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Promotional Flags Are Great But When Can You Use Them?

We’ve all seen the odd promotional flag here and there and you’ve got to admit that they’re pretty eye-catching. It can also be tempting to invest in one but then always feeling hampered by the fact that you don’t know exactly when it would be used. So in order to help you realise how great portable flags are, we’re going to look at the different scenarios when a flag is the ideal promotional tool.


So it goes without saying that flags are a great way of catching the attention of those passing by. This is particularly relevant at tradeshows. There can often be hundreds of stands, all competing for the attention of those who are visiting. So how do you stand out from the crowd and ensure it’s you that they remember?

Trade Show Flags


Likewise with trade shows, exhibitions are another great opportunity to utilise the portable flags and help you to stand out from the crowd. Although trade-shows and exhibitions go hand-in-hand, they each benefits from this type of advertising.

Outdoor events

With most tradeshows and exhibitions taking place inside in large events halls, the versatility of portable flags means that they’re also great for outdoor events too and will work just as well there –provided it’s not too windy and they manage to stay upright.

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Craft fairs

It doesn’t necessarily have to be craft fairs specifically, but any type of fair, really. Or even markets; farmers markets, Christmas markets, antique markets. Anywhere where you’re competing against other stands and stalls for the attention of those passing by.

On the high street

In the similar dog eat dog world of the high street, competition between businesses can be fierce, but that doesn’t mean your flag has to be put away for the next event. Why not utilise your flag by the entrance to your business and really make a statement. In fact, many of those who walk by are more likely to notice the flag and remember it, compared to your standard signage.

Out front

It may be that you work from a portable office, a food van or any other kind of workplace. Portable flags can be positioned out front for maximum impact. And are great at catching the attention of passers-by whether they’re on foot or in a car.

By the roadside

Although there are numerable uses for the standard portable flag, many neglect the benefits of post mounted flags. Particularly useful for local councils, universities and colleges looking to advertise on the roadside, post mounted flags are ideal for spreading the word about an event or open day. This is also a cost-effective method of advertising that’s guaranteed to get have an impact – especially if you strategically place them on busy roads.

So when it comes to determining whether a portable flag is suitable for your business, it’s worth thinking about all the scenarios in which you could benefit from this type of equipment in your advertising bundle.

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