The One Thing Every Petrol Filling Station Has and Why

Petrol filling stations are pretty busy places. After all, people need fuel to keep their cars going. Whether you operate in a big city or a small town, you can expect a steady stream of customers.

Most stations nowadays, of course, are more than just a convenient fuel source.

A lot of their money is made selling other products. Some forecourt buildings are more like mini-marts than the old fashioned till and a couple of shelves of products, providing everything from cakes and sweets to bacon and milk, batteries and magazines.

The Benefits of Great Forecourt Signs

Forecourt signs have become important to many petrol filling stations, providing that little extra outdoor advertising which helps to attract more business inside. These signs are flexible and can be placed at the roadside, near shop doors and out on the forecourt.

Made of durable materials and with a solid weighted base, they are designed to hold different forms of advertising. And they’re also robust and weather resistant to boot.

If you serve great coffee inside, for example, you can tell visiting drivers all about your steaming hot lattes and macchiatos. If you have a promotion by one of your suppliers, the advertising is simple to change and takes just a few seconds to install.

Forecourt signs keep your latest promotion safe and protected from the outside elements and can be placed in plain view of arriving motorists. They’re also easily moved around so you can experiment with the best place to put your signage to ensure that it has the biggest impact.

Forecourt Signs

How to Choose the Right Forecourt Signs

The first feature you want is something that is fairly solid. The last thing you need is for your forecourt sign to end up blown around by the wind. Quality forecourt signs usually come with wide bases that can be filled with water which then anchors them to the ground. That means, even in a high wind, you’re not likely to find that sign flying across your petrol pumps and causing accidents.

You also want your forecourt signs to be weather proof. Once you’ve put in your advertising, you really need to be sure that It’s going to be protected from the rain.

You may want to use signs inside and outside of your petrol filling station, of course. The good news is you can get them in a range of sizes nowadays. Some forecourt signs are large and well over the height of a person, others come up to waist level or below. The key factor to take into account is how visible your signage is as someone drives onto the forecourt.

You also want your signs to be easy to clean and maintain. Fortunately, most have very few moving parts and can be cleaned quickly by giving them a wipe down with a damp cloth.

The good news is that forecourt signs are built to last. They’re well worth the investment if you want to tell visitors about all the great things you have on offer.

At Red17, we have a wide range of high quality forecourt signs that are suitable for petrol stations, high street stores and supermarkets. With next day delivery, you can have your next promotion up and running quickly and help your business stand out to passing motorists.

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