Pavement Signs

Pavement Signs

This may sound a boring question, but have you ever wondered just how useful pavement signs really are?

At their most simple, pavement signs show that a business is open for business. For example, each day a butcher may place pavement signs outside his shop, so that any passerby notices his shop is open.

Pavement signs though are much, much more useful than simply announcing a business is open.

Why pavement signs are so effective

One of the simplest forms of external promotion, pavement signs draw new potential customers towards a business or shop. People are naturally curious, and when they notice a pavement sign outside a new property, or indeed a new sign outside an established business, they often want to investigate further.

Pavements signs also work extremely well for advertising - either branding a business, advertising promotions or just making announcements. Sometimes businesses use pavement signs to list the deal of the day, or that a new or highly in-demand product is in stock.

Pavement signs are usually popular with passersby as they usually always look at what’s being displayed, which creates an abundance of marketing strategies and advertising opportunities.

In the age of social media, often subtle branding - especially a humorous comment on a chalkboard sign - proves a draw for new customers keen to investigate and identify with innovative businesses.

Sometimes, businesses need pavement signs they can leave in place for a while, for example a garage forecourt will often have pavement signs that stay in place for weeks or even months. Supermarkets may have pavement signs that are permanently outside, and they just change the display at regular intervals (e.g. weekly promotions).

Types of Pavement Signs

Types of pavement signs

Generally, pavement signs are available in three main types, to suit any budget or business need.

Note: although four types are listed here, chalkboard signs are often available as A board or swing board signs, so with forecourt signs that makes 3 main types..

A board signs

A-Board Signs

Simple pavement signs are often the easiest way for a business to advertise to potential customers, and A board signs are ideal in this case.

A board sign consists of two display panels, set in two-legged frames, which are pulled apart to form an ‘A frame’ look. As such, they are lightweight and easily positioned, and offer the additional benefit of two display panels.

A board sign is a simple and effective way for a business to display advertising and signage in two opposite directions, such as on a busy street.

Swing Board signs

Swing Board signs

If you’re looking for practical pavement signs that require very little time to set up and can be easily assembled or taken down, swing board signs could be ideal for you.

Swing board signs are easily noticeable, as they consist of a panel display within a frame and fixed to a base. The display panel swings gently which helps catching people’s attention, increasing reach to a potential audience.

Swing board signs are popular in city and town centres, where businesses are looking to be noticed whilst having a modern looking pavement sign. Usually left outside a business, or a short distance away, they’re ideal for catching attention and often work very well in sequence, where a pedestrian may not notice one, but will the next one etc.

Chalkboard signs

Chalkboard Signs

Some of the most popular pavement signs these days are chalkboard signs. Chalkboard signs are practical and it’s easy to change the message regularly, such as listing meals of the day or promotions.

Chalkboard signs are also ideal for creating a personality for your brand, often through witty messages which can often be shared through social media for increased reach.

Chalkboard signs are also extremely adaptable, as they are available as free-standing exterior signs, hanging wall signs or even desktop/tabletop signs.

Many restaurants and dining venues use chalkboard signs for specials menus, but also to create that ‘hipster’ look and keep their content fresh.

What’s ideal for dining venues using chalkboard signs is the ability to wipe/remove items from a menu once sold out, which provides an enhanced customer experience rather than showing unavailable items.

Forecourt signs

Forecourt Signs

When you’re looking for pavement signs that are a little more durable, forecourt signs could be the ideal solution. Stylish and durable, forecourt signs are suitable for garages, supermarkets and anywhere where the sign will be semi-permanent. As they are more water resistant, they lend themselves to being left outside a property without being brought in daily.

However, forecourt signs need not be just for outdoor use, as they’re also available in portable and indoor options as well as outdoor or permanent.

Conclusion: pavement signs work well for almost any business

Whatever your business may be, it’s a fair chance pavement signs will prove beneficial. Whether it’s making announcements to your customers, bringing new customers in or just making funny comments in the hope of ‘going viral’, your business (and customers) will value the investment in pavement signs.

However, pavement signs are not as expensive as one may initially think. Not only does the variety of types of signs cater for most budgets, but their flexibility of use will suit mostly any type of business. Of course, budget signs can work well for a small business or shop, whereas more extensive and fuller-featured signs may be more attractive for larger stores or chains.

Why not start with a chalkboard sign, and start getting your message out to the world as soon as tomorrow? With free and next-day delivery, ordering pavement signs online could be far easier - and far more profitable - than you may have initially thought.

What’s more, any financial investment in pavement signs will be quickly recouped with an increase in customers keen to know what your business is all about.

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