The Importance of Office Design When You're Impressing Clients

When it comes to impressing clients, office design is hugely important. It isn’t simply a case of providing great products and services, you also need to think about how you are showcasing the business. It takes no time at all for someone to make up their mind on your business, so you’ll want to make a good first impression. As it isn’t always easy to show off your products and services immediately, your office design plays a big part. When someone walks into the business for the first time all of their initial thoughts should be positive and impressive, as it’s hard to change them.

How Does Office Design Impress Clients?

  • It Says a Lot About Your Brand - Your office isn’t just a place for people to work, it’s a place that showcases what you have to offer. This is why an office says a lot about the overall brand. A well designed office workplace can reflect your values, your brand and what you stand for. For example, a workplace that appears to be cheap and poorly decorated could make a client feel as though you don’t pay attention to detail or that your budget doesn’t stretch far enough to redecorate. If your workplace doesn’t have any personality, clients may think of your business as one that’s generic and boring.

  • It Can Influence Purchasing Decisions - The way that your office looks can hugely influence purchasing decisions; it can sway them into buying, or not buying, whatever it is that you’re offering. Though everyone likes to think of themselves as a rational person who makes decisions based on fact, we’re actually influenced a lot by our surroundings. This means that when an office is designed well, it can increase the chances of you making a sale. Similarly, if someone is not impressed by your office, it can hinder the chances of you making a sale.

How to Create an Impressive Office

  • Have a Welcoming Reception Area - Your reception area is the first thing that clients see, which is why it needs to be professional and welcoming. This will influence their first impression of you. Invest in high quality furniture and ensure that all decor reflects the company. It’s also a good idea to display branded signage, awards and achievements.

  • Have a Professional Meeting Room - A lot of time with clients will be spent in the meeting room. This is why it should be professional, stylish and comfortable. There’s a tonne of meeting room furniture available, which means that you’ll be able to create the ideal feel and vibe for your company.

  • Don’t Forget the Finishing Touches - Though small, the finer details can make a huge difference when it comes to impressing your clients. So, make sure that you don’t forget about the finishing touches. Adding plants and artwork to can transform the space from a generic workplace into somewhere that is bright and full of personality. You should also put some thought into lighting, making use of natural light and lamps wherever possible. This avoids harsh shadows and creates a calmer, softer feel.

A lot of people assume that designing a great office is costly and time consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. By making a few small changes, you can create a space that is sure to impress clients every single time.

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