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Signage: Inside or Outside?

Your business premises is not making the most of its all-important signage if it isn’t using it both inside and outside. These two types of signage serve very different purposes and therefore require different tools to make them work to their full potential. This is the only way for your signage to have its full effect. However, some signage products are suitable for both interior and exterior use. People can tell a lot about your business based on the products and offers you choose to advertise, and external and internal signage are a great way to keep your customer base well-informed on everything you have to offer.

To learn more about indoor and outdoor signage products, keep reading!


Exterior signage products work to convince people outside your business that coming inside is the right choice for them. Without entering your restaurant, a good menu case makes it possible for diners to get a better idea of what it is you offer. After all, checking if you want to eat in the restaurant that’s caught your eye is much easier when the outdoor signage is clear and informative – there’s little worse than not being able to see a menu without going inside and speaking to a member of staff.

The main purpose of exterior signage is to advertise your business and draw new customers in. For this reason a lot of outdoor signage products are larger in size. External signage, like a good light box display, allows you to tempt new customers with your range of offers, and this is really helpful when it comes to enticing potential customers to enter your establishment.

Station Shelter with two light box displays - example picture

Indoor Signs

This covers everything from leaflets about individual products to large signs to point customers in the direction of what they are looking for. In essence, the purpose of interior signage is to ensure your customers are kept well-informed on everything your business has to offer.

Coffees Sign Board Inside Cafe

As your customer invests in your services or offers, interior signage is a key tool in guiding their purchases. Products to organise information such as literature stands are important as they help you to present your brand well. A good indoor sign will reflect your brand in a presentable, clever way, while being bold enough to stand out amongst busy surroundings and products.

Other interior signage products are available in secure weather-proof alternatives. Retail outlets and dining establishments alike are quickly seeing the advantages that come with the use of LED neon or fluorescent light signage boxes. As “green” advertising grows in popularity across the UK, innovations in business signage have swiftly brought us towards a new world of LED light box solutions.

You can build loyalty and brand recognition in your customers by investing in display light boxes or poster frames that match or compliment your existing branding. It may take some time to figure out which indoor signage will work best for you, especially considering the massive range of options available on sites like Red17, but the results are well worth the effort.

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Outdoor Signs

Overall, the main aim of exterior signage is to let customers know who you are, where you are and what you do. Outdoor signs should make potential customers want to enter your building, so they need to be visually pleasing and sufficiently informative. Water resilient products are also important as it’s important to advertise in all weathers and more permanent signage such as posters will be used for long periods of time and not brought inside out of business hours.

Sustainable marketing is the name of the game, and businesses that seek the best and most cost-effective way to get their name seen know that Red17 is the best place to look. Prospective customers need to have their eyes caught by your exterior signage, so they need to be large enough to be visible from a distance. Portability is another key feature of a good outdoor sign, as many products – like A-frames and forecourt signs – need to be brought in at the end of the day.

Example outdoor signs from a corner shop

Display Light Boxes

Fortunately, wall-mounted options like light box displays mean this is not always necessary. When it comes to reach and affordability, an Outdoor Light Box is exceptional and offers the highest amount of exposure for the lowest cost.

They are waterproof meaning your posters will not be destroyed by rain and the snap closure also makes them difficult to steal or vandalise.

Poster frames are available in waterproof and lockable varieties and can be used to display literature in all weather at any time of day. Featuring all the added extras required by exterior signage, light boxes are incredibly versatile and can be used inside and out. Your business can easily find a style of light box that suits its brand, and their easy opening and locking systems will allow you to keep your information up-to-date in the most secure way possible.

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It’s important to ensure your business has all the appropriate signage it needs both inside and out. Even your regular customers will have to take notice of your branding and signage if you introduce a large outdoor banner or banner stand, tools that are perfect for advertising one-off events. This is the best way to let passers-by know that something new is going on, and can be displayed alongside your usual sign without taking up too much extra space.

The movement of a banner will draw everyone’s eyes to your business and make it easier to locate, drawing potential customers towards it from the moment it’s set up.

Take a look at our online catalogue today and invest in the interior and exterior signage products that will get your business booming. Every business type will find suitable exterior and interior signage options at Red17, as we stock a wide range of products including snap frames, light box displays and banners.

Illuminated Street Signs in Asian Street

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