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The benefits of snap frames

Snap frames have many names: Snap frames, clip frames, grip frames, snapper frames, snap open poster frames... These are all the same product; a frame with spring-hinged edges that allow the frame to be opened on all sides at once. It’s a secure and easy-to-use frame that allows you to change whatever text or image you are currently showcasing in mere moments. There are many benefits to using a snap frame, and we’d like to talk to you about their versatility.

Snap Frame lense removal

Colour coordination

Snap frames are available in many colours and finishes. The most common, and most popular, is a simple silver snap frame. This type of frame may have silver or black corners where the frame snaps back into place, but they are not the only colour of frame that you can buy. Snap frames are very popular for offices, schools, and the home, so many manufacturers design an array of colour choices.

Frame Colours examples

Different models for different needs

These frames have various models. There are simple snap frames, of course, but why settle for a cheap solution when you can buy lockable snap frames, tamper-resistant snap frames, waterproof snap frames, and freestanding snap frames! Our favourite designs are waterproof snap frames, great for any individual or company seeking an outdoor frame but wanting to ensure that whatever they’re displaying stays dry.

Snap Frames offer a quick change graphic poster facility and easy installation

A snap frame for every business

Whether you own a restaurant and bar or work in an office building, there is a snap frame to suit the area you’re looking to put one. Hang artwork and achievements in school corridors, put up movie posters in your study, or even use a snap frame to hold weekly notices. The possibilities are endless. There are even light box snap frames to add a special glow to your posters.

red17 montage of different poster snap frames

Tamper-resistant frames

A tamper-resistant frame is great for outdoor locations or places you want to put up a frame that may not be very protected. You can display anything without worrying whether that special something is still going to be there at the end of the day.

tamper proof snap frame pic

Lockable Snap Frame Pic


For schools and classrooms, you may be concerned about sharp edges. But snap frames with rounded corners will make those concerns a thing of the past. Make your school displays a little safer for the young ones in your care with a snap frame that they can’t accidentally hurt themselves on.

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