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Keep Clutter Away with Brochure Stands

Summer is (more or less) here – whether the weather has realised it or not – but that doesn't mean it's too late to de-cluttering and Spring Cleaning. Make sure you’re getting the right things if you’re going to invest in new tools for your office -- it’s worth taking the extra time. Your work and mood can really be affected by too much clutter, so there’s no time like the present to find ways of dodging those detrimental effects.

De-cluttering your life can lead to a more successful career, so read on and find out how to organise and order your office to boost your productivity levels. Don’t put it off for a moment longer! If you want to start 2020 on a high note, refreshing and rearranging your office this spring is a great way to go about it.

A shiny new noticeboard or literature stand could just give the place a whole new lease of life. If you regularly have clients and customers visiting your office, it’s worth keeping in mind that the material a company or entrepreneur chooses to hang on their walls or display in their brochure stands can tell you a lot about their ideals.

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Why Does My Office Need to Be Tidy?

Try taking a minute to think about who will see different areas of your space - if you were a client, what would you want to see in an office you visited? Your co-workers, staff or employers are likely to judge you based on how dirty or tidy you choose to keep your workspace – especially if you work in an open-plan space – and a messy desk space can also have a negative impact on your motivation and effectiveness.

Your co-workers may see you as disorganised or unprofessional if you keep an untidy work space, and this can have a negative effect on your professional relationships

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What would convince you to make a purchase as a customer, or to join the team as a potential partner? A cluttered office, or one where everything has its place? Consider following our advice if you want to jazz up your space this year.

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Your office isn’t just a place for people to work, it’s a place that showcases what you have to offer. You are showing yourself to be less efficient if you keep a cluttered office or desktop. Your abilities can easily become clouded by disorganisation which will make you look less competent, even if you are someone who’s generally on top of things. If you portray yourself as someone who is unable to self-organise and manage an increased workload, you run the risk of jeopardising your chance of progressing in your career.

How Does Office Design Impress Clients?

  • Clever office design is your opportunity to tell clients what you think is important about your brand.
    Clients may think of your business as one that’s generic and boring if the office you show them has no real personality. What you stand for can be reflected in a well designed office workplace, and so can your values and your brand. Your overall brand can be summed up by your office design.
    You risk making your client feel as though your budget doesn’t stretch far enough to redecorate, for example, if your workplace appears poorly decorated and ill-designed with no attention to detail. The way that your office looks can hugely influence purchasing decisions; it can sway them into buying, or not buying, whatever it is that you’re offering.

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  • Purchasing decisions can be influenced by office design.
    This means that when an office is designed well, it can increase the chances of you making a sale. Most of us are influenced a lot by our surroundings, as much as we like to think of ourselves as rational people who make decisions based on fact. Your chances of making a sale can really be hindered if someone is not impressed by your office.

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A cluttered workspace can also make it really difficult for your colleagues to find vital pieces of information or documentation if they need to fill in your role when you’re absent, however well you may understand your own filing system of organised chaos.

A Tidy Mind Needs a Tidy Workspace

Set Yourself a Weekly Cleaning Plan

Keeping on tip of your office or desk space might be a little easier if you set up a routine for cleaning it. Files have a habit of piling up when left unsupervised, so set aside an hour of your schedule at the end of each week to tidy up a little. You’ll be in a much better headspace when you return to work after the weekend if you’ve already cleaned your desk and organised your workload.

Invest in Literature Stands

Products like Red17’s Quantum Double-Sided Brochure Stand can really come in handy when you need to organise your leaflets, brochures and company magazines. It’s easy to assemble and even easier to use. It’s portable, lightweight and elegant in design, and practical for everyday use with a smoked dark grey finish. Supporting five A4 tray holders, this stand comes with a free carry bag and has a stylish, collapsible design.

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Transportation is really easy – just pick up your carry bag, leave your literature in its tray holders and collapse the stand down flat.

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Files, not Piles!

You aren’t actually reducing clutter if you simply put your paperwork in piles. Lever arch files and folders are ideal if you require multiple documents to be stored for a long period of time, as important documents should be archived appropriately using suitable filing solutions. It’s easier to make sure your desk doesn’t become too crowded if you give items a designated place and set limits on the number of items you store in each place.

Throw out the oldest documents if your filing system begins to overflow. You could even digitally archive them if you have the technology and feel they are too important to discard.

Top tip: Data security risks come into play if you keep documents for over a year, so clutter isn’t your biggest concern here. Always make sure your files and records adhere to GDPR standards.

Items Kept ‘Just in Case’ Can Usually Be Thrown Out

Think about the value of each of your documents and items, and be honest with yourself. Sometimes the items you’re keeping ‘just in case’ are more hassle than the items themselves are worth. If you don’t particularly like something, if it’s broken or you don’t need it, there’s no reason to keep it.

Declutter Your Computer

Our emails, laptops and smartphones store a vast amount of our files in today’s digital society. Staying organised and finding the items you need can be difficult if these digital spaces aren’t properly maintained. So don’t forget to organise your digital life each time you reorganise and clean your office.

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