The Top 6 Display Stand Products to Make Your Trade Show a Success

The Top 6 Display Stand Products to Make Your Trade Show a Success

Time is money, and exhibiting at a trade show is a big investment in both. That means you’re going to want to do it right if you’re going to make the effort to be there! How are you going to sell to customers when you get to the trade show? This needs to be worked out in advance, as well as what your exhibition stand might look like and how you’re going to set it up.

When exhibiting at a trade show event, the goal is to build a stand that will really impress your clients. You need to ensure that your stand is the one that people will remember most clearly, and in this post we’re going to run through how you can go about doing that. It all starts with your display. Tools like cafe barriers, portable counters, pop-up display stands and folding display boards, portable brochure stands and portable flag poles can be your secret weapon that will make your company look amazing.

Make your tradeshow display great

1. Café Barriers

As well as being a cost-effective method of enclosing your stand at a busy trade show, café barriers offer a fantastic marketing opportunity. They have the added benefit of promoting your business using branded banners, while protecting your stand from accidental mishaps if the trade floor becomes crowded.

Successful tradeshow displays

There’s no need to decide on a fixed position for your café barriers, as they’re very easy to move around and transport from place to place. They can be used in trade show displays in a number of different ways, including…

  • To advertise your trade stall to those walking by. Café barriers grab attention and let a person know what’s on offer. It’s vital that everyone at the trade show knows what your business is all about, so don’t leave them guessing!
  • To separate different areas of your stall. If you’re using different areas for sitting down and talking to your customers, doing product demonstrations or running competitions, café barriers can be used to clearly distinguish these areas from each other.
  • To create a safe area for clients. Customers like to feel as though they are in a safe and secure environment if they’re sitting down to talk business. You can achieve this with the help of café barriers.
  • Outside of trade shows, café barriers can be used…
    To create an outdoor smoking area. Many clubs, bars and pubs do not have a designated outdoor smoking area and this can cause problems. By using café barriers, it is easy to see where smoking is allowed and where it isn’t.
    To highlight an area that’s being used for outdoor dining. Many restaurants have outdoor areas that they like to use when the weather is nice; café barriers ensure this area is clearly marked off to those who are not eating.

Cafe Barriers at Trade Show Event Example

2. Portable Counters

Whatever conferences, events and shows you need to attend, display counters are the perfect solution for you. Whether you’re displaying for a trade show or any other kind of event, a portable display counter could be just what you need. The wide range of portable counters at Red17 are ideal for that added touch of professionalism and branding and are easy to set up, built with minimal fuss and super simple to move from one location to the next.

Portable Display Counters

You could use your portable display counter at any trade show you like – they’re just so fun and useful. Our customers use their portable display counters in loads of different ways, such as…

  • As an easily identifiable point from which free samples and leaflets can be circulated.
  • In areas of high foot traffic, a portable counter will stand out without taking up as much space as a full-size table.
  • At business meetings or presentations. Use a portable lectern display counter and carry on with your presentation. It is easy, stylish and can feature prints with your desired messages or logos.
  • At exhibitions. For example, if at the end of the exhibition there will be a special event, all visitors can find out what they need to know.

Promo Stands for Exhibitions and Events

3. Pop-Up Display Stands

Providing a backdrop for your business message can be vital to ensuring you have a lasting impact on those you speak to, or even entice people to come and talk to you if you're hosting a stand at a roadshow or conference. For your next event – whether it’s an exhibition, a trade show or a conference – it’s well worth investing in a pop-up display stand.

Pop-Up Stand Display example product for backdrop at trade shows

There are a range of different ways to use pop-up display stands, as they’re an incredibly versatile marketing tool. What you are marketing will determine how you will choose to use your stand, but some of the more popular uses are…

  • As a way to tell existing clients about a new service or product. You can highlight your products and services to everyone who comes near your stand by placing it towards the front of your display. This means your pitch will stick in the customers’ heads for the future, even if they aren’t interested in what the pop-up display stand is highlighting at the time.
  • To increase awareness of your brand. Pop-up display stands do not need to market a specific product or service – just like the other displays on this list. A great deal of marketing can be done if you do something as basic as placing displays around your stall with logos, quotes and basic information. Whenever they see a display, whether they realise it or not, your customers are being reminded of your business and its branding.
  • As a way to encourage potential customers or clients to pop in. For example, someone may have initially walked by a business without taking the time to see what’s on offer, but a pop-up display stand can encourage them in. This is popular with car dealers and those who trade outside.
  • As a way to stand out from a business’ competitors. Pop-up display stands make a statement and they really do look the part; this creates a professional image for any business.

tradeshow stand display example large area with popup stands

4. Folding Display Boards

Professional, easy to maintain and cost effective, these folding display boards are the ideal solution for showcasing photos, leaflets and other literature, but the benefit of such a method is that you can easily change what’s on display. School fairs and trade shows always have their fair share of folding panel display boards, and for good reason!

Large Heavy Duty Trade Show Folding Panel Display Board Stand

These products are super easy to use and can work in so many different situations, so it’s no surprise that they’ve gradually become the number one choice for many businesses. Some of their more common uses include…

  • As a way of displaying the best offer your business can provide potential clients at a trade show or exhibition.
  • As a way of displaying facts and figures during presentations and product demonstrations.
  • Outside of trade shows, folding display boards can be used…
    In a tourist attraction. For example, you can use folding display boards to showcase photos and important information.
    In schools or universities. For example, during a science project where all children that have worked on a project have their own folding display boards to showcase the results of their project.

7 panel kit trade show folding display boards

5. Portable Brochure Stands

One of the most important tools to keep your handouts and flyers organised is by using portable brochure stands. It isn’t always easy to keep your corner of the trade show looking professional during a hectic event. Though portable literature stands may seem like a simple product, you’ll be surprised by the variety of ways you could use them.

Decorative Brochure Stands

Any business, anywhere, can make a great first impression if they use these powerful and effective selling tools. Unsure where to start? Try using your portable brochure stand…

  • To display the latest issue of your company magazine or newsletter.
  • To display information about your event in public areas and direct people to your stall or event.
  • To present entry forms for promotional competitions.
  • Away from trade shows, you can use your brochure stand…
    At home. For example, if you have your office at home you can use smaller stands to organise all your documents.
    In museums. Give visitors easier access to information about the exhibits by taking flyers directly from portable literature stands.
    At exhibitions. Give visitors the opportunity to learn more about your business by giving them free access to brochures or flyers.

literature stands

6. Portable Flag Poles

There are a number of uses of flag banners and portable flag poles, with many people choosing to use them as they are easy to move, can be placed in storage when not being used and can be set up in a number of different locations. Flag banners are eye catching, attention grabbing and they help a business to stand out from the crowd. Many people understand that a banner or flag one of the best ways to go about marketing or promoting a business.

Portable Flag Banners for Events and Exhibitions

They have so many different uses, and a lot of businesses don’t even realise just how beneficial a portable flag pole can be. Try using a portable flag pole…

  • To show everyone at the trade show exactly where they can find your stand.
  • To make your stand appear more welcoming to potential clients.
  • To advertise a special event or fete that a business is hosting. If a business is hosting a special event such as a family day or fete, it can be difficult to advertise it. Placing a flag banner outside of the workplace will entice those who are passing by.

Portable Flag Poles examples

top 5 display stand products for trade shows

So there you have it! Our six favourite tools for a successful trade show. If you’re interested in learning more about these great products, check out these articles!

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