Literature stands for business events and exhibitions

Offer Your Customers a Take Away with Stylish Literature Stands

While many businesses get hung up on digital marketing, hard copy brochures and leaflets still have a vital role to play in many sectors. Putting up literature stands in strategic parts of your business or using them for events and exhibitions, means you are offering your potential customers something useful to take away.

The Benefits of Leaflets and Brochures

  • Not everyone wants to access information about your company via their smartphone or computer. In fact, plenty of us like to leaf through a brochure.

  • Designing and printing leaflets and brochures is pretty cost effective nowadays and delivers a decent return on investment.

  • Those attractive leaflets are close to hand, keeping your brand in the customer’s mind. They’re also likely to be sitting around a home or office where they can be seen by other people passing by.

  • Of course, everyone likes something for free and if you have stylish and well-designed brochures, you should expect your potential customers to be enthusiastic about them.

Investing in Literature Stands

If you have a selection of corporate literature, you’ll want to put it on display. It’s okay to have brochures and leaflets piled up on the reception desk but it looks more professional if you invest in one or more literature stands.

Literature stands aren’t just for businesses either. If you are an organisation such as a charity, drop-in centre, GPs, hospital, school or college, they’re a great way to put your helpful information on display.

Waiting room with Wave Literature Stand

Perhaps more than any other display products on the market, literature stands come in a wide range Literature Stands for business of sizes and designs. Choosing the right ones for your business or organisation can be a little challenging. A lot will depend on the amount of different corporate literature you have to put on display in the first place.

If just have one glossy brochure, you might want to go for a standalone brochure display with a single compartment. These are highly portable and can be used in the office, for a store catalogue or can be taken to exhibitions and events.

If you have a larger selection of brochures and helpful leaflets, you might want a literature stand with more compartments. You can get simple wireframe ones that fit onto the wall as well as more impressive and stylish stands that resemble bookcases. There are collapsible mobile stands, ones that revolve and you can get them made from various materials, including plastic, wood and metal.

Which Literature Stands Work Best for Your Business?

Examples of various literature stands and leaflet dispensers

A lot will depend on how much literature you have. The last thing you want is for your brochure stand to have empty spaces because you can’t fill it up. The next thing you will need to consider is where you are going to position the stand. Is it going to be in your reception or do you need something for when you go to an event with your business?

Literature stands help keep all your information in one place and act as focal points where potential customers or visitors are easily able to find out about your products or services. At Red17, we offer a wide range of attractive and stylish literature stands to suit different needs. Take a look at our collection today.

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