The Best Menu Displays for Restaurants

The Best Menu Displays for Restaurants

When a restaurant catches your eye, there’s little worse than not being able to see a menu to check if you want to eat there. Without entering your restaurant, a good menu case makes it possible for diners to get a better idea of what it is you offer. This is really helpful when it comes to enticing potential customers to eat in your establishment, as they allow you to tempt new customers with your range of delicious dishes.

As “green” advertising grows in popularity across the UK, innovations in business signage have swiftly brought us towards a new world of LED light box solutions. Red17 offers a wide variety of menu cases and light box displays, so read on to figure out which will work best for you! Retail outlets and dining establishments alike are quickly seeing the advantages that come with the use of LED neon or fluorescent light signage boxes.

Sustainable marketing is the name of the game, and businesses that seek the best and most cost-effective way to get their name seen know that Red17 is the best place to look.

Light Box Display outside on wall of Restaurant

Display Light Boxes

You need to ensure diners can actually see the outside menu if your establishment serves food in the evenings. When it comes to reach and affordability, an outdoor light box is exceptional and offers the highest amount of exposure for the lowest cost. Drawing potential diners towards it from the moment it’s turned on, a display light box will illuminate your menu from behind and make it much easier to read.

Menu Light Box - product image with different colour options View Product

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What Is a Light Box Display?

Items like Red17’s Menu Light Box act as an eye-catching menu case for displaying your menus outside, promoting your brand and enticing your customers in. Most businesses choose to mount them outside, next to their front entrance, where passers-by can easily view the advertisement. They don’t have to be limited to outdoor use, however.

The Power of LED Light Boxes

The Menu Light Box is great for restaurants, cafes, pubs and retailers. This particular illuminated display case is also lockable, waterproof and vandal resistant. Its header panel takes a logo or promotional message, and the top LED lighting illuminates both the logo and the display area. These boxes are necessary for notices that need to be seen in the dark, but are also exceptionally helpful in increasing their visibility during the day.

3 examples of menu display cases

Freestanding Poster Case Noticeboards

Because it doesn’t need to be attached to a wall, the freestanding poster case noticeboard is a great option if your restaurant is set away from the main thoroughfare. You can find them in a range of different colours to match your branding, and they’re available as both single and double-sided products, allowing you to attract passing foot traffic from both directions. Weather-resistant and waterproof, they can be set up in both portrait and landscape orientations making this a highly versatile option.

example picture of freestanding outdoor notice board which could be used by restaurants to display menus

Products like Red17’s Freestanding Poster Case Outdoor Notice Boards are the perfect way to display menus, public notices and other information for the community. Their hinged frame doors and back panel with poster clips allow for the graphics to be easily changed, making them perfect for any restaurant, cafe or community business. They are the ideal heavy-duty post mounted display system.

Your freestanding notice board could be used to display your current menus, specials or any other deals and offers you’re currently promoting, and you can do this on a single board or a set of boards placed side-by-side.

Poster Cases

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to the display light box, something like the Slimlok Poster Case Silver is perfect for you. Posters and menus need protection when displayed outdoors. This case is perfect for protecting and displaying your menu, and is made of durable aluminium with a silver anodised finish and 1.5mm vandal resistant glazing. It can be used indoors or outdoors, and is a very stylish display with doors you can lock.

Burger and Pint - example poster case with menu poster advertisement

The Slimlok Poster Case comes with a set of keys and can be used in portrait or landscape orientations. A carefully placed poster case could also be used to advertise upcoming local events and deals inside your business.

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Slimlok Menu Case

Lower priced items are available for those looking for menu cases on a tight budget. The non-illuminated Slimlok Menu Case is a good example of this. This slimline lockable menu box is perfect for restaurants, coffee shops and cafes wanting to display menus. With a lockable aluminium frame and vandal-resistant glazing, this product features many of the same outstanding qualities of a more expensive case.

slimlok menu case

It’s suitable for both external and internal use, and can be installed in either portrait or landscape format. An illuminated case is not necessary during daylight hours, so this menu case is perfect for businesses that only serve customers during the day. One of Red17’s most popular menu displays, this product comes with some great advantages such as:

  • Suitable for internal or external use;
  • Durable silver anodised aluminium frame;
  • Use of high-quality materials that extend the product’s lifetime use;
  • Low maintenance costs.

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Visit to check out all of these menu cases as well as a wide range of other signage and display products. Showcase your menu and draw in more customers – not that you know what’s on Red17’s menu, take your pick and place your order!

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