The Top 6 Places to Install Your Notice Board

The Top 6 Places to Install Your Notice Board

Every school, office, church, and community centre has its own unique needs. If you want to improve the communication at your school, workplace, church, or village hall, a notice board is your best choice. Hundreds of thousands of notice boards exist all over the UK, bringing with them the opportunity to communicate in a way that is low-cost and highly visible. Schools use them to communicate with parents, Universities use them to inform their students about any clubs or local events, and restaurants use them to post their menus outside for visitors to peruse before they decide to come inside.

However, despite all of these wonderful notice boards that surround us, sometimes there are a few issues. Sadly, many venues install their notice boards in such a way that they do not get the full value of the board as a communication tool. They’re installed in areas that are difficult to reach, difficult to see or rarely passed, and the notices on them are rarely updated often enough to stay relevant as a result.

As time goes by, less glossy methods of communication tend to drop out of favour, to be replaced by email and web communications. But there’s a reason notice boards have been in use for so long, and a reason you should give real thought to where you install your notice board.

If your notice board starts to fall into disuse, it’s most likely in the wrong place. So let’s go through some of the best places a notice board can hang.

1. In Your School’s Reception Area

These can prove to be an effective learning tool if used in the right manner. Whether you are hosting an after-school club or arranging an office team building activity, a notice board is an ideal place to keep everyone informed. Holding all of the information related to school activities or classroom prospects, school notice boards have an important role to play in your school’s community and the reception area board is most important of all. If you want to make the board appealing to your school’s students and visitors, you’ll need to give proper attention to the ways in which you use the board.

Notice boards are often placed outside the classrooms, and each of the sections probably has their board to deck up. In some schools, a decorative board in the reception area can be just as important as an informative one. Choose a theme for the notice board such as festivals, sports day, seasons, etc., and ask the students to give in their inputs.

Children (and students of all ages) love to see their best work displayed, and their best achievements celebrated. You can turn the notice board into a creative masterpiece and turn an otherwise bare wall into something interesting that shows your school’s personality. Creating an attractive display is a great way to give your school’s reception area a welcoming atmosphere. Give your school’s students the task of coming up with creative ideas to make the board stand out, or use it to display the very best of your students’ creative work.

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2. By Your Office’s Water Cooler

A notice board can be of benefit to your office in any number of different ways – provided your staff actually see it. A notice board is the forefront for office communication, but they are often forgotten about when they’re put in corners of the office. Before you can really benefit from your office notice board, you need to make sure it’s in an area of high office-traffic, like beside the water cooler.

As well as being practical, they also make the office environment more collaborative and interactive. A well-functioning and successful business and office is one that is open to feedback form their employees and clients. Your entire team can benefit from a notice board that shares crucial information. Notice boards can also be used by employees to focus in on the skills they need to improve upon and those that they feel they’ve worked hard on.

If you use email to communicate to your team on all matters, you really lose the ability to collaborate and create a hierarchy of information. There are so many ways that an office can benefit from a notice board, so if yours doesn’t already have one you should give it some serious consideration.

Every business is fond of their Notice boards. If your employees have had any particular thoughts or ideas about recent work, an office notice board gives them a way to discuss and bring attention to these issues. The board could also be used to relay any suggestions clients and customers have made for improvements, and to tell staff how their work has been received by the customer.

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3. In Your School’s Common Rooms

If your school is large enough to have common rooms for students, this is the perfect place to hang a notice board as it’s one of the few places in the building that students will congregate without being busy with classwork or rushing to the next location. Whether yours is a primary or secondary school, a good notice board is extremely useful for any type of common room to have. You could personalise the board with the name of the year group in bold text above the board itself, and there are so many different sizes, colours and designs to choose from.

Announcing things at the start of the day is all well and good, but it’s highly likely that your students will forget later on. The common room is the perfect place for students to relax and discuss events that are coming up on the school calendar. Many students don’t feel comfortable asking questions, especially in a room full of people – but school notice boards completely solve that problem. A well-placed notice board will give them a good idea of what they have to look forward to, and if you’re worried about students tampering with notices you can easily solve that problem with a lockable notice board.

Many notice boards fall into disuse or become overcrowded with information. It’s important that your common room notice boards are kept up to date and that notices that are out of date are taken down. You can achieve this by assigning each notice board in your school to a certain staff member, who can then look after the board and make sure it doesn’t fall into use or become damaged. If your notices are worth seeing, it’s important that they have a chance to be seen without being crowded out by older posts.

