A new year means new trends, and that’s no different for the signage industry. Throughout 2017, there have been obvious trends emerge and develop which many businesses are making the most of. But what does that mean for 2018? We’re going to look at the 7 biggest signage trends that are going to dominate the new year.


Everything is digital these days, and your signage is no different. Brands and businesses are experimenting and exploring the capability of digital signage. With everything from rotating adverts – allowing you to display more – to moving images, electronic signage is definitely here to stay. However, for smaller businesses, this may be more difficult to achieve as, with most digital innovation, digital signage doesn’t come cheap.


Storytelling has been growing in importance for brands over the last few years, and so it’s no surprise to see it edge its way into signage. Long-tail storytelling is an incredibly important marketing tool and so business signage is embracing its story to help build customer loyalty and advocacy – it’s more than just a sign!


We’ve seen everything from virtual reality to holograms. Creating a seamless experience has become a top priority for brands everywhere in order to nurture their current and prospective customers. When it comes to signage, this trend is no different and we see a lot of businesses opting for multiple signs that help to create a seamless brand image and support their storytelling.


In line with the electronic trend, virtual reality and holograms are becoming more commonplace. Being able to respond to what’s around them is important for making signage as relevant as possible. With personalized marketing becoming more important than ever, customers are looking for brands who can be responsive.


When someone says interactive, you may think of a touchscreen or digital element, but in fact, we’re seeing brands and businesses be a lot more interactive through the more traditional form of signage. This includes incorporating QR codes and hashtags on their banner stands to creative an interactive and engaging brand.


You can’t deny that doing something different is more memorable. Some of the craziest advertising campaigns work the best simply because they have an impact. The same goes for signage. Whether it’s for outside your high street business, or at a tradeshow event, impactful signage is getting the attention of passers-by everywhere.


And the same goes for being creative. In fact, being impactful and creative ultimately go hand in hand because it’s almost impossible to achieve one without the other. We are also seeing a more creative approach to signage that incorporates all of the trends mentioned here and more.

With so much possibility and opportunity in the new year, it’s likely that we’ll see a number of these trends dominate at trade shows and exhibitions, but some will also make their way into local and high street businesses.