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The Humble Snap Frame

Universally used for poster advertising displays from public toilets to high end establishments

Every now and again, a product comes along that is so simple yet effective, it soon gains traction and hangs around for years in its ‘no frills’ state. The humble snap frame is a tremendous example of this, whereby something whose design remains unchanged for years is still is as ubiquitous today as ever before.

Whilst trends in advertising and the display industry may come and go, there seemingly will always be a place for the superbly simplistic snap frame. From everyday locations such as petrol stations, toilets and cafes, through to high end gastropubs and establishments, it seems that the snap frame really is here to stay.

Toilet Snap Frames

But what is it that makes snap frames so popular and long lasting?

Simple by design

Perhaps it’s the sheer functionality of the snap frame that speaks volumes about its popularity. People love simplicity, and there’s no fancy mechanisms needed, no special tools, and no need to any fancy tricks or knacks to opening and closing the frame. Simply unfasten, open, position and then ‘snap’ the frame back into position - what’s not to love?

How to use a poster snap frame

Flexible sizes

As befits its popularity, the snap frame is available in a wide variety of sizes, both in A sizes (A5 through to A0) and inches (20” by 30”, 30” by 40”, 40” by 60” etc.)

Flexible Sizes of snap frames for posters

Suitable for small size designs (eg a flyer in a student union or university) through to large size promotional items (e.g a festival advertisement), snap frames literally can be used anywhere and for most graphic design or advertisement needs.


Snap frames are available in a wide range of materials to suit most budgets. Additionally, components are manufactured to high quality levels to ensure durability and reliability, to ensure your snap frame works for a long time in a variety of environments.

Variety of looks

Poster snap frames are an excellent choice for most needs, as they are available in a wide range of clean, modern looks along with a range of colours. So it is possible to actually pick a snap frame that complements a specific poster (if you’re really looking at making an artistic impression that is).

Rounded Corner snap frames for posters

With added features such as chrome corners, or silver frames, it’s also easy to get away from the plain white looks so often favoured with snap frames. Colours such as red, blue, green are also available, and it’s also possible to even get snap frames with different corner details (e.g. rounded or square)..

modern snap frames look great

If security is an issue, it’s also possible to choose a tamper-resistant snap frame, so you can be assured that your poster will stay in place. Thickness is also an option, as different frame thickness sometimes can complement (or upset) the aesthetic of a poster design. Choose 32mm for a broader frame through to a streamline option for a modern, sleek design.

lockable snap frames

Anti-glare covers are also worth investing, especially if you’re expecting your poster to receive a lot of attention. With the abundance of smartphones around, people tend to photograph items they want to remember, so if your snap frame has too shiny or reflective a surface it may prove difficult to photograph.

Poster Snap Frames Poster Change and Glare Cover Sheet

By investing in an anti-glare frame cover sheet, you can reassured that your poster will be effectively snapped, and who knows, maybe even it will go viral online!

Suggestions for uses of the humble snap frame

At home

Wood frames may look beautiful, but in some cases they can also look a little dated. Crucially, they can be difficult to care for and don’t always match the aesthetic of the design, artwork or poster they contain.

modern style frames for posters

By using a snap frame, especially one in a lightweight and modern style, one can balance modern looks with practicality in the home. Perfectly suited for those designer artworks or photographs, and ultimately far more practical.

In the office

Offices and workplaces these days have a never-ending need for displaying information it seems. Whether it’s promotional items for sale, marketing products, Health and Safety policies or even company announcements, snap frames will always have a special place in the workplace.

office snap frames from Red17

When it comes to displaying company or employee information securely, or controlling access to who can access the board for displaying notices, snap frames are available in a range of security-limited options.

Leisure venues

Cinemas use snap frames - in fact they rely on them - to advertise what’s showing, what is coming soon, or just show times.

Cinema Snap Frames

Restaurants use snap frames to display menus, opening times, specials of the day and outside catering details such as contact numbers and prices.

Educational establishments

Course information, announcements, and all manner of student-centric content always needs to be displayed in schools, colleges and universities.

Educational Snap Frames for Posters

Snap frames provide an easy yet secure option for any educational establishment to manage their notices securely and practically.

Conclusion: whatever your poster or notice needs, there’s always a place for the humble snap frame

Let’s not get too precious on the issue - sometimes the simplest solution is the best one. It’s easy to get carried away with designing fancy notices and posters, and wanting some funky or jazzed-up notice board, but is there really a need for it?

Snap Frames in the work Canteen

With the humble snap frame being available in an abundance of sizes and styles, along with added features such as tamper-resistance and anti-glare cover sheets, perhaps that’s all you need right there?

Coloured Snap Frames

One thing is certain - the snap frame has been around for years and will continue to be for many years still. Let’s not stand on ceremony - simplicity, practicality and budget is often all you need.

The snap frame will always be your friend - don’t overlook it or be seduced by all the other ‘fancy Dan’ display notices, when all you need is a snap frame.

Take a look at snap frames today, and you’ll be sure to have a friend for life!

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