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4. In Your Factory Canteen

Notice boards are the perfect place to display all kinds of information and messages. The result is a far more professional and polished signage solution. Keep your workers up to date on company events by hanging a notice board in your factory canteen for all to see. A notice board allows you to carry out many tasks with clarity and style – you can inform your staff about health and safety, advertise upcoming events or post announcements like “Employee of the Month” or the retirement of a valued team member.

From idea generation sessions to to-do lists, meetings to advertising posters and events, notice boards have any number of different uses in many different companies. Other benefits that can come from hanging a notice board in your factory canteen include…

  • Improving workplace communication.
    A sign printed on paper and hung on the wall will only last a few days (or even just a few hours) before it gets curled, dirty, and tattered. Non-pressing information is often best shared on a cork board or other notice board hung in the canteen, while more urgent news can be included in email newsletters or printed memos.

  • A sense of reliability.
    Your notice board will be designed to stand the test of time, and depending on the model you choose can be weather-resistant or even lockable.

  • A chance to thank staff for their hard work.
    You can build a sense of team and community spirit by celebrating the work of your devoted employees on a staff notice board.

  • Inform people about events and clubs.
    Let your staff share information about events they are hosting, such as company sports teams or union meetings, as well as keeping them up to date on company outings and staff dos. However, this can result in information overload that then limits the effectiveness that notice boards usually have for communicating, so be sure the content is audited every now and then.

  • You can use them to display health and safety information.
    It must be on display somewhere in your workplace, and a notice board is the ideal place to do this. Any business has a need to display its health and safety policy, but this is especially important in environments such as the factory floor where many of your staff will be involved in manual labour. This vital information needs to be easily accessible to all staff members, and there’s no better way to do this than through a notice board.

  • They have countless uses.
    Notice boards exist on every workplace property, in every office, and every meeting room. They can be used in any number of different industries – such as manufacturing and production – though they’re particularly popular in the office environment.

  • 5. In Your School’s Staff Room

    They are a perfect and timeless form of office and workplace communication – but with the rise of technology, more of our employees spend their entire working day stuck to their desk, answering emails and phone calls, with little time to escape and check a notice board. Where better to keep a record of exam dates, parent-teacher meetings and other important events than in the school staff room, where every teacher can see them in their (limited) time outside the classroom?

    There are a whole plethora of announcements that teachers need to hear about and keep in their heads – sports days, updates to IT systems, new procedures – and a notice board is the perfect way to make sure nothing is forgotten. They can help to improve workplace communication, and they look good too.

    Consider the positioning of your notice boards. Notice boards in hallways can sometimes become over-cluttered – everyone feels free to post material, because nobody is clear on who the notice board is actually for. A notice board hung in the staff room avoids this problem as it becomes clear that the information on it is for the benefit of the teachers and other staff members only.

    Try to make sure everyone knows the purpose of your staff room notice board to ensure successful communication through the board. They can ask questions there, look at notices to learn about things that are going on in the school, and even see announcements that they may have heard about but forgotten the details for. The more people that typically use this space, the better. And above all, make sure your board is in an easily visible spot in the staff room!

    A notice board that is right next to a doorway can cause problems, as those trying to look at the notices can end up blocking the door. Pick another populated work area, and make sure it’s one that’s easily visible without blocking any other amenities. You will be ensuring that your staff will actually see the notices that are posted if you are able to put your notice board somewhere they can all access it.

    6. At the Door of Your Leisure Facility

    A leisure facility – such as a community hall or swimming pool – is a place for fun and activities, yes, but it’s also a centre for information for all that use it. Of course, most of the information that a customer or member will need can be gathered by talking to a member of staff at reception, but there will be times when this can be disruptive (like if the receptionist is on the phone), awkward or inconvenient.

    Adding a notice board to your leisure facility can benefit members in so many ways – it allows them to get information without bothering the staff, find out about things they wouldn’t think to ask about, and even take photos of notices to send to friends or keep for future reference. If you don’t already have one set up, we’d recommend you invest in one as soon as you can!

    Your notice board can hold all of your most vital notices. Everyone who needs to know what’s going on at your leisure facility can have written confirmation of important updates, because they’re all there for everyone to see!

    Of course, there are many more places you can use a notice board: Classrooms, home offices and bedrooms, to name just a few. Wherever you need a way to display information in a clear, affordable way, a notice board is your best investment.

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