Glass Whiteboards

The Popularity of Glass Whiteboards

It should be a really easy task to choose your new office whiteboard. You just need to know the size, right?

Wrong! Size used to be the only thing you had to think about, but now there are so many different options that you’ll have to think about more than length and height. You’ll no longer just be asked what size you want, but what type. And it’s no wonder “standard” whiteboards are no longer the “standard” choice – glass whiteboards are becoming increasingly popular for good reason.

So why are glass whiteboards becoming so popular?

A whiteboard’s design and style should be considered first and foremost. The standard whiteboard can look a little bit dated in the age of modern technology, however handy they are in the classroom. Modern offices are trying to avoid their old bulky frames and generally out-of-place appearance. A big whiteboard can ruin everything your company is trying to maintain as a professionally cool look.

Glass whiteboards fit the bill far more neatly. They perfectly fit the modern office environment, thanks to their unique, sleek design.

Any stains or diagrams on a standard whiteboard are bound to leave a stain or dirty-looking residue. It’s a common problem for whiteboard users, and it does not look good. It’s difficult to get back to the clear white you started with, unless you invest in some sort of cleaning spray (and isn’t being able to easily wipe things out the whole point in whiteboards?) Anything wiped off the board will tend to leave a shadow. Fortunately, it’s much more difficult to stain or discolour a glass whiteboard as they have been designed specifically to avoid this issue. Glass whiteboards are incredibly easy to clean, with some companies even producing antibacterial boards for use in sterile environments like hospitals and laboratories.

When it comes to creating a magnetic glass whiteboard, all sorts of important factors are taken into consideration. Many people find it easier to write on a whiteboard if they can lean on it, for example, so glass whiteboards are designed so that leaning on them won’t damage them. Their toughened glass is supported with a steel back plate, which serves to strengthen the board while creating a stylish shadow line around the fixture.

The colour of a glass whiteboard is another great selling point which contributes to its growing popularity. Glass is typically translucent, and the glass on a glass whiteboard is no different. The back of the glass sheet is painted white, and this colour shows through the glass so it appears as though you are writing on a white surface. This helps combat staining and discolouration, but it also means it’s just as easy to get a glass whiteboard in any other colour you fancy. Many companies find it helpful to match their colour scheme or branding by picking their own bespoke colour design.

Glass whiteboards are also ideal for places like offices and staff rooms where whiteboards with timetable and rota templates are needed. You can use permanent markers to make a more permanent design on the glass, while using dry-wipe markers to fill in the temporary notes. The design will be easy to remove once you want to use the board for something else, but difficult to remove accidentally.

Glass Whiteboards Are Magnetic.

Additional documents and papers can sometimes be useful to have on hand when you’re brainstorming or sharing thoughts. This is not something a conventional whiteboard will typically facilitate. If you need a magnetic whiteboard, a glass whiteboard is perfect for you. As a result, a glass whiteboard could even double up as a classy office noticeboard! All you’ll need is a conventional office magnet, and any paper or leaflet can be fastened for all to see.

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It would be foolish to believe that whiteboards would always stay the same in a world where everything else is constantly being upgraded. It’s hard to think of ways to improve on a standard whiteboard, without going down the route of complicated Smart Boards. How can you improve, even glamorise, something so simple? Well, as the new must-have for any modern office, it seems that the glass whiteboard has done just that. With this one simple change, it has become both more attractive and more practical.

Why Choose Magnetic Glass Whiteboards?

So what’s the takeaway of all this? Why are so many people choosing glass whiteboards over their conventional counterparts? Well…

  • Magnetic glass whiteboards are durable and outlast older designs.
  • They’re stylish and have a professional appearance.
  • They’re versatile.
  • They come up clean.

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You can choose from a range of different shapes and sizes when selecting your new glass whiteboard. While standard whiteboards can also come in different sizes, glass boards have the added benefit of being frameless, meaning you can place multiple small boards of different colours side-by-side to create a decorative – but functional – design for your classroom or office. You can even sort your notes and notices into different types and levels of importance by using a colour-coding system on a number of different-coloured glass boards.

Why Does Your Office Need a Glass Whiteboard?

Without a doubt, whiteboards are one of the most common and useful office tools out there. Brainstorming. Note-taking. Whilst the humble whiteboard is a classic favourite, giving it an upgrade could provide a wide range of benefits. Just think: How many times have you written on a whiteboard in your life? Isn’t it time to change your office for the better?

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