The Ultimate Guide to School Notice Boards

The Ultimate Guide to School Notice Boards

Holding all of the most important information relating to classroom prospects and school news, school notice boards have an important role to play when it comes to a classroom setup. If they’re used in the right manner, they can prove to be an effective learning tool. There are loads of different things you can do to make your school notice board appealing to the students, and this article will explore just a few of them.

Some of the elements that are worth considering include…

  • Decorations.
  • Illustration of concepts or information.
  • Design and highlighting.
  • Pop-up designs.
  • Using pop culture elements.
  • Interactive boards.
  • Display.


Notice boards can be used for a range of different things in a school or classroom, so it’s a good idea to think about the purpose of the board before buying yours. This will make it way easier to choose which type of notice board would be most suitable and useful in your school. For example, will the board be used to create semi-permanent displays, or are you planning on changing the display from week to week?

Notice Board Types and Products

Outdoor Notice Boards

Outdoor notice boards are the perfect option for schools that have lots of events which parents will want to find out about when collecting their kids at the end of the day. They’re a great way to keep parents up to date on school reports, new clubs, testing, news, uniforms and events. They’re lockable, weather-proof and designed to be perfect for external use.

School external notice boards

Outdoor notice boards

Framed Notice Boards

If you’re looking for a professional-looking bulletin board for your school’s notices and messages, framed notice boards offer a more durable, stronger board than frameless boards and surround the board with concealed corner wall fixings. They’re available in a vast range of colours and sizes.

Framed Notice Boards

Frameless Notice Boards

A seamless and frameless noticeboard that looks good can be hard to come by, but here at Red17 we offer a wide variety of colours, shapes and sizes to suit a range of needs. Schools are just one of the many venues that can benefit from the professional, fashionable appearance of a frameless notice board. They’re swiftly becoming a highly sought-after commodity. Try laying them out side-by-side on the wall to display a larger amount of your students’ best work!

Frameless Notice Boards

ColourPlus Notice Boards Unframed

Lockable Notice Boards

Here at Red17, we have a wide range of secure and lockable indoor notice boards to choose from. Schools can really benefit from investing in a lockable notice board for indoor use. You can find the perfect tamper-proof and fire-resistant solutions online, but even the most basic, cost-effective lockable notice boards can come in handy. They’re perfect for your most important notices that you need everyone to see without interference, and ideal for high-traffic areas like school entrances and assembly halls where students accidentally bumping off the board would otherwise cause damage.

Lockable Notice Boards

Shield Tamperproof Notice Boards

Cork Notice Boards

These cork pin boards are commonly used to display useful information and notices about your community, office or school, helping to communicate, update and inform passersby. What may originally seem like a simple purchase can sometimes offer a surprising amount of variety and a wide range of different benefits. Cork notice boards may seem a little basic, but there’s a reason they’ve been so popular for so long!

Cork boards are the perfect way to display your students’ work in an eye-catching but simple manner.

cork boards

Combination Boards

Dual notice boards, also known as combination boards, are excellent for providing everything you need in a compact way for maximum productivity. Providing a practical solution to help improve communication between students and staff, dual combination notice boards are an excellent investment for schools and classrooms. It’s important that wallspace is used to the best of its ability as in some classrooms, a lack of wallspace is a cause for concern. What other type of building uses quite so many posters and notices, after all?

Combination Boards

Mobile Notice Boards

Any classroom can benefit from the addition of a mobile notice board. They offer all the advantages of a wall-mounted notice board, with the added benefit that they can be moved to be closer to whichever group of students most needs to access the information they hold at any one time.

Mobile Notice Boards

Made to a high specification, each product meets a variety of needs and come at an affordable price and with free delivery now available. They’re the ideal tool for classroom learning and presentations, as they are durable, versatile, and many are even freestanding.

School Mobile Notice Boards

Fire Resistant Notice Boards

One of the most important duties of a school is to ensure the safety of its students, so fire resistant notice boards are a vital purchase for any educational institution. Manufactured to the highest safety standards and classified to the latest EN13501-1 standard and have a test result of class B or higher. These boards are designed to be installed in public areas, stairwells, entrances and school corridors in the safest way possible.

Fire Resistant Notice Boards

Multi-Bank Notice Boards

One popular choice for schools is the multi-bank notice board, which allows teachers to display work, notices and posters on different coloured backgrounds for an attractive, colour-coded display. These multi-bank Notice Boards are ideal for use in corridors and are fast becoming a favourite with schools and public places.

Shield Fire Resist Eco-Colour Multi-Bank Notice Board

Red17’s popular Shield Fire Resist Eco-Colour Multi-Bank Notice Board is made using a unique fire-resistant self-coloured non fabric board and can be framed with either white or satin aluminium for a contemporary styled notice board. It comes with a wide range of benefits, including…

  • Separated pinnable areas that can be mix-and-match multi-coloured or all the same colour.
  • Noise reduction and fire-resistance.
  • Option to use board in landscape or portrait format.
  • Manufactured to order, and designed in the UK.
  • Concealed corner fixings supplied.
  • Core board complies with EN13501-1 Class B for Fire Retardancy.
  • Available in 5 size options and 12 colours.

