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Pavement Signage Solutions

Many businesses lean on pavement signs as their most important signage tool. They point new customers in the direction of the business by advertising the company to passing foot traffic. They can be used to promote new products and offers to the public, making them perfect for dining establishments and newsagents alike. Each day, the number of customers a business brings in can really be affected by large pavement signs and clever marketing designs.

Outdoor signage increases a business’ chances of tempting someone new in to take a look by allowing them to share their brand, information and offers to the area at large. If you want to learn more about how large pavement signs can make a difference to your business, and what forms of signage are available, read on!

Outdoor Restaurant dining area on busy high street

Cafe Barriers

You can promote your company’s brand to a mass audience if you set up your café barriers in the right location, and they’ll also help you enclose your space. If you’re running a business with any form of outdoor drinking or eating space, you’ll need to invest in a cafe barrier or two. When not in use, you can easily store your outdoor barrier stands somewhere out of the way, as they’re highly portable. In periods of harsh weather, storing your café barriers somewhere safe is the best way to prevent damage.

Black and White Photo of People dining outdoors

Café barriers are an invaluable tool for any business with a physical premises. At Red17, we offer two types of café barrier system – Economy and Deluxe. The Economy design has spring clips at the bottom and a cross rail at the top, and has a powder-coated black finish. You can choose from three sizes (1000mm, 1500mm and 2000mm wide) no matter which system you choose, and both Deluxe and Economy are available as a complete system.

Our Economy and Deluxe café barriers are also available as a build your own configuration option. Before you make your order, we encourage you to draw out your desired configuration.

Black Economy Cafe Barriers Stand 2000mm wide pic
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Chalkboard Signs

Restaurants and coffee shop are often keen on chalkboard signs. These are a particularly cost-effective and multi-purpose signage solution, as they can be altered every day as prices and offers change. They’re perfect for advertising services to potential new clients and promoting special offers, so salons and barbers may also find chalkboard signs suitable for their businesses. They’re ideal for new businesses with lower budgets, as they require only a chalkboard pen for use.

Chalkboard Sign saying Open For Business - Black and White pic

Particularly windy or stormy weather may pose a risk to chalkboard signs, however, as they are not always the sturdiest signs available and may need careful monitoring. But if you want to share new information with customers from time to time, this product is worth the effort. They allow you to make the most of the different seasons with seasonal offers, news and jokes.

Forecourt Signs

For outdoor spaces that are more open and exposed to the elements, forecourt signs are the perfect option. Garages and car dealerships often make use of them for this reason. Unwanted movement and theft need no longer be an issue - their bases can be filled with sand or water, adding weight and making them a more secure option. They’re also ideal for seasonal use, as the weight can be removed and replaced for easier transport.

Garage Forecourt with Large Sign

The only real downside of these signs is that they rely on the poster they display to look good, as their weighted base isn’t as sleek as some other signage options. However, they still offer a way to present your company in a professional way to passers by by complementing the branding of any business.

If your business is based somewhere prone to rough weather, a forecourt sign may well be the best choice for you.

A-Board Signs

If you need a budget-friendly and classical pavement sign solution, A Boards are the way to go. These signs attract passing traffic from both directions thanks to their double-sided display. They allow you to display double the content in half the space, or can use the same poster twice. The frames are available in a range of different finishes to suit your branding, and the posters are easy to change meaning it’s possible to change your message frequently.

High Street Shop with A-Board Sign

Strong winds can be an issue for these signs, however. They will need to be taken indoors during storms and heavy winds, but this is easy to do as they’re very light to transport and store away.

A-Frame signs have been popular with all different types of business for over a hundred years, and it’s not hard to see why.

Pavement A-Frame Sign - example

Vandal Resistant Poster Cases

For a high-security signage solution, lockable poster cases are a great choice. They ensure that your business is only represented as their keyholder wants it to be by protecting your posters from vandalism and thieves. If you want to leave your poster somewhere that isn’t visible from your store, or leave them out overnight, this type of pavement sign is a great solution. It’s important to keep the keys for the poster case to hand at all times, though, as the content can only be changed with this key.

Lockable signs offer your promotions the highest level of protection, and keeping your posters safe and secure is always worth the effort. They’re the best way to make sure your business has its best foot forward at all times.

Large lockable poster case sign on bus shelter in high street

There are so many different ways to use a pavement sign, so why not make use of yours today?

Whatever type of pavement sign you’re interested in, Red17 has the perfect one for you. Find the perfect pavement sign to bring new customers to your business on our online store today. And if you’re unsure as to which signs are suitable for your intended use - for example, if you’re opening a new business or are a company that hasn’t needed to use pavement signs before - check out our blog to learn all about the different types of sign.

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