Cork Pin Notice Boards with Pins

The Top 10 Key Benefits of Using Cork Notice Boards

We have all seen cork notice boards hung up on a wall in office rooms or home offices before. A cork notice board is typically a big rectangular board made of cork. You use it to pin important papers or other documents to it. This makes them easily viewable to people in a particular room or another environment. Most people don’t think about cork notice boards more than just for hanging papers on the wall. However, they have a lot more to offer a business or individual if you simply know how to use them properly. We will go over these benefits now.

Cork Notice Board

Below are the 10 key benefits of using cork notice boards.

1) Inform Employees in the Workplace

Work environments often have regular memos which get passed around to employees. These memos are meant to update employees on the latest rules or news regarding the company. However, company leaders want to make sure their workplace information stays fresh on the minds of their employees. That is why they will post these memos and other workplace information on various cork notice boards throughout the building. Most likely, these boards will be found in the break-room where the employees have their lunch or dinner. This ensures that they will see the board and the information it contains.

2) Inform Parents at a School

Most schools in the country are seeing an increase in the number of students. You probably wouldn’t find a high school anywhere that has less than 1,000 students in it. This means you have over 1,000 parents who could potentially contact the school to inquire about school policies and activities. Since there are only so many staff members in the school to answer these redundant questions, they find it easier to have cork notice boards in the lobby of the school which has all this common information on them. Parents are advised to look at these notice boards to receive this basic information. That way, the staff members only need to answer questions that pertain to a specific parent’s child.

3) Inform Students in a Classroom

As important as it is to inform parents with information on cork notice boards, they can also be used to inform students as well. If you look at the classroom in any school, it will likely have at least one cork notice board somewhere on the wall. This board contains important information about classroom assignments, projects, and schedules. If a student was out sick or forgot certain information about the class, they can just look at the cork notice board for a quick reminder. This saves the teacher a lot of time from having to answer the same questions from students.

4) Inform Customers of a Business

Businesses can use cork notice boards to their advantage. They are often placed in reception areas where customers or clients typically wait for assistance. During this time, they have the opportunity to look at the cork notice board and see the latest advertisements published by the company. These boards may also have basic information about the company itself, such as its history and success stories. This can help make the customer more enthusiastic about doing business with the company. In addition, some of the top company employees might pin their business cards to the board for customers to take freely. This increases the chances of future communication between the company and customers.

5) Attract People Passing By

Cork notice boards can easily attract any passerby if it has the right infographic or poster that stands out. You see publicly displayed cork notice boards in supermarkets, libraries, and even outside public buildings. These notices might pertain to the business or building itself while other times, they might be advertising for a third-party person or business. The point is that these boards can be put in places where large numbers of people walk by them every couple of seconds. This will get your notice or ad a lot of attention.

6) Inform Members of a Church

If you walk into any church, they’ll likely have a cork notice board somewhere nearby in the lobby. The priests and other church operators like to post schedules and other service information on these boards. After all, churches like to host a lot more activities besides Sunday services. Throughout the week, churches might host a Bingo night or two as well. Maybe a local school is having their baseball or soccer match on the church property. This type of information is posted on the cork notice boards to help inform those who might be interested in these events.

7) Inform Members of a Gym

Gyms and fitness facilities will commonly have a few cork notice boards hung up in different places. Some of these boards will have the business cards of various members of the facility. Other boards will have important news about the facility itself. For instance, if they are getting new fitness equipment, they might post up a notice about that. In the main lobby, there are boards which have basic information about the facility, such as the membership rules and fees. In some instances, the employees might take pictures of people working out and post them on the notice boards. That way, they can encourage new members to get in good shape too.

8) Provide Information to Citizens at a Community Centre

Every town or city has a community centre building in it. The purpose of this building is to keep local citizens updated on the latest news about their local area. Community centres are not always staffed, either. They have a public lobby filled with cork notice boards which have all this information on them. These notices might provide directions and contact information for local businesses, police departments, fire departments, hospitals, etc. There may even be maps and business cards posted on these boards for both local people and tourists to use at their own discretion.

9) Inform Patients at a Hospital or Medical Practice

Medical facilities are very busy places, especially hospitals. They have patients going in and out of them all day long. The nurses and staff members do not have the time to answer every little question that a patient asks. They can only answer specific information regarding a patient’s own appointment or condition. When it comes to recent news about medical research, hospital activities, doctors at the practice, or any other general information about the practice itself, it all gets posted on the cork notice board. Staff members will then have more time to help patients with their specific needs.

10) Help Yourself Remember Important Information

Responsible individuals like to have cork notice boards in their own homes. The boards might get hung in either the kitchen area or one of the main bedrooms. This is more of a personal notice board for the person. They use it to post up important dates and schedules that are relevant to them. In most cases, they will pin a calendar to the notice board and write their important events on that. Other documents or notes they might post include paper checks, address stickers, personalised handwritten notes, bank statements, and billing invoices. This ensures they don’t forget about these notices which are important to them in the present.