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Promoting with Banners and Flags

At Red17, we’re known for supplying quality branded flag banners, portable flagpoles, banner flagpoles, wall-mounted flags and flag accessories. We are a trusted UK-based supplier, and have established ourselves as a company that can provide banners and other branded products reliably, affordably and quickly. A useful feature of any exhibition kit, portable flag poles and promotional banners are a staple of the display industry.

We really recommend that you incorporate promotional flags into your exhibition display plan, as they’re a great eye-catcher. Setting up a flag banner is one of the most successful ways that you can influence the ways in which your company’s core values are perceived by other companies and potential customers while spreading your brand and increasing awareness of your products and specialities.

Various examples of promotional flags and flag banners

What’s So Great about Promotional Flags?

Displaying well above head height, promotional flags are a surefire way to give your brand impact. You can place them wherever you think they’ll make the most impact, as they’re incredibly flexible and can be used inside or outside. A promotional flag can help you get the most passing foot traffic possible, as they increase the options you have on where to place your brand. In an exhibition hall, you can place them at busy junctions to attract more people, even if your actual stall is in the middle of a long aisle (just make sure people know how to find you). A promotional flag can also encourage people to actively seek you out at busy conferences by letting delegats know of your presence as they enter the building.

Tactically placed to drive brand awareness, the humble promo flag should be seen as a vital piece of moveable media. It’s a miniature billboard that will always promote your brand, and your brand only. Its usefulness should never be underestimated.

Hotel with flags

What Do I Need to Consider when Buying a Flag?

No matter what weather is likely to be thrown at it, the promotional flag you buy needs to be instantly recognisable and effective in directing your customers.

Some promo flags are used more often than others, and this should be taken into consideration when buying one. Is this banner one that you’re only going to use once or twice at events or during special deals? Or is it going to be outside from nine to five every weekday? Our collection of flags and flagpoles could be just what you’re looking for, whether you want to stand out from the crowd, draw people to an event or extend your branding. Any fancy finishes like ropes and stitching, as well as the material of the flag itself, should be taken into consideration. The edges of the flag are often the first to go when wind speeds are high, so you need to think about the weather outside your business.

Infographic for Mistral Flag Banners

In the UK, we often deal with wet, cold and windy weather, so it’s vital that we buy flags, banners and poles that are built to withstand those conditions. A highly impactful print is an important aspect of a good promotional banner, which needs to be highly visible and catch the eye of everyone around. At Red17, our Mistral range is produced using knitted polyester which is designed to withstand the heaviest gales.

If you upload your own design or artwork to our website, you can make the most of Red17’s low prices and free delivery and take your pick from a range of sizes and styles for your new flag.

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Give some thought to how you’re going to keep your flag standing. At Red17, we have a wide range of different poles and bases to choose from. We have water bases with feet, spikes, posts, weighting rings and wall fixings. We aim to offer customers the best flag range in the market with a wealth of different options to choose from.

Try to also think about how your flag will be seen. Does your branding need to appear on both sides? If customers are only approaching from one direction, would it be a better idea to invest in a single-sided display?

Making your company the talk of the venue is a goal that’s always worth keeping in mind, whether you’re planning your first event appearance or have already attended many events with your business to find new customers and grow your network. It’s always a good time to think of new ways to stand out from the crowd. Traditional flags with older designs often have the problem of getting wrapped around the flagpole and creating problems. When this happens, nobody sees the design. Promo banners come in various shapes for exactly this reason. Some flags, like the extra-large Formulate Lite Feather Flag, are designed to maximise the space you have for graphics. Others, like our Street Flags, are designed to stand out from the crowd and draw attention by being carried around. Many promotional flags are carefully designed to reduce noise and potential damage by limiting unnecessary movement.

Whatever you need in a flag, there’s bound to be something perfect for you.

Getting Noticed at Events

Making sure that everyone knows what your business is and what you do is the most important thing you can do to encourage people to come to your stand. Because many businesses will be attending the same trade shows as you with the same goals as you, it’s vital that you know what to do to make people visit your stand instead of your competitor’s. One way to attract this attention is to set up portable banner flag poles, which give your stand powerful branding and present people with all the information they need.

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