Planning Meeting with Staff using Whiteboard

The best made plans are on a whiteboard

Whiteboards are an amazing office tool to keep around. They can be fixed in one place, sure, or you can have a portable whiteboard which can be moved from place to place; depending on the needs of your team or office, as a whole. There are so many uses for a whiteboard, particularly if you’re planning on utilising your whiteboard as a whiteboard planner for your team.

Realise your team’s goals

A whiteboard planner is the best way to physically list out your team’s goals for a project and ensure that they are clearly visible whenever a team member wants to check their progress. You can have separate goals for each individual part of the team (such as those who deal with different areas of a project, like finances and event planning), or for the team in its totality. Alternatively, if the team is full of people with their own goals, all running different areas of a project, then they could each have a goal section on your whiteboard planner.

Alongside your team’s goals, you should also list any to-dos for the event/project, so that your team is always up-to-date, no matter when they check the board. For this kind of use, the board should be fixed. Having a whiteboard up in the room where your whole team regularly are would be a perfect placement.

Make plans for the coming week or plan your whole year

Whiteboards are spacious, of that, there is no doubt. You can use them to display many different things; from colourful renditions of project ideas to large flow diagrams depicting solutions and problems for any given thing. If you have an available whiteboard in your office, try using it to make some plans for the coming year or for each month. A set of ideas, goals, things to do, and activities to take part in – these could all lead to a productive year filled with happy employees. Remember to take suggestions from your team for each area you decide to include on the board.

Fulfil your needs with a portable meeting board

Instead of using a fixed whiteboard, try a portable whiteboard planner for your next meeting. Smaller whiteboards can be easily displayed, even without their own stands. Try standing yours up against the window in your room or laying it in the centre of the table so that everyone can reach it. The main issue with fixed whiteboards is that they are often out of reach for many team members, and they don’t feel like they can contribute as much to something they aren’t standing next to. Make your next meeting less formal and spread pens around your whiteboard planner for your team to use. By doing this, you will quickly see how much more involved your team members will get. They will be proactive, and much more willing to write down ideas – even if they are small and written in the corners of the board. Take everything into consideration, and your meeting will be more successful.

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