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Red17’s Top 10 Products for Schools 2019

Keeping your school or classroom up-to-date with all the best equipment isn’t always an easy task, but it’s a necessary task if you want to make sure your students have all the same opportunities and facilities as their peers in other schools. That’s why we’ve put together a list of our favourite products and tools that you should add to your school for 2020.

1. Handheld Whiteboards

Your students will find it fun and easy to draw or jot down their own ideas on these individual whiteboards. Once completed, they can easily be held up to show the rest of the class, or the boards can all be laid out to create one big mind map.

Handheld small laptop whiteboards

When it comes to student engagement, it’s important to cover all bases. Sharing one large whiteboard among multiple students will often result in the quieter, less assertive kids not having a go on the board. Handheld whiteboards are a fun and “handy” solution to this problem.

2. Glass Whiteboards

Inclusive learning throughout the classroom is a must if you want all of your students to do their best, but many students with dyslexia struggle to read from white whiteboards. Coloured boards like our glass whiteboards are easier on the eyes, and available in a range of different shades.

Bright Yellow Coloured Glass Whiteboard

A colourful whiteboard will make your classrooms look beautiful, and help your students to learn more effectively. Be sure to get the most out of your board by using it for every class.

3. Coloured Poster Snap Frames

Primary schools especially will benefit from a tamper-resistant, fun poster case to keep displays looking neat and colourful.

Coloured Poster Frames

4. Outdoor Notice Boards

One of the primary advantages of an outdoor notice board is the sense of community it promotes. It can be really difficult for school management to keep parents informed about happenings inside the school while managing so many individual students every day. A healthy community notice board will be filled to the brim with messages shared within the community. Looking into outdoor notice boards is always a good way to go when you’re trying out different ways of advertising in your community.

Engaging your local community is an important part of running a successful community school. External notice boards are a great way of making sure you’re achieving this.

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Top Tip: Which Way Is Up?

Some designs will have condensation drainage holes and similar design features, which will not work unless they’re located at the bottom of the display. While rotating the board you already have rather than simply buying one in the correct orientation might seem like a no-brainer, you’ll save a lot of time and effort in the long-run by simply buying a new notice board.

5. Drywipe Maps

Magnetic whiteboards with a pre-printed map and aluminium frame are perfect for use in any school, making your geography classes more exciting and interactive. They look great, are fun for the students and can be used with all sorts of different magnets for a new learning experience.

UK Map Whiteboard with frame

6. Tamperproof Notice Boards

If your notice boards are often tampered with, a lockable notice board may be the best solution. Our tamperproof notice boards are a fine example of a quality notice board that’s made with a traditional felt cloth covered pin board and a covered lockable aluminium framed case.

Tamperproof Notice Board - Green

Your tamperproof notice board is the perfect place to display announcements, deadlines and achievements. Keep in mind that if it’s displayed in a high-traffic area of your school, it needs to be fire-resistant.

Make sure that staff members have a good idea of who in the school has a key to the lockable notice board, so that they know who to go to if they want to display something.

7. Junior Mobile Tilting Magnetic Whiteboards

Students will love this practical floor standing mobile junior whiteboard with an integral pen tray. This tool is ideal for resting and displaying books and artwork. It has a full-width ledge to keep your books stable, and a pivot and lock mechanism to keep the board at the perfect angle. Two of its wheels can be locked to keep the board in place, or unlocked to allow the board to be moved freely on its four castor wheels.

Junior Mobile Tilting Magnetic Whiteboards

8. Directional Signs

From first day of term to parent-teacher meetings, you’d be surprised how often directional signage will come in handy in a school. Red17’s Freestanding Whiteboard Signs come in three shapes and are all double-sided and magnetic, ready to receive and share your information. The directional arrow can be angled into different positions before being locked into one direction.

Freestanding Whiteboards signs - 3 styles

9. Shelf Style Wall Mounted Leaflet Displays

Perfect for staff room and reception leaflets and magazines, or for classroom handouts and picture books, this simple, sleek and modern design is sold as a single unit. The shelves can be mounted one above the other, or side by side in multiples.

Shelf Style Wall Mounted Leaflet Displays

Each shelf is fronted with a full-height strong 6mm acrylic facia panel, which allows the front of every item to be seen clearly. If it’s placed in an easily-accessed spot in your school’s reception area, it’s easy for parents dropping off and collecting their children to take any leaflets that interest them.

10. Lecterns

In large schools where assemblies are necessary, a lectern can be a great way to make even the most basic assembly feel that little bit more formal. Products like Red17’s Mahogany Adjustable Speaker Stand are perfect for presentations and talks where you need your notes to hand and to create a focal point for the students.

example of 3 types of lectern

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