Tips for Effective Use of Notice Boards

Tips for Effective Use of Notice Boards

We communicate in lots of different ways in the workplace. Some information is easiest to pass on verbally, but other information really needs to be written down. For several decades, notice boards have been our top way of organising information. Lockable notice boards can be found in almost any school, community centre and hospital. Advanced channels of communication have developed through improvements in technology, which is why many office workers access information through email and other electronic channels.

But modern offices can still benefit from products like combination, mobile and tamperproof notice boards. Many notice boards become neglected as communication officers see them as an outdated channel, but they’re far from irrelevant. There’s a right and a wrong way to use notice boards – just like any other communication tool – and, used correctly, they’re quite irreplaceable. Today, we’re going to look at some of the ways you can use your notice board more effectively.

It can be difficult to remember every invitation, update and announcement you hear over the course of a day at work – sometimes it just becomes too much information to take in. This is where lockable notice boards can come in handy. The most important messages can become obscured when your email inbox gets too full, so as great as emails are, they really can’t compete against the classic notice board.

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Know Your Notice Board Types

Each with its own unique functionalities and design, there are various types of notice boards on the market. The cork notice board is the one most people are familiar with. These boards come with a cork backing which allows users to pin up papers and information, and can be matched to the aesthetics of the office thanks to their fabric covers of different colours. Weather resistant glazed cork boards can be used outdoors, and many are lockable and tamper-resistant.

For a more modern look, a magnetic glass whiteboard can be used. These boards can’t be used with push pins, but information can be attached using magnets. Before choosing your board, it’s best that you check out all the different types available.

The Research:

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It’s a good idea to think about how much information you’ll want to display on the board before choosing the size and design of your new notice board. There will be a notice board to fit your needs, no matter what size, cost or type you have in mind. If you want to avoid people tampering with the information on display, secured, lockable notice boards are great, but notice boards can come lockable or non-lockable. Acting as a lockable case with a window, most inexpensive lockable notice board designs are wide but compact.

Where Is It Going?

Analysing where your notice board is (or will be) located should be your first step in making effective use of your display. With regards to location, there are two main factors to consider. You need to think about how busy the notice board’s location currently is – for instance, the smoking area won’t be as busy as the main lobby – and you need to figure out if there’s anywhere that gets busier than the current location.

You want as many people to see and read your notices as possible.

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Useable both inside your establishment and out, lockable notice boards are a specialised type of notice board. This type of board generally costs between £80 and £100. Once you have the location picked, you need to think about whether you want your notice board to be lockable or non-lockable. Lockable notice boards tend to come with more than one key, so you also have to decide who will be your key-holders.

The board itself can come in a variety of different colours, but the majority of affordable designs will have silver frames with black corners. If your school or business tends to have several notices or certificates to display at the same time, larger lockable notice boards are often a better option. Our tamperproof notice boards are a fine example of a quality notice board that’s made with a traditional felt cloth covered pin board and a covered lockable aluminium framed case.

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Taking Responsibility

A lack of ownership is often the reason a notice board will be mismanaged. Employees are free to add content and announcements as they see fit, because the board isn’t owned by anyone in particular. Clutter and swamped messages can become a problem as a result. There will be no central message on the board, and it will lack cohesion. Ownership of the board should be taken by floor managers or other staff working in the area of the board.

Removing outdated information and regularly updating the board is a vital role, and it works best if a specific individual takes on this task. The board’s effectiveness will be greatly improved in this way, and staff will find it easier to see the board’s messages.

Educational institutions across the country – from preschools to universities – make great use of their notice boards, but they can only do this by giving control of the boards to certain members of staff (often the receptionists). Whether they use a board with a basic design or a more sophisticated model, keeping the board clear and uncluttered is key. It doesn’t cost any extra to keep your board well-organised, and it really allows you to make the most of your initial investment.

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Taking Responsibility

A lockable notice board may be the best solution if you find your notice boards are often swamped by unauthorised notices. Keep in mind that if it’s displayed in a high-traffic area of your school, it needs to be fire-resistant.

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Whether you want to display achievements, news or deadlines, the tamperproof notice board is the perfect way to go.

So that everyone knows who to go to if they want to display something, make sure that all staff members are aware of who in the school has a key to the lockable notice board.

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