The true cost of a bad sign

The true cost of a bad sign

Bad signs are extremely noticeable. From billboards to signs outside of a company’s establishment; if a company has a bad sign, someone walking or driving past it will notice the mistakes.

A “bad” sign can mean many things. Bad grammar, spelling mistakes, incorrect branding, or even unacceptable imagery. For example, you could have a sign that has one or two misspelt words – this would be a bad sign. Bad signs don’t reflect a company or their brand very well, because it shows that no one is properly checking the company’s marketing materials before they’re published in any way. This typically doesn’t have too much of a negative affect on the company, though the company may find that the sign appears on their social media pages with humorous commentary.

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What could be much worse is a sign that has bad imagery or a bad message. Signs that are non-inclusive, or come off as explicit, racist, or homophobic; among other negative aspects. These bad signs can have extreme adverse effects on a company, and the company will typically experience a large amount of public backlash and uproar. Even if the bad signage was an accident, the company will always be blamed for the mistake – because it’s under their brand name.

In these situations, it rarely matters who is at fault, because the sign still exists. All a company can do is hope it’s just the one sign and that it can be quickly removed. Something like a billboard is much more harmful to a company’s reputation.

Getting signage right is not always straight forward, check out this blog for top tips on creating a good sign: 4 Signs of a Good Shop Sign.

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