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Signage Options for External Promotion

Drawing new customers in requires getting your business noticed from the outside, and here at Red17 we supply all the tools you need to do just that. If you want to publicise the services and products your business has to offer, external promotion is a tool you really need to master.

If you want to make sure your business has all the same advantages as the other companies in your area, you need to keep it up-to-date with all the best equipment available. This isn’t always an easy task, which is why we’ve put together a list of our favourite products for external promotion in 2020.

Signage Options for External Promotion

Outdoor Notice Boards

From its professional look to its high visibility in public and communal spaces, an outdoor notice board has many benefits. Available in a variety of different finishes and designs to cater to your company’s unique needs, external notice boards are always a good option. Before they even enter your premises, your outdoor notice board will allow customers to learn everything they need to know about your goods and services by making it easy for you to display leaflets and other advertisements.

Shield Header Sign Outdoor Notice Board
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Engaging Your Community

A community outdoor notice board can be used to advertise personal sales, local companies and events. Outdoor notice boards are always a good idea for those looking for a way to advertise within their communities. This is a product that allows effective advertising for individuals and local businesses alike. Many restaurants will advertise their newest offers on outdoor notice boards, because they’re a popular way for communities to share messages with each other. Many notice boards are also packed with information about community classes like karate or dancing, or other interesting public events.

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Outdoor Banner Stands

Your café barrier stand is one of the first things that will draw people’s eyes when the public are walking around near your café. Outdoor banner stands are the perfect solution if you need something large and flashy to draw in new customers. If you have outdoor seating available for patrons, a few outdoor banner stands can also help section off the front area of your café for the comfort of your customers. If you want to create a unique barrier for your café, some companies that sell café barriers may even have a “build your own” section, where you can combine various café barriers and banners.

This product is an eye-catching way to get your message across to the public, and it’s easy to assemble and transport so you can move it about as often as necessary.

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Trust in Your Banner Stand

With wide banners, metal stands and a strong cross rail, café barriers are a type of banner stand we’re all familiar with. They allow you to give the outside of your café – or really any type of business – a clean, professional look. Rather than leaving the front of your business devoid of any barriers or seating, if you sell any food or drinks, it’s worth noting that most customers prefer having a sectioned-off space to enjoy their purchases.

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Forecourt Signs

If your business is based somewhere prone to rough weather, a forecourt sign may well be the best choice for you. Perhaps your business is set away from the main thoroughfare and you want to point customers in the direction of your store or maybe you have a special deal you want to share with passers by. If you want to advertise your business in a pedestrianised area, forecourt signs are a great option.

Coffee Banner advert on Forecourt Banner Sign

The only real downside of these signs is that they rely on the poster they display to look good, as their weighted base isn’t as sleek as some other signage options. Potential customers approaching from both directions will see your advertisement easily, as forecourt signs are double-sided. Garages and car dealerships often make use of them for this reason. Forecourt signs are also a great choice for outdoor spaces that are more open and exposed to the elements.

They’re a highly secure option, and stop theft and unwanted movement from becoming a problem through their heavy bases which can be filled with sand or water. This weight can be removed and replaced for easier transport, making them ideal for seasonal use. Whenever you need it, you can complement the branding of your business by using your forecourt sign to present your company in a professional way to all passers-by.

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External Poster Frames

The outdoor environment can sometimes bring testing conditions that regular poster frames can’t always deal with. Outdoor poster frames are a vitally important protection for your posters. These frames act as a deterrent for vandals and poster thieves while keeping your promotional material dry and secure.

Chalkboard Signs

These boards are great because you can change their message as much or as little as you want. From restaurants to cafés and pubs, a basic chalkboard sign can be made into something amazing if you have a creative person in your team who’s willing to write on it. Businesses that serve food and drinks tend to make great use of chalkboard signs. Just be sure to let whoever writes yours know what kind of information you’d like them to share with your customers, and try to give responsibility for the board to someone with good handwriting and an artistic flair.

Tabletop Chalkboard Sign

Write on them in colours that match your business’ branding, or go completely rainbow: the choice is yours!

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LED Poster Case Displays

Cold winter months (like the ones we’re experiencing right now) can be quite dark and lead to reduced visibility, but illuminated poster cases keep your posters well lit in all light conditions. It’s important that your prospective customers can actually see your advertising efforts, and lighting will be necessary if you want to do this at all hours of the day and night.

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