Our top 6 School Whiteboards

Our top 6 School Whiteboards

The classroom was once completely dominated by the blackboard, with the sound of chalk squeaking against the board, and the cloud of dust as the teacher cleaned away yesterday's work a common occurrence. Whiteboards have become much more commonplace in recent years as the classroom has been updated. Now, the task of explaining, displaying and exploring information has been passed to the whiteboard in the classroom that has been tasked with educating the new generation.

Child Writing on Classroom Whiteboard

You may still find blackboards in some schools. They do have their uses, but with the whiteboard offering a minimum amount of mess and maximum effectiveness, it is fast becoming the popular choice for any modern classroom.

With this in mind, here we have put together a list of our top 6 school whiteboards.

School Whiteboards

1. Ultra Smooth Magnetic Whiteboards

A very popular choice when it comes to whiteboards, especially with schools, this is a whiteboard that offers real value for money. When it comes to school whiteboards, our customers are looking for something that provides a smooth surface and is very durable, and this whiteboard fits the bill perfectly. It should be suitable for dry wipe writing and easy to clean. This whiteboard is great for classroom learning and can be used either in a landscape or portrait orientation. There is also a handy pen tray to help the teacher keep pens at the ready.

Ultra Smooth Magnetic Whiteboards

The Ultra Smooth Whiteboard is also magnetic, which can be a very handy feature. And despite its completely practical nature, this whiteboard has concealed corner mounting, giving it a neat and tidy look that is ideal for any modern classroom. If you want a larger sized noticeboard, then safety has been taken into consideration, and extra fittings are included with the whiteboard to ensure it stays put on your walls.

2. Printed Modular Whiteboards

Printed modular whiteboards are the perfect choice for a learning environment. Our range of printed whiteboards includes a selection that are suitable for teaching handwriting and music. We also have a gridded whiteboard and a lined one as well, ideal for maths, science and just about anything you can think of. These are convenient tools that are ideal for use in a wide variety of classroom settings, offering plenty of space to write clearly so that pupils can enjoy their learning.

Printed Modular Whiteboards

This is a frameless design so you can place several of these boards side by side on your classroom walls. These specialist boards are the ideal choice for a variety of classroom environments where a particular layout can make learning much more accessible.

3. Revolving Whiteboards

Mobile revolving whiteboards can be a convenient choice for those teachers who move around the school and use different classrooms to teach the same lesson. These whiteboards offer two writing surfaces and can be angled to make them visible to the whole classroom. Not only does this whiteboard revolve to offer you double the writing space, but it also comes on castors, meaning you can move it around. This is ideal when you need to move your class to another room, for whatever reason, as you can take any work you have already written out on the board with you allowing for continuous education to take place. The revolving whiteboard can be locked in place for safety and can also take magnets, making it a really versatile piece of classroom equipment.

Revolving Whiteboards

4. Space Saver Whiteboards

When space is at a premium in the classroom, but you need plenty of whiteboard space to teach, then the space saver whiteboard is a perfect choice. This whiteboard uses hinged panels that act like doors and offers you three times the size of writing board space when opened. This is great for lesson preparation as you can close the panels over the board and hide any information that you might not want your class to see until later in a lesson; while allowing you to write it up in advance.

Space Saver Whiteboards

The whiteboard is available in a variety of sizes, with the larger ones having 3 panels, 2 doors, and the smaller ones having just 2 panels with one door. With this board, you can make lesson planning simpler and easier by pre-preparing your lesson in advance and covering it up until you need it. This board is available with either magnetic or non-magnetic surfaces and even comes with a handy pen tray.

5. Shield Design Whiteboards

For a contemporary choice for your classroom that offers a thoroughly modern look, the shield design whiteboard is a very popular choice. This whiteboard has a heavy-duty frame and smooth surface that will stand up to all those lessons. It is available in seven different sizes and a choice of six different frame colours. Teachers love this whiteboard, which offers an excellent surface from which to impart all that vital knowledge to their pupils.

Shield Design Whiteboards

6. Handheld A4 Magnetic Whiteboards (10 pack)

Sometimes referred to as “Show Me Boards” or “Laptop Whiteboards” due to their size and versatility, handheld magnetic whiteboards are an excellent tool for use in the classroom. Pupils love using them, and they are a great interactive tool that teachers can really use to encourage the children in their class to engage with each other.

These magnetic whiteboards feature a chunky and ergonomically designed frame that is comfortable to hold, no matter what that handler's age. The brightly coloured frames make then fun for younger children to use as well, and they are great for learning your letters and numbers on. The rounded corner caps, of course, make them very user-friendly.

Handheld A4 Magnetic Whiteboards

These whiteboards could be a great alternative to paper and pencil in an outdoor education environment as the writing surface is much sturdier than more traditional choices.

teacher show me boards

The surface is also magnetic, which makes it a multifunctional whiteboard that will have a whole bundle of applications within the classroom environment.

With all these options on offer, you’re sure to find the perfect whiteboard for your classroom, not matter what you’re teaching, or who you’re teaching to.

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