 5 main benefits of using a menu light box

The job of a menu light box goes beyond simply lighting up the menu so customers can read it. That’s why we have accumulated a list of the top 5 benefits of a menu light box. There are more than 5 benefits, but no one wants to read a list that is that long.

1. visibility

As mentioned, a menu light box will display your menu in a way that will allow potential customers to read what culinary masterpieces you offer, but they will also draw customers in. The light will illuminate the menu and make it easier for people to see, no matter what time of day it is.

2. The design

It doesn’t matter if you are a small café, a large fast-food chain or an independent restaurant, you can find a menu light box that will match the aesthetic of your business. Yellow, grey, green, bronze or even pine, whichever colour your business associates with, you can find it here. Plus, it beats sticking it to a wall, only for it to get vandalised or damaged by the weather.

3. Comfort potential customers

Some customers will confidently walk into your business without glancing at the menu, but others will not want to go into a restaurant they haven’t been in before. Ease their nerves by putting your menu in a light box. This allows them to independently read if your dishes suit their taste buds. A menu light box will display your menu and gives potential customers the chance to decide what they want, before they enter your establishment. This can comfort a lot of people who don’t like the stress of having to decide once they are in a restaurant, café or anything in between.

Menu Display Cases

4. Safe and sound

You will be happy to hear that Red17 understands the cost that goes into printing menus, that is why all of our menu light boxes are lockable, vandal resistant and secure. This could potentially save your establishment money as you will not have to pay to replace or repair any damaged menus.

Menu Light Box

5. In or out?

You don’t have to place your menu light box outside. If you have a waiting area at the front of your establishment, placing a menu display case there will give customers the opportunity to decide what they want before they are seated. With our selection of menu light boxes, you have the freedom to put them wherever they work best.

Slimlok Illuminated Menu Display Case

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