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Portable Banner Flag Poles and Other Ways to get Noticed at Events

If you often attend events with your business to network and find potential new customers, or are considering doing this for the first time, you may be wondering what you can do to stand out among the competition and make your stand as eye-catching as possible.

When lots of different businesses attend the same event and are hoping to draw the attention of their target audience it is important that you know what to do to make people want to visit your stand rather than one belonging to one of your competitors, and here we share some of our top ideas for achieving this.

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Use Portable Banner Flag Poles

The number one thing that you need to do to encourage people to come to your stand is to ensure that it is very obvious which company you are from and what it is that you do. The best way to do this is to give your stand strong branding that not only attracts attention but also gives people the information that they need, and Portable Banner Flag Poles offer the perfect way to do this.

By having flag poles created with your brand colours, message, and logo, you can be confident that potential customers will be able to find your stand, and that it will look very professional. It is important that you use the same branding as any other materials you have produced as this will make people remember you.

Portable Banner Flag Poles are an investment than can help you to show off your brand at any event that you appear at, and as they are so easy to move and store you won’t need to worry about them causing any hassle when they are not in use. Plus, there are lots of sizes and styles to choose from so you can have something that is perfect for you and your brand.

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Your banner flag poles can be custom made to suit you, and if you need any advice about what to include to make them as successful as possible, we can help you with that!

Speak up and mingle

Once you have got your branding in place it is time to speak up and mingle to ensure that you are talking to as many potential customers as you can. You will find that the event won’t be a hit if you stick to your stand and don’t attempt to initiate conversation, so being confident and ready to sell your business is key.

You should also make sure that you are ready for any questions that potential customers might ask about your business, or at least be prepared to take their contact details so you can contact them about the answer to their query at a later date. This way you can be confident that you can follow up with them after the event and help them with any additional enquiries they may have too.

Consider offering freebies

These days people attend events almost expecting to be given freebies, so it is definitely worth considering what you could give away on your stand. We suggest something that matches the branding on your Portable Banner Flag Pole so that everything looks well-presented and professional.

It is also advised that you choose freebies which are linked to your company, or the needs of your potential customers in some way. Although simple items like pens and tote bags are always useful and very popular.

Alternatively, you could decide to run a giveaway which can be advertised on your banner flag pole. Hosting a competition will not only draw attention to your stand but it will give you the opportunity to collect the details of potential customers too which could be handy for your future marketing campaigns, just remember that you will need to ask people to opt in before you can contact them.

We hope that these ideas have helped you to plan how to get noticed at events, and if you are interested in discussing Portable Banner Flag Poles with us we are more than happy to help you. Don't forget, that as well as being amazing at events you can use your flag banner at the entrance to your business to advertise where you are too, which means that it never has to be stored away if you’d like to keep it on display.