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The World of Notice Boards

In this brief guide to notice boards, you will find everything from DIY notice board ideas to the best types of noticeboard for you. Whether you’re a business owner or someone who needs a personal noticeboard, this piece is full of information and links to make your life a little easier. And of course, it’s great to have a few creative ideas to follow your notice board purchase, too.

Although this blog might be a little longer than usual, we’ve broken down each section with its own headline for easy reading. Find a quick bit of advice that you’re after or read the whole post – it’s all up to you!

Let’s start with something simple: Buying a notice board.

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Purchasing your first notice board

Your first notice board doesn’t need to be anything huge or fancy. Depending on your workplace or your workspace, you may want to buy something that’s just big enough to hold a few important notices and pieces of literature.

No one immediately thinks about notice board colours and types of frames; and a lot of the time, the person buying the notice board won’t be aware of options beyond the standard one-colour cork board with a wooden frame.

But you see, there’s a whole range of notice boards out there. From smaller ones that are just big enough to display a couple of notices to large ones that are easily a metre or two in length. The size is just one factor among many; and it can be a bit stressful to shop with so many options available.

Start with an average size of notice board and one that has colours which fit the area you will be hanging it in. Consider frameless and eco options, too.

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Types of notice boards available

Aluminium framed notice boards have become popular for their sleek, modernist look. These notice boards often have a piece of coloured felt or other material over a cork board , encased by a strong aluminium frame with protected corners. Great for offices and schools, they add a professional vibe to the area they’re placed in.

Burgundy Coloured Aluminium Framed Notice Board

Lockable notice boards are perfect for areas that get a lot of footfall, particularly those with young people. Children and teenagers can get a little grabby with things that aren’t tied down and don’t seem important. Having a lockable notice board will keep your notices visible and safe from sticky hands. These can also be used outdoors, which means that your notices won’t be blown away or torn off by bad weather.

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Speaking of outdoor notice boards , larger ones of those exist too. External notice boards typically come with a polycarbonate plastic pane that fits into place over the board to protect your literature. These boards are made of metal and are quite heavy and durable.

Example Product Picture of an Outdoor Notice Board

Frameless notice boards help you incorporate a notice board into its surroundings with a seamless finish. Match the colour of the board to its wall or use a contrasting colour for a great effect

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Tamperproof notice boards are similar to lockable notice boards. The only difference is the construction of the product.

InfoGraphic Product Page Information on Tamperproof Notice Boards

And for a board that fits all your needs in the meeting room or the classroom, try a combination board - whiteboard and notice board. These dual boards will really change up the way you do things.

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What to do before you buy

Before you purchase a notice board, it’s best to do a little bit of auditing around your business. Identify the locations in your building or home where a notice board would work best. That means looking for a large and free wall space, as well as somewhere that gets enough footfall from passers-by to warrant buying and hanging a noticeboard.

If the noticeboard is for your home, simply ensure there is a proper space for it to hang, with nothing underneath or around the space that could make it hard for you to pin up notices or read them. If the notice board is for the use of a teenager or older child, they should be able to reach it.

Making a notice board from scratch

Want to try making your own notice board to use while you wait for a professional one to be delivered? Running out of space on your office notice board and need to expand? Whatever the reason, there are many ways to make a quick DIY notice board.

Bottle cork board: glue together cork stoppers in a round shape, add string for structure around the outside of the stoppers, and then add an extra piece of string to hang it up. Use push pins to secure your notices. This type of DIY board is good for smaller spaces or as an addition to another notice board; would look great in a café or restaurant.

Wire board: You can use any strong wire to create a pattern with good structure. Use the frame of an old picture frame to hold everything in place, and then simply clip your notices to the board. Great for home offices or as a desk notice board.

Burlap board: Grab yourself a piece of burlap fabric and wrap it over a wooden frame or some cardboard. Pins won’t work too well on this one, but you can wrap ribbon over it to create a washing line to clip your notices too.

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Adding content to your notice board

Creating sections on your notice board is the best way to keep it looking clean and professional. These sections don’t need to have boarders, but you could add a piece of string or ribbon to separate them. Alternatively, why not buy a notice board that already has its own sections? The multi-bank notice board from Red17 is exactly what you need for this.

We’ve covered much of this particular subject before in a previous blog posts, where you can learn a few different methods to keep the community around your notice board properly engaged.

Multi-Bank Notice Board example

Remember to adapt

Our last piece of advice for this post is to adapt. If your notice board isn’t being used or engaged with, then move it. If someone keeps tearing down notices, replace your old board with a tamperproof or lockable one. And if you’re out of space, upgrade to a bigger board or remove old literature and pointless notices.

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