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Taking the Tradeshow Outside: What Do You Need?

Tradeshows and exhibitions are great places to network, showcase your products, boost brand awareness and get a feel for what’s going on in your industry. But when those tradeshows go outside, what tools do you need in your marketing toolbox?

A weighted banner stand

A standard indoor banner stand is simply not going to be enough for an outdoor event. Contending with elements such as wind and rain could spell disaster if your banner stand isn’t suited for the outdoors.

A weighted banner stand is ideal for protecting your display against strong winds, but it’s important to note that these types of stands are also waterproof, so your design won’t run in the rain.

A larger banner stand for the backdrop

Whether inside or outside, you need a backdrop to clearly state who you are for visitors. These can sometimes be more difficult to get hold of because you need something that’s able to withstand the elements.

Outdoor Banner stands from Red17

A tension banner stand is not only lightweight but could help to solve these issues as it will keep your advertising nice and taut, and thus clearly legible.

A pop up banner for ease of use

And no tradeshow is complete without a pop up banner stand. You may have to go for a slightly different style compared to the indoor advertising, but these types of banners are easy to transport, easy to put up and easy to spot when visiting an event.

Also, there's nothing stopping you from using your outdoor advertising next time your indoors.

A large banner stand for advertising

Outdoor events are likely to have more space than the standard indoor trade-show. And whether you’re hosting the event or simply participating, it may appropriate to invest in a large banner stand. With more space available, ensuring you reach the right people could become trickier as there’s more space to cover. So think about banner positioning and size to solve this.

A portable flag

Whilst portable flags are really useful for indoor tradeshows, they’re even more effective when outdoors. Make the most of this opportunity to catch the attention of passers-by with your colourful branded flags. And if you have more floor space compared to an indoor event, then it’s time to think about whether one flag is enough – here’s your chance to really experiment.

Portable Flags

An additional weight

Wind can be incredibly unpredictable and what might have started as a nice calm sunny day could soon pick up. Additional weights for your banners and advertising materials can help to stabilise your advertising and avoid any unnecessary and embarrassing moments where they fly off.

exhibition stands

Top tips

In order to make the most of an outdoor event, you need the right advertising, but you also need to ensure you follow some of our top tips:

  • Positioning is everything, so think about making it double-sided.
  • Make it easy to assemble – the weather isn’t always going to be in your favour.
  • Ensure all your advertising is weatherproof.
  • Don’t overdo it – only advertise what you need to.
  • Bad weather doesn’t mean a bad event, so make the most of whatever happens.

trade outside with portable banner stands and flag poles