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The Advantages of Magnetic Whiteboards for Teachers

As a teacher it is integral that you find resources which will help the children in your class to learn and enable them to interact with you, and each other, in order to come up with solutions to the problems that you are discussing each day.

Magnetic whiteboards are perfect for this as they give you the opportunity to share ideas, notes, and important information with your class, which will help you to communicate with them in a clear and concise way.

Ultra Smooth Magnetic Whiteboard

Here we share some of the advantages of magnetic whiteboards for teachers and why we believe that there is a place for one in every classroom.


One of the best things about magnetic whiteboards is that they can be used for many different reasons. Whether you want to write up words that the children are finding difficult to spell, work out sums on a surface where the whole class can see them, or share what that night’s homework tasks are, you will be able to communicate all of this with ease.

The fact that whatever is written on the whiteboard can be erased immediately is also a benefit, as things can change at a moment’s notice, or mistakes can be made, and it is important to be able to rectify these quickly and without any mess or fuss. Plus, as long as you use the correct pens, you’ll find that these magnetic whiteboards remain clean after many uses.

Wipe Clean Whiteboards

Easy to use

As magnetic whiteboards are so simple to use, teachers don’t need to worry about struggling with anything technical or setting anything up, which is ideal when there is already so much going on in the classroom that demands their attention.

Unlike electronic whiteboards, the magnetic versions do not need to be placed near an electrical outlet or a PC so you don’t need to spend long finding where you can put them. Simply choose a spot on the wall and go ahead! Alternatively, you may find that a freestanding magnetic whiteboard suits you better as this can be moved to wherever it is needed, which is handy if you want to place it near to a particular group of students.

You can also choose designs that are handheld to suit your needs which can be helpful if you are hoping that the children will use them to complete tasks on as part of their lessons too.

Teacher and Pupils interact with school whiteboards

Low cost

There are plenty of different magnetic whiteboards available which means that you are guaranteed to be able to find one to suit your budget, and this can be a very important factor when it comes to choosing resources for the classroom.

Once your whiteboard is in place you won’t need to worry about spending money to maintain or use it either, all that’s required are markers and erasers. You may also like some magnets and clips so that you can display different materials on the board, much like you would with a corkboard but without leaving unsightly holes when you take the items back down.

Kids Whiteboard Magnets


Magnetic whiteboards can help children to work as a team as more than one child can be using the board at once to try to solve problems. It is exciting for them to be able to present their ideas using a resource like this, so you may even find that they work harder than they would when using a pen and paper.

Inspire and motivate students with a classroom whiteboard


Choosing a high quality magnetic whiteboard will mean that you can be rest assured that it will look professional in your classroom, and there are plenty of different colours and shapes to choose from so you can ensure that it suits the room.

Another advantage of picking a magnetic whiteboard is that they are easy to clean, so you don’t need to worry about them looking grubby and untidy when they are not in use.

Pupils write on magnetic whiteboard

When teachers are looking for a classroom resource that is going to help them to both teach and motivate their class with minimal fuss, a magnetic whiteboard really is their best option. With amazing functionality, affordable price, and low maintenance, this piece of equipment is guaranteed to help teachers to create fun lessons that really engage their students.

Teachers school whiteboard helps to involve students

So equip your classroom with a magnetic whiteboard today, with plenty of different sizes, colours, and shapes to choose from you’ll be able to find an option within our wide range to suit your needs.

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