The Benefits of Regularly Changing Your Advertising Posters

The Benefits of Regularly Changing Your Advertising Posters

Advertising posters are one of the oldest marketing ideas out there, but they continue to grow in popularity. They’re ideal for communicating your message directly to your target market as they reach large numbers of people – everyone who even glances at your poster will take in at least a small amount of information, sometimes without realising it. Posters in attractive poster frames allow you to grow brand awareness and attract new customers in an extremely cost-effective way.

There are many benefits of poster advertising whether you’re a small business owner, a large corporation or still just planning your start-up. However, one poster design can only be effective for so long, so it’s important that you change things up every once in a while.

A Fresh Poster Can Liven the Place Up

Customer perception plays a major role in running a successful business. Even if you don’t necessarily need the additional advertising, using framed posters to liven up your business’s look is a great idea. You can indicate to your customers just how current your business is and spruce up your customer-facing areas by creating spaces for interchangeable posters. Be sure to regularly change the designs on display and keep track of how long each poster has been up.

Different Posters Let You Move with the Seasons

Your customers’ buying moods can be strongly influenced by the colours and designs used in your advertisements. The success of your visual campaigns really hinges on whether you choose the right colour in your design and advertising projects.

The perfect poster design will take into consideration how each potential hue and shade could affect your campaign. If you’re sticking with just one poster design for the foreseeable future, it’s vital that you get that decision right the first time. However, if you plan to change your poster every so often, there’s more room to play around with what works for you.

Similarly, if you’re only using one poster you need to make sure it’s appropriate for use year-round, while a business that changes its posters regularly can make use of seasonal campaigns and designs to attract new customers at each time of year.

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Get Noticed

When used effectively, a poster can be a valuable marketing tool. They can build brand awareness, tell customers about new events and provide offers. A series of visually appealing posters will catch the eyes of passers-by, and a truly successful campaign will make people notice each new poster as it is posted. Each poster you create should be…


Use an interesting headline to catch the eye of potential customers and clients. This might be the appearance of a special guest, a new offer, a sponsor or the title of an event. Your headline will decide whether or not your poster captures someone’s interest, as it’s the first piece of content they will see.

Properly Thought-Out

Arrange the information on your posters in a clear hierarchy of importance, and give proper consideration to each piece of information.


Don’t make your posters too busy – use one focus-point graphic on each, and ideally have them thematically connected in some way so people know straight away that these posters are for the same business.


Don’t let your posters fade into the background. Use a poster frame to keep them safe and centered, and to make sure people’s eyes are drawn to your designs.

Easy to Read

Don’t crowd your posters with too much text. Be sure to leave plenty of space for margins and between each word and line of text so people can read them at a glance.

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Temporary Posters are Less Threatened by Weather and Vandalism

Posters hanging outside your business or in less monitored areas like customer toilets can often fall victim to vandals and (if they’re outdoors) extreme weather. Competitors might pull down your posters, or an unforeseen storm can damage them beyond repair.

For businesses who plan to use one set of posters for as long as possible, this is a massive issue as they then have to choose between paying for replacement posters that weren’t in the budget, leaving the vandalised posters up or going without posters. Meanwhile, businesses who have already planned to replace the posters soon anyway don’t have such a serious issue on their hands.

Replace your posters regularly

How Do I Create Perfect Posters?

While changing your advertising posters regularly does mean there’s less hinging on each individual poster design, it’s still important that your posters are as effective as possible. After all, a series of 10 highly effective posters will bring in far more revenue than a mixture of strong and weak designs. Creating eye-catching posters is a great way to deliver a message and capture people’s attention, as most people are more responsive to visual information than to text or audio.

A basic canvas is used to create most poster designs. Most posters will be printed in size A5, A4 or A3. If a landscape layout lends itself to your design idea and suits the purpose of the poster you can go for that, but keep in mind that popular posters are generally in portrait format.

Try to use the following steps when designing each of your posters:

  1. Get inspired. Look at some art, do some market research or read a book.

  2. Make a plan. Have a clear idea of the purpose for each of your posters.

  3. Create your header or title. This is what draws people’s eye, so make sure it’s attention-grabbing.

  4. Organise your text. Make sure all the necessary information is there without making it crowded.

  5. Pick your graphic. One clear image tends to work best, as having to squint to work out what’s in each picture can be distracting.

  6. Keep it simple. Nobody likes a crowded poster.

  7. Issue an instruction. Every poster needs a call to action, or people won’t know what they’re meant to be doing with the information. Tell people to visit your website, attend your show or try your new flavours.

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