The Perks of a Magnetic Whiteboard

The Perks of a Magnetic Whiteboard

Is adding functional surfaces to your office something you’ve considered? We hope so! To make sure you get the product that suits you, we’ve put together a quick guide to help you understand what to look for when buying your board. The way you work can be greatly improved with the addition of surfaces like magnetic whiteboards and notice boards. Whether you’re looking for something you can project on, attach magnets to or easily erase, something like a glass whiteboard will be ideal. Of all the different types of whiteboard available, these are the most popular.

close up of a magnetic whiteboard in use

And the design is completely up to you. The best part is that you don’t have to choose just one function for your surface: many boards combine most or all of these functions at no extra cost.

If your classroom, office or business needs a boost, the perfect whiteboard can be a great way to go about it. But it can be a little overwhelming to try and choose a new whiteboard for your office or workspace because let’s face it: most whiteboards look incredibly similar. Which should you pick? When you’re looking to buy one online, you’re likely to be confronted by a vast number of seemingly identical products. Without guidance, telling the difference can be a challenge.

Low-sheen whiteboards are generally best if you’re going to use them with a projector, while glass whiteboards are often the way to go if your priority is a dry erase board that always comes clean. Either of these choices, and many more designs, can come with magnetic properties. It may not be immediately obvious that a magnetic whiteboard surface will make your working day go more smoothly, but it can really make a big difference and we’re here to explain why. Today, we’re going to look at some of the reasons you might consider investing in a magnetic whiteboard. We dare you to try and make it to the end without placing an order!

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Remember: If you’re looking for ways to optimise your approach to your services, goals or lessons, reluctance to invest in quality display boards will only hold you back.

Best Board for Ideas

Is your company considering offering a new service? Do you need a space to work through all the ideas your team proposes? Sheets of paper or a flipchart may seem like a good idea, but they just aren’t big enough. A space that is too small will only serve to limit your potential. The best way to go is a magnetic whiteboard. Each idea can be explored by writing up everyone’s suggestions on the board. Running out of space need no longer be an issue.

And that’s not even everything! You can take brainstorming to the next level by making use of your board’s magnetic functionality. See the whole big picture on your board by sticking up charts and diagrams using magnets. Don’t let your walls go to waste: make them a tool for brainstorming.

Project planning and brainstorming - people around a magnetic whiteboard

Project Planning

Project planning makes up a big part of many people’s work day. Keeping track of all the steps involved in a plan can be a challenge without a designated space. Once again, the best solution might just be a magnetic whiteboard. If you aren’t convinced, just take a look at Red17’s Printed Planner Whiteboard. This board is printed with a great 24-hour, 7-day planner, but is also magnetic and dry erase.

Boards like the Printed Planner Whiteboard allow you to have a wall space that is dry erase and magnetic, and also lets you plan out your weekly plan in great detail. On-time delivery and progress monitoring could never be easier. These boards are highly functional, and they look fantastic.

Planning Your Social Media

A lot of people have to do social media management as a key part of their job. If you need to upload a certain number of posts every week or month, it can be really helpful to have a large surface on which you can plan out each post. This allows everyone in your office to stay up to date with what is going up on each social channel, and is much more attractive than a spreadsheet. Suggestions from other members of the team can also be added.

Images you plan to use can be attached with magnets, while text can be written in marker. And it’s easy to change what you’ve put up. It’s as simple as wiping away your old text and replacing it with your new version.

Social Media Planning on a magnetic whiteboard

Everything Is Easier with Magnetic Whiteboards

A magnetic whiteboard can be put to so many good uses, as we’ve already demonstrated. It can be beneficial to every department in your office. Don’t worry about notice boards, and forget about flip charts. Your office will look great, work better and run more smoothly with a magnetic whiteboard.


Wall-Mounted Magnetic Whiteboards

When you consider buying a magnetic whiteboard, standard wall-mounted whiteboards are often the first thing you’ll think of.

Wall Mounted Magnetic Whiteboard - example

Freestanding Whiteboards

Popular freestanding or mobile whiteboards include the whiteboard easel. Freestanding whiteboards are ideal if you’re going to need to move your board around the room often. Their adjustability and ability to be transported easily make them an incredibly convenient choice.

Example of a mobile whiteboard

Frameless Magnetic Whiteboards

Frameless with concealed fixings, these boards can be mounted side by side to create a whiteboard surface exactly as large as you need it. Frameless modular whiteboards are a great solution if you need a whiteboard to cover a large area.

Handheld Whiteboards

Teachers and office training providers alike are able to adapt their teaching to appeal to all students by using these whiteboards in a variety of ways. Ideal for interactive learning in the classroom or explaining things on-the-go, handheld whiteboards are lightweight and highly functional. Whether you’re scheduling internal and external meetings or explaining the solution to a problem, magnetic whiteboards can transform the way you work.

Sometimes referred to as “desktop whiteboards” or “laptop whiteboards”, handheld magnetic whiteboards are a great tool for visualising information and engaging your team wherever you go. After all, a good whiteboard can come in handy in many different situations.

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