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Outdoor Light Boxes: Why it pays to invest in one

How you present your business is a key part of your marketing strategy, and signs are a major area in any marketing process. Past the standard signs, notices, and notice boards, there is the more modern and recent outdoor light box. Outdoor light boxes are perfect for any business that is looking to really capture the attention of the public that may be passing by their establishment. They are an amazing advertising solution for cafés, restaurants, stores on the high street, or any places that are open in the evening to the later hours of the night.

What is an Outdoor Light Box?

An outdoor light box is an outdoor illuminated display box that uses LED technology to light up the edges of the display and add visibility to any notices, menus, or flyers that you decide to put in the box. At Red17, our outdoor light boxes come in a multitude of colours and sizes, and there are even lockable options for businesses looking for a more secure option.

Red17 Outdoor Light Box

An outdoor light box is extremely similar to a box notice board, though we at Red17 also offer a slimline version of our usual outdoor light boxes to help suit every business’ needs.

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The best time to use an Outdoor Light Box

Outdoor light boxes are perfect all day long, but it’s at night when they really shine. You can turn their LED lights off during the day and switch them on as the sun sets; this way, your evening customers will still be able to clearly see any menus or notices if they are outside your building. Having this extra set of lights also helps to brighten dark corners of your establishment, giving your business a friendlier look that’s sure to attract more customers.

The uses of an Outdoor Light Box

With an outdoor light box, you can start advertising to your customers in a professional way 24 hours a day. LED lights are much more eco-friendly than many other light sources, and the light boxes are waterproof and tamper-resistant, too. Thanks to their low power consumption, many businesses are choosing to add a light box rather than a small notice board if they have a menu to display outside. Restaurants and cafés favour the light box because they enable customers to see menus even in poor lighting conditions; which also removes the need for overly bright and powerful outdoor lighting.

Of course, it’s not just restaurants and cafés that can benefit from the outdoor light box. Other businesses can also make good use of light boxes to display notices and other information during the darker hours of the evening. These outdoor light boxes would also prove useful to shops on dark streets, or for use in public places that have little light at night (like parks and community spaces).

Why invest in an Outdoor Light Box?

There are many reasons other than those outlined above to invest in an outdoor light box. Not only are they specifically built for outdoor use, these light boxes are perfect for displaying special offers, as well as menus, posters, and even notices about clubs and events. They’ll make the side of your building (or wherever else you decide to hang one) look clean, well-lit, and professional. It’s important to keep dark areas well-lit at night, and businesses should always do their part to make areas feel safer for their patrons. You’ll also attract more business, because it’s easier to read a sign that is surrounded by lights than one that is badly placed on a dark wall, out of the way.

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