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Picking the Right Notice Board for You

Almost any organisation can use indoor and outdoor notice boards as a tool to share information among its members. Anyone can contribute to this centre of information, or one person can be chosen to maintain the board. Each organisation has different needs, though, and with so many different types of internal and external notice boards on the market it can be difficult to know which one would be the best choice. To make sure you select the right board for your business, read on to learn the benefits of each type of notice board.

When you want to share organisational information, outdoor notice boards, big or small, are an incredibly helpful tool. The effective use of notice boards is important to Red17, as we are leading providers of notice boards as well as a range of other signage products from which you may benefit.

It’s easy to maintain a notice board: When additional space is needed, you simply need to remove older notices so that important messages can be added more easily. They are great for situating in the staffroom of almost any organisation and are also useful for public display in places such as doctors surgeries and community centres.

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Cork Notice Boards

Available in a wide range of different sizes and finishes, there is a pin notice board to suit the space available to you. If you need to share information regularly within your organisations, cork notice boards are the ideal style of noticeboard for you. Making room for important notices is easy as content can be moved around quickly, and it’s convenient to add notices as often as necessary.

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Tamperproof Notice Boards

A great solution to notice boards that are often tampered with is a lockable notice board. Lockable notice boards are the ideal option if you need that extra bit of security. Your tamperproof notice board is the perfect place to display announcements, deadlines and achievements. Make sure that staff members have a good idea of who in the school has a key to the lockable notice board, so that they know who to go to if they want to display something.

Made with a covered, lockable aluminium framed case and a traditional felt cloth-covered pin board, our tamperproof notice boards are fine examples of quality notice boards. They protect messages from vandalism and theft meaning that everyone who needs to see them will be able to. This makes them a great tool for displaying important documents such as timetables, rules and guidelines, important contact details and fire assembly information.

You will need to opt for a fire-resistant option if you want to display it in a high-traffic area of your school, however.

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The main function of a lockable notice board is to prevent unwanted material from being added to notice boards in areas where a lot of people pass. They also protect the material from general wear and tear, making them perfect for any organisation that needs to display content for long periods of time. This type of board generally costs between £80 and £100.

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Outdoor Notice Boards

The professional look of an outdoor notice board means it has many benefits, such as its visibility in public places. For businesses and educational institutions, outdoor notice boards are even more essential. Advertisements for businesses, events, and even “for sale” posters can all use space in a community outdoor notice board. Outdoor notice boards are always a good way to go if you’re thinking of trying a new way to advertise in your community.

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Outdoor notice boards can be beneficial for almost any type of organisation. Schools can use them to share important updates with parents and visitors. Both individuals and local businesses can benefit from outdoor notice boards as a means of effective advertising. From restaurants advertising their newest offers to new local book groups and classes, outdoor notice boards are always a popular way for communities to share messages with each other, and you’ll often see them filled to the brim with upcoming events.

If you’re able to keep your outdoor notice board looking bright, smart and clean, with so many people passing by, it will really catch the attention of the public.

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The main benefit of outdoor notice boards is that the information can be viewed even when your organisation is closed. It’s easy to change the material on display on an external notice board, but they’re also waterproof and vandal-resistant so they’ll keep your messages protected. They’re the best way to keep local people up-to-date on community events and updates, which is why they’re so popular with churches and village halls.

Outdoor notice boards are available in a range of different styles including freestanding double sided options meaning you can share twice the amount of information without needing to compromise on space. Any important organisational events and news can be spread easily, as the outdoor notice board’s viewing potential is fully maximised and important messages are never missed.

Where Are You Displaying Your Board?

You want as many people to see and read your notices as possible. When it comes to making effective use of your display and choosing the right notice board for your space, analysing where your notice board is (or will be) located should be your first step. There are two main factors to consider here. You need to think about the busiest location in your business, and you need to think about the amount of traffic that currently passes your current notice board location – for instance, the smoking area won’t be as busy as the main lobby.

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Is the notice board currently in the best place possible, or would it work better in the busier location?

Specialised types of notice board, such as lockable notice boards, can be used both inside and outside your establishment. Lockable notice boards tend to come with more than one key, so you also have to decide who will be your key-holders. If you opt for this type of board, you have a wider range of options for board location.

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