If you are planning to place a notice board outside, you might be worried about its security. It is certainly a waste of time and money (not to mention extremely disappointing) to print posters or place a communal notice board outside, only to have it vandalised and destroyed by hooligans. Protect your investment by using lockable notice boards instead. They’ll keep your investment looking its best!

In addition to be a safe and secure place to display costly printed materials, a lockable notice board can also be a good place for community members to post their own signs. Rather than the ‘free for all’ of a cork board in a common area, a lockable notice board keeps people from posting anything and everything that crosses their mind. You can act as a middleman, ensuring that everything posted meets community guidelines and is relevant to local interests.

Whether you choose to use your lockable notice board for purely commercial purposes, or you want to open it up as a community resource, its value will soon become clear.

The top 10 locations to use an outdoor notice board

Here are the top 10 locations to use an outdoor notice board:

  • 1. Outside of your high street business

    How many people walk past your business each day without any real idea about what you do, what you sell, and how much you charge? If you want to tell the local community about what you have to offer and what sets you apart from the crowd, place an outdoor notice board on the side of your business with the greatest amount of foot traffic. Failing to leverage your foot traffic is true missed opportunity – a notice board can bring new clientele into your high street retail business.

  • 2. School common areas

    Placing a outdoor notice board outside of the school pick up area or next to the school’s main office helps to keep all parents, students, and teachers on the same page. Inform everyone about upcoming school dinner menus, field trips, half term activities, and community events. You can also use the board to warn parents about security threats, remind them of test dates, and display your students’ exemplary work.

  • School Notice Board

  • 3. The Village Green

    In most villages, the Green is at the apex of the roads and walking paths running in and out of the area. What better place to install a lockable notice board? It's guaranteed to catch attention, inform the community, and become a focal point and gathering place. A true talk of the town!

  • Village Green Community Notice Board

  • 4. Works yards and building sites

    Your on-site office is where your employees and supplies tend to congregate when they need vital information about the project or site. Set up an outdoor notice board outside the site’s main gate, or at the office so that everyone can get the information they need whenever they need it. Lockable notice boards are a great way to comply with health and safety rules – post your mandatory safety posters here for all to see.

  • Construction Site Notice Board

  • 5. Churches and other places of worship

    There’s always something going on at a church! Bake sales, charity functions, bingo, quiz nights, community groups, study and book clubs – there’s always something happening. Keeping everyone informed about upcoming events is made easy with a convenient external notice board placed securely at the main entrance, or next to the churchyard entrance.

  • Church with Outdoor Noticeboard

  • 6. Community Centres

    A local community centre is a place for gathering, study, parties, and much, much more – one hour a Zumba class could be shimmying their way across the floor, and the next hour a senior’s choir could be rehearsing! With so much action and constant schedule changes, keeping the local public advised about what’s happening can be a challenge. Install a tamperproof notice board next to the entryway and keep everyone up to date.

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  • 7. Post Offices

    In any town, the post office is synonymous with information and staying in touch, making it a great spot for community notices and messages. A notice board outside of the post office can be a place to post missing pet posters, help wanted signs, event listings, and other community adverts. Post office staff can approve each notice, and unlock the case to add them on a weekly or monthly basis.

  • 8. Local pubs and restaurants

    Placing a notice board outside of your business is the great way to drum up business and inform your customers about upcoming events and promotions. Pubs and restaurants have great success placing a printed copy of their menu in a notice board by their main entrance. When potential diners walk past, their interest – and their appetite – will be piqued by the delicious dishes and drinks on offer. If you don’t have your menu on display, you are losing custom.

  • external wall mounted showcase notice board

  • 9. Heritage and historic attractions

    Local museums, heritage sites, and historic attractions are hubs of activity in any community, and so they provide a good opportunity to keep neighbours informed. Consider installing a notice board that members of the public can add to with their impressions of the site. Alternatively, keep it as a platform for museum and site staff to post interesting bits of history or important information for guests.

  • Heritage Notice Board

  • 10. Local parks

    Local parks are brilliant places for people to meet, gather, and enjoy their leisure time in the great outdoors. That said, parks and green space have important rules in place, and what better way to display these than on a notice board at each of the park’s entrances? Keep visitors informed about the park’s opening hours, upcoming events, and the local rules.

    Of course, the park setting means that you need to think about how to keep your signage safe from vandals. Install a tamperproof notice board to keep your signage in good condition.

    Can you think of any other good locations that we missed on this list? Let us know!

Why should you be using lockable external notice boards?

Every unique location has its own specific needs. In some locations, you might be posting about an upcoming event, while in another you use your notice board to show off student work. No matter what you plan to use your notice board for, here are just a few of the reasons why you should install at least one, inside or outside, as soon as possible.

  • They protect your investment in printed materials
    Even the sturdiest paper doesn’t last forever. If you spend your marketing budget on printed materials, it pays to think about their durability. Paper signs hung on the wall will be tattered, dirty, and curled with a few weeks (or even days). However, if you instead hang your printed signage inside of a lockable notice board they will be tamperproof and protected from the elements. Your signs and adverts will look far more professional, and last longer, too.

  • They have countless uses
    While notice boards work well in schools and in offices, they are equally effective in corporate and retail spaces. Use them to post about upcoming sales and offers, events listings, clubs and classes, and other community notices. They’re also great for artwork and other printed media.

  • Notice boards keep everyone on the same page
    Display information and important messages to keep everyone on the same page. Whether you need to inform parents, local residents, employees, or students, an outdoor notice board will do the job nicely. Sure, you can send an email, but they often get ignored and deleted. Any non-urgent information is best shared in a highly trafficked area, encased in a lockable notice board.

  • Post health and safety information in a common area
    As a business in the UK, you are required to post mandatory health and safety information in a highly trafficked area. In order to obey this rule, the info needs to be prominently displayed, which is why a notice board is a perfect solution. Everyone on site can access this vital information, quickly and easily, all in one place.

Red17 is here to help

If you are thinking about investing in a notice board for outdoor use, you need to consider the right size, colour, locking mechanism, and materials. Your decision will be affected by the place you plan to install the board, and what you plan to display inside. If you are unsure about any of these factors, our expert team is here on hand to help. Simply give us a call or send us an email, and one of us will be able to help.

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