Fire Rating

Notice boards have to be fire rated if they’re going to be hung in public buildings, such as schools. Fire rated notice boards will have one of two different classifications. Class 1 rated boards are suitable for use in any area of a public building. Class 0 rated boards are necessary if the board is to be hung in a corridor, escape route or large unsupervised area. It’s not a good idea to go against the fire regulations, so it’s very important that you get this right!

In the event of fire, open notice boards holding a substantial amount of paper can significantly reduce the production provided by fire resistant building materials, so be sure not to overload your boards.

Shield Fire Resistant Eco-Colour Notice Boards

Maintenance and Cleaning

Once installed, Red17 notice boards require very little maintenance. A soft cloth dampened with a little water, or a vacuum cleaner, can be used to remove dust and dirt from the board and its frame. Standard glass cleaner can be used on lockable notice board cases.

Boost School Communication with Your Notice Board

Across the UK, there’s no doubt that effective communication is one of the key aspects that underpins the success of a school. If you have areas of empty wall in your school then these suggestions may make you think about including more notice boards in the future. After all, schools are all about giving children and their parents the information and tools they need to make the most of their potential and engage with each other.

School Corridor Teacher changing notice board display

Most schools will have notice boards for events such as sports days, trips and the traditional school play. It’s not just about teaching! Notice boards can be more than a simple display of news and bulletins. They can make a massive difference to every student’s connection to school life.

School Kids and Teacher In Corridor with Notice Boards on Wall

  • Keeping pupils informed - School notice boards can be used to display a wide range of information, everything from year time tables to exam results.

  • Event photography - Let your pupils see themselves by posting photos of school events on your notice board. Say cheese!

  • Improve your teaching - Help your students remember what they’ve learned over the course of the year by keeping a record on your class notice board.

  • Indoors and outdoors - Placing one near the entrance to the school can mean parents are able to see information when they drop their children off.

  • Advertising events - Not everyone has a school app or access to the website, so advertising events on a noticeboard in a stand out location can improve exposure.

  • Displaying artwork - There’s no better thing than a notice board or two which is displaying work completed by pupils.

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More Notice Board Benefits

Notice boards aren’t just good for boosting communication in the school-at-large: they’re also great for use within classes! For example…

  • They’re always in sight - Even the most vital notices can easily be forgotten by students if they’re given the chance, but notice boards in classrooms have a much higher chance of being remembered as students will be looking at them repeatedly throughout the day (especially when they’re looking for things to do other than classwork!)

  • They add a burst of colour - Nobody likes a grey classroom, but school notice boards come in a wide range of colours and will give your room a sense of personality.

  • They’re super-versatile - If you get a notice board with one purpose in mind, the board can still be used for other activities once that purpose has run its course.

  • They can keep track of your students’ achievements - Younger students love reward systems, and the class notice board is the perfect place to display these.

  • Stop sign or notice vandalism - Some notice boards are manufactured as lockable box frames or have a locking window that slides across it.

  • Communicate with visitors - You can use school notice boards to communicate with any classroom visitors that you may have without actually speaking to them.

  • A notice board can tell your students about activities - All schools typically offer several extra-curricular activities that students can take part in.

  • Compact boards can help save space in small areas - Not all classrooms have the wall space for the larger notice boards that we typically see, and this is where adjustable, or smaller sized notice boards come in handy.

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Colourful School Noticeboards

Use Your Notice Board to Establish Class Rules

Students are far more likely to follow any class rules you set if you make sure they actually know what the rules are – and bonus points if they get to feel like they’ve helped come up with the rules! A great activity for your first day with a new class is to sit down with the kids and work together to come up with a set of rules. The students could then create a poster to display these rules, which you can keep pinned on the notice board for the rest of the year. Some basic rules you might consider guiding the kids towards could include:

  • If you’re asked to do something, try to do it as soon as you can.
  • If you need to get up, raise your hand and wait for the teacher’s permission.
  • Respect your teacher, classmates and school.
  • Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
  • Raise your hand for permission to speak.

Building a Culture of Happy Learners

From their very first day in your class, your students will start establishing their own little community. If you’re able to identify it early on, it’s possible to steer this sense of community towards a mutual mission of education and enrichment. If you post news of a student’s accomplishments on school notice boards, you tell them that they’re valued. This is a fun way to make your classroom or school a space that’s personal to the students, and will remind them that taking an interest and caring about things is a worthwhile activity.

happy leaners

Without anyone even realising it, this social learning environment will create unspoken concepts of accountability, importance and acceptance. Things like acknowledgement, aims and achievements can go a long way in a happy learning environment. If your students have any certificates, photos or news clippings that they’re proud of, you can encourage them to bring these in for the notice board as a way of encouraging them to tell you about the sports and pastimes they keep outside of class.

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