The Advantages of Advertising with Portable Flag Poles

The Advantages of Advertising with Portable Flag Poles

Any business owner is aware of the various costs associated with advertising. As long as your business has an identifiable front (that being an address with a store of some kind where your business is conducted), you can benefit from a portable flag pole. Let’s talk about some of the common advantages that this type of advertising can give your business:

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

There is a wealth of options when it comes to advertising flags. Most portable flag poles are seen outside of a business; it’s extremely common to see advertising flags flying outside motor dealerships. Because of the material that banners are made of, they can be placed outside just as safely as a flag can. You only need to ensure you have a good place to tie the banner down or something to affix it to.

Today, there are a range of solutions for displaying a banner or flag. From cross bases and water-filled portable flag pole bases to portable flag poles and pop up banners.


Let’s start this section off by talking about street flags. Street flags are wearable backpack flags or banners that your team can walk around with. They’re great for street advertising days when you might be promoting your business by giving out vouchers. The backpack can fit any of four types of banner flags in it, and they can be interchanged using the poles that are supplied. Think of it as noticeable and easy advertising. Plus, using the backpack would free up the hands of your ambassador

Back Pack Street Flags

There are also more common forms of flag, such as the quill-style flag or the feather-style flag. Your flag can be a stylistic choice and a practical choice! Wind dancer flags are great for portable advertising, as for pop up promo banners that don’t require any poles or the like. Though, if you are getting a pop up banner and wish to use it outside, it may be best to get something to weigh it down or use ground pegs to keep it in place.

The different Types of Portable Flags

Advertising anything and everything

If this advantage weren’t obvious enough, let us break down why advertising using portable flag poles is a great option. You can spread your message to every person who passes your business; catching their eyes with colourful promotions and snappy names and slogans. No more spending hundreds or thousands of pounds on advertising through television or radio adverts, take a more physical approach with a flag.

Plain buildings are boring and often overlooked. A well-designed portable flag can make passers-by take an immediate notice. A banner or flag should contain all the information you need it to without overloading anyone – focus on your company or business’ name, a contact detail (such as a number or email that is easy to remember or large enough to take a photo of), and what you’re advertising. This can help you get more business, and show that your company is colourful and friendly.

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