Red17 Warehouse Poster Framing

Have you ever bought a superb collectable poster online, then struggled to find a frame for it? Suppose you’re a business currently designing that awesome poster, but aren’t sure what size to make it?

The good news is that poster frames need not cause you headaches any more as not only is poster framing easy (when you know how), but poster sizes fit standard frames.

Knowing standard poster sizes before you start work, and what poster frames are readily available, will save you time, hassle and effort in the long run - and perhaps money!

What sort of poster frames are available?

The advantages of using standard poster sizes is that poster frames are readily available in a variety of sizes, types and colours. By ordering with a reliable online poster framing supplier, you can avail of :-

frame for posters

What size of poster frames are available?

Sizes of poster frames can vary dramatically, from flyers and ‘desktop’ sizes to posters generated by specialist printing services. For example, A7 poster frames are available, although the more popular sizes are for larger posters such as A0, A1, A2 and A3.

Of course, in-between sizes of poster frames are also available, such as A6, A5 and A4, and then specific poster size standards such as :-

If your ideal poster size is different from these, don’t despair - there’s even stock poster frames available (though in lesser styles and configurations)

What colours of poster frames are available?

To complement the amazing poster designs held inside them, poster frames need to be available in different colours too. Decent online poster frame suppliers generally stock colours such as :-

How do I choose which poster frames are right for my poster?

Of course, posters are designed for so many things these days - event announcements, product and services, special offers, or even just fancy artwork.

As a tip, try to aim for a poster frame that complements - rather than contrasts - your poster, without appearing underwhelming. Once of a day, dark wood was in vogue - but now the modern trend seems to be coloured or even fancy metallics, so why not check online and see?

Most poster frame suppliers online have high quality photographs of their available frames and styles, so that you can imagine how your poster will look. Even better, some suppliers will have a return policy that may allow you to exchange if you change your mind, or the colours aren’t quite right.

What features should I look for when buying poster frames online?

High quality poster frames will contain a snap action mechanism, which is essential for holding your poster in place. When you think about it, what’s the point of buying a lovely poster frame, only to see the poster slip from visibility a few days later?

With a decent snap mechanism, you can be reassured that your poster will fit as well in the poster frame as the first day you placed it.

Cover sheets are also important when choosing poster frames. Sadly, cheaper suppliers - often imported from overseas for the budget end of the market - may have poor quality frame covers, which can be prone to glare from the sun and bright lights.

With a high quality poster frame an anti-glare cover sheet should be standard, so your poster can be seen equally well any time of day or in any type of light.

Won’t it take longer to purchase picture frames online?

Not at all, and in most cases, it’s likely quicker than purchasing at a shop or in person. For example, most online poster frames are in stock - as they are standard sizes - and so are ready to be delivered. Suppliers tend to know which colours, sizes and types are the most popular and generally have higher stock levels to allow for fast delivery.

Like any online ordering service, delivery can be available in a range of options. Free delivery could be available, although it may take longer, up to courier/next day delivery, which will allow you to have your poster frame in hand tomorrow.

Conclusion: buying poster frames online is cheaper, offers more choice and is faster

Of course, people still prefer to shop in the actual shop sometimes, but buying poster frames online - especially of standard sizes - is clearly far more convenient, and likely cheaper.

Given that there is no shop or retail front for the poster frame supplier to pay for, it’s likely any poster frames ordered will be cheaper than buying in a traditional shop.

Whilst some buyers may prefer to see the poster frame ‘in hand’ such as at a shop or arts supplier, with the advent of high quality online photographs and speedy internet, it’s possible to view online almost as good as in ‘real life’. Therefore, it’s easy to choose your ideal poster frame, and with the range of delivery options and styles, why don’t you check out an online poster frame supplier today?