The Ultimate Guide to Notice Boards

Choosing between the different notice boards on the market does not have to be a confusing process. We provide you with a comprehensive guide to all of the types of notice boards we have to offer.

The Ultimate Guide to Notice Boards

Notice boards are an incredibly useful tool in a variety of settings and situations. They help you display the relevant information that your clients, colleagues, and students need to know. Getting everyone ‘on the same page’ can be difficult, but a notice board enables you to the gap between colleagues and clients, students and teachers – allowing important information to reach its target.

In a world that is increasingly digital, sometimes the simplicity and clarity of a notice board can make a far greater impact than typed words on an electronic screen. People naturally gravitate around notice boards, scanning them for pertinent information and instructions, and using them as a place to congregate and gather.

The right notice board for your business or organisation depends on your needs. With dozens of different choices available, and hundreds of different size and colour combinations, which notice board is best for your needs?

Before you choose the best option for your space, what should you know about notice boards?

Notice Boards

What kinds of notice boards are available?

When you consider all of the different combinations of shapes, sizes, materials, and colours possible, there are literally thousands of notice board options available.

Some things to consider include where you need to position your notice board, what size you require, and whether you prefer a frame or frameless option. What colour do you want? Do you need a lockable option (for outdoor notice boards)? Do you need a combination model with a whiteboard capability?

Here are some of the notice boards that are available on the market today.

Outdoor Notice Boards

Outdoor Notice Boards

What can’t an outdoor notice board accomplish? They are the ideal place to display information and adverts outside of community centres, village halls, schools, churches, and sports clubs. Outdoor notice boards allow you to communicate important information to passersby 24 hours a day.

Outdoor notice boards are specifically designed to be placed outside, so they are weather proof and designed to stand up to the elements. They are also lockable, so they foil thieves and vandals from harming your expensive printed materials.

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Framed Notice Boards

Framed Notice Boards

Want to keep everyone on the same track in your office? Notice boards are a professional and attractive way to post pertinent information. Place a framed notice board in a common area in your office to share health and safety information, meeting agendas, and workplace news.

Frameless Notice Boards

Frameless Notice Boards

Frameless notice boards are an attractive and polished way to provide the information you need to convey without sacrificing style. Whether you display them in portrait or landscape orientation on your wall, frameless notice boards add a professional touch to your office.

Lockable Notice Boards

Lockable Notice Boards

If you are displaying a notice board outside, you might be concerned about its safety and security. Thieves and vandals take great pleasure messing around with private property, and that puts your costly printed signage at risk. Lockable notice boards keep your signs and notices safe from harm, in good condition, and looking their best.

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Felt Notice Boards

Felt Pin Notice Boards

Felt is a wonderful fabric for a child’s bedroom, play area, daycare, or classroom. Little fingers just love the feeling of felt, and it can be customised to fit any space, and a variety of bright colours. You can use stickies and Velcro on felt, or adults can use pins.

Frameless Eco-Colour® Notice Boards

Frameless Eco-Colour® Notice Boards

One of Red17’s most popular frameless notice boards are from the Eco-Colour range. They sell a wide array of coloured pinnable notice boards out of recycled material. Their frameless notice boards are fire resistant and noise resistant, and available for low costs.

Cork Notice Boards

Cork Boards

Modern cork boards are made from timber industry bi-products, making them an environmentally-friendly option. They also look great, with a stainless steel frame and neutral colour scheme.

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Combination Notice Boards

Combination Boards

Multi-function offices are the ideal setting for a dual combination notice board. These are a combination of whiteboards and notice boards, perfect for any environment where wall space is at a premium. Maximise your wall space and keep everyone informed in an attractive and practical way.

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Mobile Notice Boards

Mobile Notice Boards

Do you need to be able to move your notice board from place to place? A mobile notice board might be the best solution for your needs. Mobile notice boards are freestanding and durable, meaning that you can transport them where they are needed, and then move them to a new location with ease.

Fire Resistant Notice Boards

Fire Resistant Notice Boards

When it comes to schools and community areas, public safety has to be your highest priority. Choose from a fire resistant range of notice boards can boast a test result of class B or higher, and meet the latest EN13501-1 standard. Being prepared for the worst case scenario is always a smart move.

Shield Design Notice Boards

Shield Design Notice Boards

Shield® Design Notice Boards are available in 7 sizes and 7 frame colours, as well as 19 cloth colours, meaning that you can customise your notice board for your needs. Perfect for schools and offices, they offer a stylish and contemporary design.

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Where can you use a notice board?

The sky is truly the limit when it comes to where you can place a notice board. From offices to classrooms, village greens to local libraries, notice boards are extremely useful in countless settings. Here are just a few of the settings and locations where you can hang a notice board to great effect.

  • Office boardrooms
  • Office common areas
  • Classrooms
  • School common areas
  • School parent pick-up/drop-off areas
  • Village Halls
  • Churches
  • Popular local pubs and businesses
  • Tennis, bowls, and other sport clubs
  • Parks and gardens
  • Museums
  • Parish Councils
  • Community Centres
  • Scouts, Cubs, and Girl Guides Centres
  • Village Greens
  • Post Offices
  • Heritage and historic attractions

Why use a notice board in your space?

Every school, office, church, and community centre has its own unique needs. Whether you need to inform people about health and safety, advertise an upcoming event, or display exemplary schoolwork, a notice board allows you to do so with clarity and style.

  • They can improve communication
    Notice boards are the perfect place to display all kinds of information and messages. Yes, you can send email newsletters and even place printed memos on colleagues’ desks, but non-pressing information is often best shared on a cork board or other notice board hung in a high traffic area.

    If you want to improve the communication at your school, workplace, church, or village hall, a notice board is your best choice.

  • They have countless uses
    From idea generation sessions to to-do lists, meetings to advertising posters and events, notice boards have any number of different uses in many different companies. They’re particularly popular in the office environment, but they have their uses in many different industries

  • They last a long time and are incredibly durable
    A sign printed on paper and hung on the wall will only last a few days (or even just a few hours) before it gets curled, dirty, and tattered. Depending on the model that you choose, notice boards can be weather-resistant, lockable, and designed to stand the test of time. The result is a far more professional and polished signage solution.

  • You can use them to display health and safety information
    Displaying your company’s health and safety policy is a must for any business. It must be on display somewhere in your workplace, and a notice board is the ideal place to do this. A notice board is a place that everyone can access this vital information in an easily accessible way.

  • Display the art and school work of your star pupils
    Children (and students of all ages) love to see their best work displayed, and their best achievements celebrated. Use your new notice board to display the best of the best for everyone to admire, building a sense of school spirit and community spirit as a result.

  • Inform people about events and clubs
    Whether you are hosting an after-school club or arranging an office team building activity, a notice board is an ideal place to keep everyone informed. You can use your notice board to alert people to all of the activities that are offer, sports teams seeking players, and additional classes/tutoring that are available.

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