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Refresh Your Office this Winter!

The year really does fly by! Reorganising and refreshing your office in the winter is a great way to start the new year on a high note. If you’re going to invest in new tools for your office, it’s worth taking the time to make sure you’re getting the right ones. After all, you can tell a lot about a business owner or company based on what they hang on their walls. A shiny new noticeboard or literature stand could just give the place a whole new lease of life.

Try taking a minute to think about who will see different areas of your space - if you were a client, what would you want to see in an office you visited? If you were a customer, what would convince you to make a purchase? If you’re looking to jazz up your space, consider one of our favourite products below!

Brochure Stands

When it comes to bringing your information, updates and brand to your staff and audience, literature stands from Red17 are a great way to go. They’re a stylish, convenient and minimal way to display your literature and newsletters, and come in a range of modern and attractive designs. Email newsletters are convenient, but physical literature is still the best way to get people to really engage with the material.

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Whether you run a community centre or a private office-based business, a brochure stand will make a great addition to your company. A good literature stand can come in handy in pretty much any environment. They work well as an advertising table, a stand for your company magazine or simply a way to hold a brochure or two.

It’s a mistake to believe that brochure stands can only be used to hold brochures. The following are some great ways you can use a brochure stand in your office:

  • A place to display the company newsletter for your staff to pick up;
  • Desktop leaflet dispensers can be used to organise incoming and outgoing documents, or just keep your office desks tidy;
  • A literature stand in a high-traffic area of the office is a great place to hold a staff rota or calendar so everyone can see upcoming events;
  • A literature stand can be used as a signpost to inform staff of changes to the office, or as a last-minute notice about a broken printer or other amenity;
  • Any business that’s holding an event or open day can use a brochure stand to provide leaflets and information sheets to customers;
  • Brochure stands can be used in offices and administration departments to hold important staff documents, brochures and leaflets; anything that could be beneficial for an employee to have easy access to;
  • Brochure stands are also great outside of the office environment. For example…
    Waiting rooms - such as those found in a doctor’s surgery or dentist - can use brochure stands to hold magazines and newspapers. This ensures they are easy to access for patients;
    Schools, community centres and churches can use brochure stands as a way to advertise special events and clubs.

Brochure stands come in a vast range of shapes and sizes. Some are substantial floor displays that accommodate many different brochures, while others are simple wire racks that can be placed on a desk. This great variety can make it tricky to choose your literature stand, but it also means you’re more likely to be able to find the perfect stand for your office

Wall Planners

Acquiring a wall planner ahead of a new year is a great way to make sure you stay on top of plans. The year ahead wants to be a busy one, so it’s time to get organised! Keep track of all your team’s activity deadlines, or take note of local events you need to take advantage of.

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It all starts with your display. Your office productivity can really grow when you have all of your deadlines on the wall in clear sight. The goal here is to have all of the information you need readily available at all times. Consider making the display even clearer with colour coding (and don’t forget to include a key for easy reading). Make your company look amazing by communicating to all visiting clients that you really do value their time.

Glass Boards

If you want to improve the look of your office, you can’t go wrong with a glass whiteboard. Give your workplace a touch of class by changing your standard whiteboard to a glass board. They have a much more premium look than any other type of wall board, and are available in any colour or size you could dream of.

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Whiteboard Panels

The days of limiting yourself to specific measurements when it comes to whiteboards are over - now you can use as much of the wall as you want! Whiteboard panels save you from hindering the aesthetics of your office and allow you to transform your whole wall into a writable surface, giving you more space to work on.

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Folding Display Boards

School fairs and trade shows always have their fair share of folding panel display boards, and for good reason! If you want a display area where you can easily change what you show, folding display boards are easy to maintain, affordable and professional, and are the ideal solution for showcasing leaflets, achievements and photos.

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So, what do you think? Isn’t it time for you to give your office a bit of a shake-up?

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